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(Cairo 12-05-2011) Eritrean refugees in Egypt continue to face major obstacles according to reports from Release Eritrea volunteers in the region. The volunteers who have been working to support Eritrean immigration detainees report that,  in the weeks since the revolution in Egypt, little has changed for the better for the Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees currently there.

Who dares to disprove our ignorance as we mark its 20th anniversary?

BanaIt is unusual for a people to self-criticize. Leaders too do not take to criticizing their people wholesale. More often than not they reckon in terms of their political capital that can keep them in power. It is a rarity to find leaders who take confidence in their critical, measured opinion of their followers when circumstances demand.

swedenThe Eritrean pro-democracy forces in Sweden have started its resistance activities against the dictator’s evil activities in Sweden. Sweden has been a haven of the dictator’s enablers since long time. We will not stop from exposing their misleading information to the Swedish Parliament, government and political organizations.

The Washington branch of the Eritrean national Commission for Democratic change congratulates Eritrean Youth Global Movement – EYGM for its 2nd congress, held on March 11th, 2011 – Las Vegas, USA.

shefield demoWe, Eritrean Community members in Sheffield, are issuing this short press Release following our successful demonstration to explain for all concerned people both Eritrean Citizens, and the United Kingdom people and government that we staged a protest a meeting called by the Eritrean Ambassador to the UK with Eritrean refugees residents of Sheffield.

For the last 9 years, we rallied peacefully against PFDJ-sponsored ‘so-called’ cultural festival in Australia, demanding the transfer of power to the people; respect for human rights; an end to oppression and extra-judicial killings; an end to confiscation of people’s land; the prevailing of the rule of law; citizens’ rights to education, proper health services, employment and other rights that a decent and good government provides to its people.

The European Parliament has passed a resolution on the Eritrean refugees being held hostage by people traffickers in the Sinai Desert, urging the Egyptian authorities to take “all necessary measures” to secure their release, and to allow the UNHCR access to all refugees and asylum seekers in state custody, including those in the Sinai.