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EritreaEritrean Global Solidarity(EGS) would like to extend it appreciation to all activists who have worked hard to organize an ongoing peaceful protest around the world condemning the brutal regime in Asmara and demanding that the world take notice of the massive suffering and heart ranching tragedy imposed on the Eritrean people.

(Cairo 12-05-2011) Eritrean refugees in Egypt continue to face major obstacles according to reports from Release Eritrea volunteers in the region. The volunteers who have been working to support Eritrean immigration detainees report that,  in the weeks since the revolution in Egypt, little has changed for the better for the Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees currently there.

“How Old is Our Youngest Leading Official?” (Abdalla Al-Maqlush, the Saudi Al-Watan Newspaper, January 2011)

The quotation above was the title of an Arabic article I had the opportunity to read from the Saudi newspaper, Al-Watan, in January 2011. The article was written by Abdalla Al-Maqlush, the former writer of the column Opinion. Describing the courageous, frank and downright factual writer as “the former writer of the column Opinion” is due to the fact that he was immediately fired because he wrote and published the article.

The fragility of the government and its oppressive rule further crippled the freedom of young people. Hopelessness coupled with restricted freedom further created an opportunity for Pentecost to prosper. The mass conversion of young people had alerted PFDJ elites to the state of paranoia. They have introduced every punitive measure to crush the thriving religion for fear it might create political havoc to their reign.