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ጽባሕ ከይከልእዎም! ካልኣይ ክፋል፥ ‘ናይ ደሓን ደኣ’ሞ ብንግሆኡ ናብ ኤምባሲ ኤርትራ ትኸዳ ኣለኽን?’ በልኩወን ደጊመ ብምሕታተይ እናተሰከፍኩ። “እዋእ! ብደሓንዶ ትኸዶ እኻ ነዚ ሽግረኛ መንግስቲ’ዚ፡ ነቲ ጸኒሑ ዝፈጥረለይ ሽግር ክፈትሕ’ምበር!” ምስ በላኒውን ነቲ ጽሙእ ገጸን ጸዊገን፡ ‘እንታይ ሽግሩ?’ በልኩወን ቅልጥፍ ኢለ። “ክልተ ካብ ሚእቲ (2%) ናይ ደቀይ ክኸፍል ይኸይድ ኣለኹ” ‘እዋእ!


Michael Abraha

The UN Security Council appears inclined to impose additional targeted sanctions on Eritrea amid accusations that like Al Shabab in Somalia, the PFDJ regime might be hiding information on famine in the country. Additional sanctions banning or restricting revenues from mining would reaffirm international fear that the regime would spend the money on illegal weapons to “destabilize” the Horn Region instead of feeding its people.

africa-eritrea-2008-06-15-00-pEritrea ‘s situation has become of great concern to the EU since the border conflict with Ethiopia started in 1998. The majority of the Eritrean people is faced with arrant poverty and Eritrea’s climate and geography render the people prone to food insecurity and hunger. The European Union remains deeply concerned that the government of Eritrea continues to severely violate basic human rights despite its obligations under domestic and international law.