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This document covers all aspects of community interaction and moderation on, including comments on articles, audio or video materials as well as news items.

Moderation aims provides a growing number of Eritrean readers with opportunities to discuss the issues we raise, or express themselves in various ways. Our aim is to ensure that this platform is inclusive and that it is informative or educational where readers find constructive, intelligent and inspiring discussions.

Community standards

There are 12 guidelines which we expect all participants on to abide by. These guidelines inform our approach to community moderation and they apply across the site, while moderation decisions are also informed by the context in which comments are made. welcomes debate; but attacking authors, other users or any individual, insistent trolling and abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. In order to make sure that is as interesting as it needs to be, help steer the discussion in the right direction and make sure your contribution reflects your level of intelligence.
Bear in mind: is in charge of the platform it provides but the discussion belongs to you.To enable the site to be as productive as it needs to be, we expect readers to alert us when problems arise that need immediate attention we also expect them to help us make them feel at ease in their interaction with us and with each other. Do report comments you consider inappropriate or superfluous and users that are discourteous.
Keep it will remove anything that is unrelated to the original topic. Make sure you have found the right article/material before making a contribution. acknowledges criticism of any kind, but will not allow intentional and insistent misinterpretation of its materials and its staff or contributing writers to be posted on its website. Bottom line: we will distinguish between constructive debate and tactics meant to undermine it. If you would like to comment on impartiality of an editorial content or article, please email to understands that people feel strongly about certain issues raised on Voice of Asena (Asena Radio) or the website but content/comment found to be exceptionally distasteful or threatening by others may be removed.Consider other people’s rights as well as freedoms and your impact on them when making use of your own. reserves the right to guide conversations which turn into skirmishes on the basis of bias or generalizing statements.When in discussions we expect our readers to share their views in a matured way. does not tolerate religious fanaticism (be it Christian, Islamic or any other) or any kind of polarization based on region, ethnicity, cultural/traditional practices or other forms of ludicrousness which intend to incite hatred and discord among communities that comprise the Eritrean society. Attacking people on the basis of their origin or belief and criticism are two different things.
When making a contribution in text form you can easily be misunderstood. So be clear in what you are saying. Your contribution should take the discussion further or enhance it in anyway not ravage it.
Advertising material/link, posting spam-like or commercial content is not welcome. If you do, it will be removed.
Do not use more than one user ID when posting comments on If you do you run the risk of being banned from the platform.
Interaction must not be used to impersonate any person, or to misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person;.
Articles containing criticism of members of the community written in Pseudonyms will not be published on We won’t allow the platform to be used for personal attacks by anonymous individuals. values its contributing writers, its audience/readers as well as those who participate in its discussions as it values Assenna Foundation and what it stands for. It also believes each one of those categories has certain responsibilities towards all corresponding ones including the website. When all of the above mentioned partners shoulder the burden of making the platform appropriate and productive, discussions progress and everyone involved benefits.

Assenna Foundation expects anyone who wants to make use of its platform to consult the guidelines listed above.


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