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University of Asmara: Victims of 1993 Academic Staff Dismissal – (A response to Dr Mohamed Kheir Omer)

  University of Asmara: Victims of 1993 Academic Staff Dismissal (A response to Dr Mohamed Kheir Omer)   In 1993, two years after the liberation of Eritrea, 35 Academics of the University of Asmara (a third of the total


University of Asmara: Victims of 1993 Academic Staff Dismissal

(A response to Dr Mohamed Kheir Omer)


In 1993, two years after the liberation of Eritrea, 35 Academics of the University of Asmara (a third of the total academic staff at the time) were dismissed from their academic positions by the Government of Eritrea. This occurred at a time when the honeymoon of Eritrea’s liberation was at its peak, a stark difference than what we are exposed to now. This is brief and focused account by first-hand victims of this tragic action to set the record straight to that given by Dr. Mohamed Kheir Omer at his publicly visible facebook page: , posted 1st June 2014).

Firstly, we understand that this is not the right time to argue one another over an issue of less a priority in light of the national emergency right now. At the same time we didn’t want to ignore Dr Mohammed Kheir’s misleading message that strives to distort the facts while attempting to minimise his culpability. Nevertheless we would like to stress that we bear no ill will to him or others involved in this case, especially those who have since acknowledged the blunder and its costs to the new country and victims.

We categorically stress (1) the staff dismissal wasn’t based on academic appraisal, as he tried to present it, but it actually relates to previous conflict with university’s appointed President (2) the precursor of the conflict between most of the dismissed staff and the former president i.e. Ato Andeberhan Woldegiorghis was a simple case for democratic academic administration (3) the issue was latterly manipulated viciously and politicized to act as a pretext for dismissal of the staff, with character assassination in the public media and rumour mills.

In his article, Dr Mohamed Kheir openly testifies that he collaborated with the regime in the process and had made decisions that seriously affected the university and at large the country (and not least the lives of 35 academic staff). However it is not clear at all, why he has decided to raise this issue of injustice at this particular time. This is especially surprising as it appears he has been vocally opposing the same government in many other issues for over a decade.


Brief  Background:

Immediately after the liberation of Eritrea the few available instructors of the University of Asmara had to cope with the massive challenges of rebuilding the university with its meager resources. The rehabilitation task required courage and determination of its staff which all were happy to shoulder. All staff showed extraordinary willingness to carry heavy workloads, long hours of extraordinary committee engagements including sacrificing weekends and public holidays without a single complaint. They served the public, government and its newly appointed appointed President (Ato Andebrhan Woldeghiorghis) with genuine feeling of nationalism and full cooperation.

Taking into account the President’s lack of prior knowledge and experience in managing higher education institution, the Deans, Department Heads and other senior academics expressed their willingness to help and support in executing his responsibilities.  Especially the deans of the various faculties, through the Dean’s Council continuously were working to remedy mistakes he was making, while extending their advisory support unreservedly.

Unfortunately, the President was unwilling to work together and instead, pushed on establishing a one man authoritarian rule in the university. He wanted to control all major and minor activities from top to bottom abandoning the long time serving legislations of the University [all this is documented officially]. At the same time, the president saw the newly elected University of Asmara Teachers Association, as a dangerous competitor that would challenge his authority and thus started attacking directly and indirectly.  Some of the evident methods encouraged by the President to weaken  the Association and its supporters were: dividing the staff along regional and faith lines; favoring and disfavoring of ‘new’ and ‘old’ academic staff differently [to which Dr. Mohamed drifts into again]. Executers of this discord were recruited from among the academic staff and administration staff. He would subsequently, depose the democratically [according to the legislation] elected Deans and Department Heads and replaced them by hand-picked supporters, one of which was Dr. Mohammed Kheir Omar. After this point direct staff involvement and contribution in the election of their deans and department heads was abandoned, a practice not remedied ever since.

Escalation and Academic staff Dismissal

It was at this stage, Dr Mohammed Kheir played his major role. He stood behind the destructive mission of the President and worked hard to discredit the efforts of the Teachers Association of the university and blackmail its executive committee as well as those who support the ideals of the Association by spreading false accusations and information.  In so doing he was involved in circulating a petition condemning the Association and insisting on general staff to sign.

It eventually appears the university wasn’t going to be a silent subservient to the government (and its appointees) interference and a decision was to be made to remove its key staff. It is with this intention, the cover up committee of Academic Review was established, which was admittedly not as experienced as the staff it was appraising.

In his article, Dr Mohamed Kheir, admits his involvement in this committee’s decisions and admits the process was not transparent, and the staffs didn’t know the ground for their dismissal and didn’t get the chance to defend themselves. Nevertheless, it is with this guise, the removal of the vocal opponents of the existing administration was accomplished in September 1993. The University Teachers Association was also disbanded with 7 out of its 8 committee members dismissed.

Concluding Remark

We were compelled to write this response to correct misrepresentations which appear to seed confusion and could have ramifications to a future just and peaceful Eritrea. However we don’t want to dwell on the past and intend  not to say more, lest it distracts our society from more immediate and more important issues.

Note: The full details of this unhappy predicament and the two years struggle for academic rule of law within the university are well documented [with records of official correspondence available to an appropriate time in the future].

In the end, truth will always triumph.

The above article was contributed by:


Dr. Negusse Araya

Petros Habtemariam

Mr. Michael Zaid Ghebremedhin

Review overview
  • Wadbahar June 13, 2014

    The dismissal of the Asmara University staff was exactly done in the same way the regime’s former allies and present enemies, the Wayane, did to the Addis Ababa University staff in Ethiopia. The obvious cover was exactly the same: academic appraisal (of course, nonsense). The methods were also the same: the use of opportunists, the naïve, and the aspirants as tools to eliminate the most challenging staff, and disband the Teachers’ Association. This way, they removed those they felt were the threat, politically and academically, both to the university administration that represented the regime, and the aspirants/opportunists who wanted to climb the ladder using the misfortunes of their colleagues. That was the Eritrean version of the Wayane elimination of real or alleged opponents from the institution of higher learning: a political measure in an academic disguise. Thumbs up for the the three writers who tried to inform the public, but Dr. Mohammed should also be given the credit for admitting that he allied with the wrong side (against the Teachers’ Association). The three writers fulfilled their duty of informing the public about the truth, as they experienced it as victims, and we should not go too far and present their reply as a campaign against an individual, giving it unnecessary colouring (religious or otherwise). That conspiracy was a part of the history of the university, as an academic institution, and many will dig into the archives about it when time permits. Now let the four scholars work together to play their parts in the current struggle.

  • hadnet June 13, 2014

    Aye nskum people going forward and we are going backwards. …80% of the people are farmers don’t know about negative feedback of awrajawi…temahirna ena tblu ekum seb tfelalyu zelekum..21century

  • wedi reality June 13, 2014

    Aye beal gelemele, chele zereba deleyti fithi, deleyti democracy, deleyti kiwam ….mesakin!! it is sickness!! Ab uoa andebrihan dikas kelieikumo, nimen tedekisu nisukum? kemey abune gebriel dikas yikilaeikum……let me give simple example,,,many of the G_15 has involved directly or indirectly on cleansing of menikaE, specially d
    Drue and alamin worked hard to cover the crime….I have never heard any akile to blame any leader from akile the last 23 years,,,,,now they r barking like dog, to some one for dismissing university staffs, with out any evidence, infact after so many years of blame, the truth come out….ane zetehasasibeni Ezi tsilul sebiay DIA mis mote kemey eilina eina kinnebir

    • Simon G. June 13, 2014

      wedi reality,
      I would recommend you to see a psychiatrist, if you can afford it. This sickness is killing you. Hatred kills its owner.
      You are worried after Isayas? I am hoping we will live much better. If not, I guess you have to stay put where you currently residing. You see, you have an option.
      Also, stay with the topic. It is about UoA and Andebrhan. When the topic changes to Drue, Petros, or Samuel China or hansu (who ever she is), then we will talk about them.
      Didn’t they teach you about this, when you were talking English 101 @ UoA?

      • Haqqi Nezareb June 13, 2014

        ስምኦን ገ, ወዲ ርያሊትይ ከም ሓልቑኡ ሓሚሙ ኣሎ’ሞ ኣብቲ ትንብረሉ ዘለኻ ዓዲ ማይጨሎት ክሕጸብ ሓግዞ፡ጸማም ይኹን’በር ሓውና ኤርትራዊ እንድዩኸኣ!!!!

        • Simon G. June 14, 2014

          ነዚስ ሓደ፥ ሸውዓተ’ያ ኣብ ጋብር ደርዓንቶ ተድልዮ ኔራ

  • Tsehaye June 13, 2014

    Who said the following statement:

    “First they attacked the communists, then the gays and lesbians, then the Jews, then the ones who opposed their cruelties, and finally anyone who lived and grazed on the land”?

    The notorious ghedli (Shaebia and then PFDJ) started raining its cruelty on the defenseless peasants for thirty more years. After independence, then continued eliminating the merchants, then the educators, then priests and Shekhs, then the educational institutions, then the people who helped it commit all its horrendous crimes, and finally anyone who walks and grazes on the land. Dr. Mohamed Kheir Omer was one of the tools by which the ruthless PFDJ executed its destruction on Eritrea’s higher learning institutions. I would have great respect for him if he was gracious enough and admitted his grave mistakes and said to Eritreans that he is deeply sorry. However, I would not expect an honest self-criticism from a guy who shamelessly said, “I have learned from the Awasa (Hawasa) Baito meeting that the Tigrigna people are also victims of the regime is putting them at odds with the other Eritrean ethnic groups.” He said this as if he was not living in the heart of Highland Eritrea for over ten years. This is called the dirtiest intellectual dishonesty that oozes the worst stench.

    Ertrawian meguhaiti!

    • Teclay June 14, 2014


      Very nice as usual.But i do not know who said you Quotation. I know the other version i think you know that, but as it exactly fits to the use and throw intellectuals , army officers and specially to Durue and Petros,let me post it again.

      ” In Germany they first came for the Communists,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

      Then they came for the Jews,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

      Then they came for the trade unionists,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Catholics,
      and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

      Then they came for me —
      and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

      By Pastor Martin Niemoller

      But i always wonder no body knows or gives a little attention to the cruel round ups of peasants kebesa women some of them in the middle of their honeymoons.May be because the are HAGE?

      • Tsehaye June 14, 2014

        selam Teclay,

        Thank you so much. Amazingly, you have answered my question correctly even though I rephrased it quite differently. I read the statement written by Pastor Martin Niemoller a long time ago, and I could not remember it word for word and who said it. The only thing that was left in my memory was its core message. Once again, thank you for posting it.

  • Wedebat Eritrea June 13, 2014

    I believe we have to see, how the university of Asmara was founded. It was founded by the catholic Italians that certain group were benefitting from the university. So the historical anatomy of the university of Asmara should decided why the situation was supposed to happen. The university was controlled by certain group that they think they own the university.
    According the university history it was administered by the paternal order of Asfaha Woldemichael, from Akeleguzay.

    • Haqqi Nezareb June 14, 2014

      Wedebat Eritrea,

      I am not sure of the history of the University prior to 1979. The University was under total control of Ethiopian Government from 1979 until its demise. However, it seems to me that you have some distortion in the history. It seems logical that the University was founded to serve all the Catholics from different regions of Eritrean where Catholic followers were living at the beginning but later one every one welcome, even our brothers from different dominations. These days distorting history is becoming fashionable. Even our heroic history for the independence of Eritrean is distorted by Issayas and his lackeys.

  • Mahta June 14, 2014

    Noor, pls, dont try to open another front here! we have already got one, Haqqi nezareb, Simon in one side and other peace loving people to the other. back to UoA, people are accusing Andebrhan for being awarajawi, help me here, what is Awrajawi in the first place?? for me it is like someone who dismissed awaraja A and B and put his awraja C, in its place? did Andebrhan done that? dismissed all the Akeles and put the Seraeys or Hamasiens(where ever he comes from) in place? another question is(lets say he was instrumental in doing that),does he dismissed them because he didn`t like the colour of their eye like Meles or there is some reason behind it? i mean, if the majority of the staff( there is a big Q mark why they are majority in the first place) were from Akele, and suddenlly someone come on top of them from a different awaraja, it is abviouse that they are not going to like it. So, who is awrajawi now?? he or them??Talking from my experience, i dont like some akeles for the way they act not for who they are. But that doesn`t neccessarly mean that I hate every Akele! But if someone thinks because I fight with someone from his awraja and take it like I wage war on the whole awraja, then he needs a reallity check up!

    • Haqqi Nezareb June 14, 2014

      Hi Mahta,

      My argument is based on the article of Dr. Mohamed which he attributed that one of the factors for the dismissal was the Awaraja card. All the dismissed staff members were from all all Awarajas and religion. Similar to the Menkae movement, back in 1993 discussion about the dismissal was justified as if the victims were from one Awraja. But I can tell you that back in my time the majority of the students with good GPA were students from many missionaries(La Sallie, Cathedral, Sitawiyan, from Keren and other places). The condition of that time dictated the university to have many of these students from Enda Abates. The rest of young population was living Asmara to join the the fronts. Mahta, extrapolate the information and make your own conclusion. But if you ask me about Andebrhan, he is responsible for victimizing the innocent 35 Eritreans using the Awraja card. Even during the G-15 time (the Awraja card wsa played out here), Andebrehan was supporting the government’s action in arresting the LIONS OF NAKFA.

      • Simon G. June 14, 2014

        Are you trying to explain to Mahta? Good luck with that.

        • Haqqi Nezareb June 14, 2014

          What do you mean Simon? Is Mahta one of the zombies of Issayas?

          • Simon G. June 14, 2014

            Correct. He pretends but he is.

          • rahwa June 15, 2014

            you should be ashamed of yourselves to call Mahta zombie of iseyas b/s he challenged you. simon and hasot nzareb you are the zombies here. no one is falling for your stupidity and trying to dominate will make you fall terribly bad very soon now. stop playing with fire. and Assenna is not supposed to be dominated by anyone group it belongs to Eritreans. i urge Assenna admin to do something about, Haqqi Nezareb, Simon G. Semhar (aka semira) and others who are inciting hate and disunity among Eritreans. they should go elsewhere to do that. where could they go? shabait or

          • Simon G. June 15, 2014

            You guys are the one true regionalist, not others. You are to defend a criminal and try to deflect the topic by going to some other people.
            Gosh, how that you could own a BS but very hard for you to grasp this? What was missing at UoA? May be you have skipped some courses, that you shouldn’t? Or, some kind of memory loss related?

      • Mahta June 15, 2014

        Rahwa haftey, gedefyom yezarebu dehan, suq tylomisi lebamat keymeselu…that is the beauty of democracy anyway…you see, Isayas played the awraja cared long time ago seb begreheneta, eziom kea heji keteqemelu yedeleyu alewu seb mes lebeme!

        • Simon G. June 15, 2014

          Weren’t you the guy who was defending wedi gerahtu when Tadesse was writing about him? You were blaming him as regionalist. You don’t want to hear the truth. What’s you and Akele Guzay? Why do you have to hate the whole awraja?

    • Simon G. June 14, 2014

      This may help you to open your mind…….

      ኢሳያስ ንኹሉ ብማዕረ ዩ ዝርኢ። ክትሪኦ ግን ከምኡ ኣይመስልን። ከመይ እንተልና፥ መጀመርታ ኣሰረርዓ ትካላቱ ንርአ:
      1) ናይ ወተሃድራዊ ሓለፍቲ ዝበዝሑ ካብ ሓማሴን ኮፍ ኣቢሉ: ከም ድሌትኩም ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣባአሳብስዎም ኢሉ ሓላፍነት ሂብዎም። ሓደሓደ ብፍጥረቶም ጥዑያት ተዘኮይኑ ከምዛ ትሪኡዋ ኩሉ ሰብ ዓዲ ገዲፋ ሃጽ ከምትብል ጌሮማ(እቶም ዘይተቐትሉ ወይ ዘይተኣሰሩ ማለተይ’የ)።
      2) ነዞም ዓያሹ ጀነራላትን ኮሎኔላትን ድማ ኣከለጉዛይ ኣምጺኡ ዱብ ኣበለሎም: ነቕ ከምዘይብሉ ድማ ጌርዎም። ብዓይኒ ሓቂ ድማ ብሓላፍነት ንሶም ይልዕሉ። መንዮ’ም ዞም ሰባት ተልኩም: ናይ ስለያን ቤት ጽሕፈት ኢሳያስን ማለተይ ‘የ።
      3) ነዚኦም ዝሕልዉ ድማ ልዕል ዝበለ እምነት ዘሕድረሎም ውልቀሰባት ደቂ ኣርበዓ ኮፍ ኣበለሎም። ሓደ ተንከስ ከምዘይብል ድማ ኮነ።
      4) ዓሻ ድዩ ኢሳያስ: ኣብ ደቂ ኣርበዓ ምሉእ እምነት ዘለዎ መስለኩም? ኖ። ብርክት ዝበለ H-1B Visa ሂቡ ደምሒት ኣምጺኡ ዓዲ ስግጥ ኣበላ።
      ስለዚ እቶም በሃማት ኢሳያስ ውላድና ዩ፣ መንግስትና ዩ፣ እንዳና ዩ ወይ ድማ እቶም ኢሳያስ ንሓማሴን ጥራይ ዩ ዘፍቱን ዝከናኸንን ትብሉ፥ ኢሳያስ ንነብሱ ተዘይኮይኑ ናይ ካልእ ሰብ ወይ ከባቢ ኢዝኒ የብሉን። ኢሳያስ፥ ሓንቲ ‘ያ ድሌቱ። ንሳ ድማ፥ ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣምበርኪኽካ ኣብ ትሕቲ ኢትዮጵያ የእቲኻ ሽዑ ንሱ ንዓባይ ኢትዮጵያ ክመርሕ።
      መተሓሳሰቢ: ነቶም፥ ዓዲ ናይ ኣከለ ጉዛይን ናይ ሓማሴንን ጥራይ መዓስ ኮይና፧ ናበይ ረሲዕካን ትብሉ። ኣነ ኢሳያስ ዝብሎ’የ ዝነግረኩም ዘለኹ። ሓደ ሓደ ቦታ ንመርኣዪ ኮፍ ኮፍ ኣቢሉ: ከም ወዘተረፈ (miscellaneous) ኢሉ’ዩ ጎሲዎ ዝሓልፍ. ጥርዓን ዘለዎ ሰብ ብትሕትና ናብ ኢሳይስ ከመሓላልፍ ይምሕጸን።

      • Mahta June 14, 2014

        Haqqi nezareb, Thanks for your explanation, i agree with you that hgdf always use the awraja card. But lets talk about the universal truth now, there us a stereotyping about the Akele people(not all ofcource) that you guys are wegenawiyan! intentionaly or unintentionally you guys use the awaraja card more than the rest of us( until we feel bored)! abe adena dea survey zebehal yelen ember qedamay mes wetsakum meseleni…so explain to me hawey, do you think, you are the most wegenawiya people or is it again conspiracy theory of Isayas? eske haqqi nezareb heji…
        Simon,now you start talking something reasonable. You see in one country the most powerful feared administration branch is the security. If it is dominated by akeles, so what does it tell you?? imagine, if Andebrhan was Abraha kassa…he wouldn`t dismiss them, rather he would put them in Era Ero…that is the difference hawey! we are all part of the problem, lets be part of the solution now, with out pointing fingers to anyone!

  • Dani June 14, 2014

    Hatew ketew no more enda abate controlling the unvercity of asmara that’s why Cray Laik baby because pfdj it not feverebl to akele gihzey ther is no oposetion only oposetion is kkkkkkk only for narrow mind working for weyane

    • Haqqi Nezareb June 14, 2014


      Unfortunately your lunatic leader is also from Weyanie parents.

  • B. Michael June 14, 2014

    Dear Eritreans ክቡራት አሪትራዊያን

    Dr Muhamed Kheir ኣበይ ነበረ ሕጂ ዝማደረ፡ እንታይ ይዓብስ ከምዚ ኑዛዘ-መረረ? ኣብ ሕልናኡ ጣዕሳ እንተሎ ንሱ በደሉ እንተ ኣመነ ደጊም ህዝቢ ከም ዝሓንጸጸሉ ዕሊ ይቕረታ ኢዩ ዚሕትት እምበር፡ ከም ዝወዓሎ ምስ ወዓሎ፡ ከምዚ ኪዛረብ ምሕረት ኣይግብኦን፡ ህዝቢ አሪትራ፡ ንሰብ ዝቐተለ ኣካል እውን ፈውሲ ፍርዲ ነበሮም፡ እዚ “እንዳ ተጋሩ” ጸሎት ዓዱ ዚብሉዎ ግን ነቶም ብጾቱ ዚብሉዎም እክዋ ኣየናሕሰየን፡ እንበለ ፍርዲ ኣጥፍኦም ብሓውሮም ሓማ ዶ ሃይካ ክንብሎም፡ ዋኒን ህዝቢ አሪትራ ብግህዶ ዘተ፡ ብንጹር መስፈር፡ ብርቱዕ ፍትሒ ኢዩ ዚዕረ እምበር፡ ወራጥበ ብዘካወሱዎ ክርክር መኣስ ኮይኑ፡ ይቕረ በሉ! ዘተ ዘተ ይኁን!
    ኣነ፡ ስለ ርእሰይ ክዛረብ እንተፈቀድኩም፡ Sour Anna Roncalli መቕርብ እቲ ቅቡእ ሕያዋይ ጳጳስ* ካቶሊካዊት በተክርስትያን ሮም፡ Papa Giovanni ዋና ጸሓፊት ከላ ደኣ ናብታ እንኮ እንዳ ምህሮና ተመላላስኩ፡ ብጾተይ ኣብ Italian Section ኮነ English Section ዝገጠሙኒ፡ እቶም ገለና ዝነኣስና፡ ርእሲ ጉድጉዶ ወይ ርእሲ መለሊኅ ንብሎም ነበሩ፡ ኣመንቲ እስላም እውን ምሳና ነበሩ አምበር ናይ ኣከለጉዛይ ወይ እንዳባተ ወይ እንዳ ሲስተር ኣይነበረን
    እታ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ኣምሓራ ኣይተኀሉዋን ከፍርሱዋ ደኣ ሕጊድ በሉ፡ በቲ ዝሰክሕ መደንቆር ሕልና ኣምሓራ፡ ሻዕቢያ እውን ኣብቲ ብሕታዊ በትምህርቲ ሓንቲ ዘእቱዎም ኣይነበረን፡ እንተ ኣእተዎም ከኣ ብስነስርዓት’ንዶ ምፈጸሙዎ፡ ኣትን ደናግል፡ እዚ ትካልክን ሒዝክን ንዓዲኂን ኪዳ ወይ ዕጸዋ፡ ናትና ዕላዊ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ክንትክል ዓቕሚ ኣሎና፡ ክትቅጽላ እንተ ኮንክን እዚ ሕንጻጻት ሰዓባ ምበሉወን ግዲ፡ እምበር ካብ ደርጊ ዝወዓሉዎ ናቶም ገደደ

    ዘይትፈልጡ ክትፈልጡ፡ መታልልቲ ኣፍኩም ክትሕዙ፡ ቅድም Santa Famiglia ዳሕራይ ኣስመራ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ዚበሉዋ ትካል ምህሮ፡ ብሕቲ ትካል ኢያ ዝነበረት፡ ባጀታ ሕሱም ቁጡብ፡ መምህራና ካብ ሓደስቲ ጣልያን ምሩቓት ክንዲ Military Service ኪምህሩ ዝመጹ እውን ነበሩዎም፡ ሓደ ካብኦም መምህር ፊዚክ ብ University of Pisa ኮነ Bologna ዝሓለፈ፡ ስለዚ ብቁዕ ነበረ፡ እንኮ ጸገሙ እንግሊዛዊ ልሳን ነበረ
    እቶም ተበለጽቲ ዘረባ ከም ትብሉዎ፡ ዓቕሚ ዝወሓዶም ጥራይ ኣይነበሩን፡ ናይዚ ጉጅለ ወይ ናይቲ ትብሉዎ እውን ኣይነበረን፡ እንተ ነበረ ከም ጉሓሉ ኣብዘይ ብጽሓኩም በትምህርቲ ከድኩም ዶ ትመናጠሉ፡ ኣምሓሩ ደኣ እንታይ ካብኡ ዚገድድ ወዓሉዎ፡ መምህራን ዩኒቨርሲቲ እንተ ሓቂ ሓመቑ ብዝነፍዑ ሻዕቢያ ዲዮም ኪትክኡ፡ እሞ ካብ ምፍራስ ሓደ ዘይብጽሖም ትካል ዚሓይሥ እንዶ ምወከፉና፡ ሎሚ ድሕሪ ዝያዳ 20 ዓመት ዚምረቑ ኣካላት ከም ተማሃሮ ቀደማን ትጉሃት ይኆኑ እሞ መምህራን እንተለዉዎም ምስቶም ባዕዳን ምሩቓት ይዳረጉ ዶ ሞ፡ መናሠውቲ ኣስመራ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ነዞም ሎሚ ልብሲ ልቅነት ዲዩ መጠብር ጀለቢያ ዚልብሱ ኣዳርጉ፡ ሻዕቢያ ንእንኮ ዕሩይ ሰዋስው ዶ ሓለየ፡ ኣመልክቱ ነቶም መንፍዓትን ብቕዓትን ሻዕቢያ ዘይንፈልጥ
    ብሓውር አሪትራ መፈለጣን መለለይን ህዝቢ አሪትራ ኢዩ፡ ሓደ ኣብዚ ዓደይ ኪብል መሰሉ ኢዩ፡ ስለ ዝበለ ወገናዊ ኣይኮነን፡ ተበለጽቲ ዓዲኁም ኣይትጥቀሱ ትብሉ፡ ኣከለጉዛይ ወይ ሰራየ ምባል ዶ ነውሪ ኣሎዎ ኢዩ፡ እቶም “ዓዶም ዘይፍሉጥ” ዚብሉዎም ነዚ ዓይነት ፍርሂ ስም ወገን ኪብለጹሉ ዕድል ትህቡዎም ኣለኁም፡ ናይ በለጽ ፀፈራ ጥራይ ኣይኁን፡ ሰብና በብዓዱ ኪሕበንን አሪትራኡ ኪሕሉን መኣስ ይጽግሞ፡ እቶም ብስም ብሓውርና ትፈርሁ፡ እንታይ ኣፍርሃኩም፡ አሪትራ ናይ ኩልና ደኣ ንሓሉ እምበር፡ ብቁልዒ ሓበረታ ዩኒቨርሲቲ፡ መምህራን፡ ሓደ ኣካል መሓመድ ዝወዓሎ ዝነቐለ ባርዕ ቆዮቓ ወገንነት ኪኀውን ከመይ ተርክቡሉ
    *ኣስተ.፡ እቶም ኣርባዕተ “ጳጳሳት አሪትራ” ንብሎም ዝቐነና፡ ኣይኮኑን፡ “ኣቡናት አሪትራ” ደኣ ኢዮም፡ ንእሥቶ እርማት! ናይቶም ሓማ ኮኑ ናቶም ሃይካ ኮኑ ናይቶም መታሕት ኮኑ ከበሳ፡ ናይ ክሉና ኢዮም!

    • nati June 14, 2014

      B. Michael,
      if i understand you correctly you are saying the university was privately owned and managed. does that mean its ‘owners’ were free to do as they please with it including staffing it with people who ‘only’ originated from the same province as themselves? were they also free to discriminate against Eritreans from other provinces in hiring and in admitting students? if that is the case it means the private university was only there for a single province and Eritrea the country has no university. so when ‘Shabya’ as you call it invaded the university it found an organization which was staffed by Eritreans from a single province and it was serving students from that single province. and this Andebrahan guy is at some point ordered to run the university which is staffed by people from one province. and he happens to be from another province. i dare say it is highly probable that they were reluctant to accept him as the university president simply because he was from another province and he was presiding over their property. so enlighten me on how it is andebrahan’s fault that he was ordered to run that private organization? believe me for all i care that guy is a schmuck, and he is a fool, but we need to be fair. are you B. Michael saying the university belonged to this certain province and as such it should have remained closed to other Eritreans from other provinces? if your question has to with ‘Shaebya’ invading the university then you need to address your question to the president of the country not the university president. by the way, also enlighten me on how it came to be the case that some university lecturers openly used to boast about the fact that since they were from that particular province they simply got hired?

      • Haqqi Nezareb June 15, 2014


        Here you go again! You guys have totally wrong facts on the University. The University was under the absolute control of the Ethiopian government (1979-1991. The majority of students at the University from 1982-1989 were Ethiopians (Amharas, Guragies, Oromos etc). The University was temporarily relocated (1990-1991) to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) because Asmara was besieged by EPLF forces. Guys please refrain distorting history like Shaebia.

  • B. Michael June 14, 2014

    Oh Nati!
    You seem to be reasonable person and your English is plainly good and polite. I rather desire to learn from your poised manner of exposing ideas, Eritrean ideas. Yet I wish I could enlighten anyone and so settle in our beloved country and prosper together. I wish I had a day of gedli experience instead of expecting listlessly in exile for the monster to die! What a crime of a lifetime I feel I have committed.
    Nati, do not think I am informed, because I am not. But from the info we had at the time, the institution was established, owned and run by the Combonian Order, the sisters in particular. As it appears to us the Capuchins for example, had no saying, as far as I could tell. No province owned anything of it. To think on those terms of ownership and speak of invasion is simply out of place.
    Akkele Guzay people may have had some educational advantages and let us be fair, some of them may have even regionalist tendencies, if so, appropriate steps should have been taken to correct the supposed tendencies. However accusation of regionalism, I am afraid, was and is a Shaebya device to knock down individual or group of individuals with some potentialities. You know better than I do, how out of negative envy some tegadelti would demolish anything. A culture of filthy envy, one would say, was and is pervasive.
    The Shabya people do not make recourse to a positive stand and compete with those who gained education, owned business activities, cultivated artistic talents and prove themselves worthy to govern. The Shabya destroyed a gem of a country. The bloody regime may put in prison its own members, those who offered their lives for the motherland, it would eliminate journalists and common citizens for expressing innocuous ideas, sabotage a small businessman and may reserve segretos to themselves.
    The Shabya people had option to develop our society literally to meet the challenge of the 21st. century, but failed and failed completely following Derg brutal nationalization. The nuns could still be part of democratic University staff. They could also have given it back with thanks to whoever owned it and establish better state institutions of learning. The Shabya were and are incapable to do that.
    Eritrea is a sovereign nation which, if we want to recall, dealt its business with gold and could compete with the Romans as early as the 2nd. half of the 3rd. century AD. It missed a golden opportunity to development in the past 20 years to match in some way the ancient development. The Shabya are to blame, squarely.

  • nati June 14, 2014

    i was hoping to get answers from someone who appeared to know what i did not. but all i get is shabya this shabya that. thanks anyways.

    • Simon G. June 15, 2014

      well, you were expecting the writer to blame Akele Guzay was at fault and instead he explained to you the history of UoA, which you don’t want to hear about it.
      My advice to you, wedi Hamed, mahta, rahwa, and few others is that you may need to go to tesfa news, meskerem, dehai, websites. That’s the reason why you not getting responses that you want to hear.
      This is independent minded forum.