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Review overview
  • Machie May 28, 2015

    We did not pay a heavy price for integration with Ethiopia. We have our independent country now and we will never unite again under any circumstances. Tegaru have caused a lot of pain on the Eritrean people. Even during the Derg time, Tegaru in Eritrea were leading Torserawit to Eritrean homes and abusing, killing and torturing them. So hell no. We don’t need them. Eritrea for Eritreans only.

  • Keren May 28, 2015

    Let alone using deep rooted historical, ethnic, languages, economic and cultural relations of Ethiopia and Eritrea, be it the Tigre, Tigrinya, Bilen, Afar, Saho, Kunama … of the the two people, even by using the courtesy of the recent past and current political, social, economic and diplomatic dire straits in Eritrea where its viability as a nation has become a big question mark, the future political and economic integration is inevitable.

    Some few warped and identity-starved self-appointed elites may bark, however, the wheel and will of history will speed to the target. Time and dynamics have already long shifted to favour integration of these two people.

    • Genet-orginal May 28, 2015

      keren said
      “the future of political and economic integration is inevitable”; “Time and dynamics have already long shifted to favor integration..” Not by Eritrean people.
      Without the consent of the Eritrean people, integration will never be a reality. Eritrean people will never give their consent to a reidiculous idea of integration with Ethiopia. All the people who are talking in favor of dismantling the nation of Eritrea are our enemys and no doubt they are part of the actions that have been destroying our nation and killing our people.
      Make no mistake, Eritrean people and their nation will never be part of Ethiopia or Tigray.
      God bless Eritrea and its people. We shall overcome!

  • Genet-orginal May 28, 2015

    The priority for us, Eritrean is not the “integration” with Ethiopia in any forms or shapes. We first have to servive the current assault by PFDJ and stand on our own two feet and then we can start to normalize relations with all our neighbors. The author of this article seems to suggest that Eritrean people can’t survive without the Ethiopian people. I think he is talking more about Tigrans-Ethiopian who are gaining economically, educational and political advancement more than any body else in Ethiopia or Eritrea. The fact is the majority of Eritrean population DO NOT think Tigray people in Ethiopia are their enemys. They are smarter than that.
    The author did very well in describing how the PFDJ systme took down the Eritrean social fabric.
    No integration of any kind with the Ethiopia. That is the fact.

    • tewelde g/mariam May 28, 2015

      What a waste of time and energy! The question however is, does asenna understand the condemnation it will suffer from Eritreans fir printing such outrageous article on its website?

      • Habte May 29, 2015

        do you understand what freedom of idea and freedom of press means ?? You do have all the right to challenge the article but you don’t have the right to tell assena what article to post or not to post .

        • tewelde g/mariam May 29, 2015

          We have before us a problem that requires practical solution. The problem is isaias afewerki and his agents reign of terror; the practical solution is to convince our people to be our side. But we cannot convince them if we slide into abstract ideas of ” We are the world”. Asenna as responsible website must carefully cultivate that trust and refrain from views that can easily be misinterpreted as corrosive to the sanctity
          Of Eritrean Sovereignty.

  • Eritreawit May 29, 2015



  • Truly Truly i say to you May 29, 2015

    The spirit of this article late alone to convince a single real Eritrean be from PFDJ blind supporters side, even to those of us in opposition side against the PFDJ fighting , in contrary is inviting us to side with PFDJ, this out of the Eritrean esprit and against our national interest provacativlly written article.
    To be honest, nothing article or comment so offended me in my life like this Ayte Berhe Fesahaye´s one , even the Yoseif Gebrhiwot´s and alike that despising the battle struggle (Gedli) and their hidden anti Eritrean sovereignty agenda would be. If I were be a professional talented writer, I would be challenged all the text content one by one, but though I know am amateur on writing,but because I have no less knowledge to give you a counter answer for your stupid cheap nonsense argument, I will try to put few points, so that to stop your madness and hypocrisy.
    First of all the Eritrean sovereignty was not gained by good will of woyane nor by mighty nation like Ayte Berhe wanted to to put impression, but by Eritrean people paid high sacrifice, thanks God, by force was. Even that time if not because of Isyas for he was not satisfied by Eritrean independence systematical if he were not unwillingly obliged us , there was no a need of referendum, we already got it our independence by force without expecting blessing from anyone. You may dare to say it is by woyane blessing,but the truth is during that hard time if not because of Eritrean support , to Tigrians was so hard to govern Ethiopia. In other word they have no other alternative except than blessing what ever Eritreans that time wanted to do. So for that unforgettable favour normally Woyanes to be more thankful even though it is not wrong if we thank also in our side. But despite this fact like our sister Genet Original said, “The author of this article seems to suggest that Eritrean people can’t survive without the Ethiopian people“ in did that is the core massage you wanted to transmit.

  • Truly Truly i say to you May 29, 2015

    I will show the bitter truth differently about Ethiopian economy
    The author attempted to convince and put us as if Ethiopia has giant economy propageting. But the bitter fact to know unless we didn´t see in detail some data, because we may will be confused to take his own myte as fact, I begin from the Ethiopian highest foreign exchange income “coffee” What it is the truth I know . As far as I remember from before 25 years coffee income daily news report, it was not more than 250 million dollar may from livestock 50 million in addition it will be 300 million their national income annually. But imagine this time because Ethiopia has no own port, it enforces, least 1, 2 billion dollars to pay for port tax.annually. It means 4 times double as that of from their export income. But shamelessly the author of this article he tried to convince as if Eritrea by stealing the Ethiopian wealth was start prospering? What a shameful analysis. Ok let´s agree Eritrea illegally was profiting from coffee in come. How many percent of that ? May 10% ,20% around 30, 60 million dollar, or even it be all, is that comparable with that of 1, 2 billion dollar you now inforcing paying to Djibouti?
    To be honest this false allegation by those chauvinist Ethiopians,who were disappointed by Eritrea secession, better angered was for lost Port Asab that was instigating hate propagating and provocation was 100% for the root cause of devastating war begin , not as the writer to convince Eritrea was the instigator, may the third round Badme war in deed was Isyas, so that not to implement constitution and rule of law.

  • Truly Truly i say to you May 29, 2015

    However for the sake of truth we know some of very influential Woyane leaders beginning from PM Meles Zenawi, Aboy Sibhat and some others, may reconsidering the Eritrean favor, may the blood relationship could be , as far as they can that time were tried to resist the pressure and hardship from that was coming from those chauvinist Ethiopians side, who were never swallow and very disappointed were by the Eritrea separation specially for they lost port Asab, but finally may because hey fear for their power and to satisfy them could or finally they lost their former seriosity and all together they provoke and proclaim at us war. Even if you not belive that, like the say goes “history repeats again”, on this 5th Ethiopian oppositions party debate what we observing was , except the ruling EPRDF party the rest of all oppositions what they argumenting and accusing by opposing the ruling regime, for nothing did against Eritrea like for cause of the former war begin they was pressuring and questioning if not the Eritrean sovereignty at least Port Asab to be reversed was on their game. So if you Berhe Eritrean, how could you dare to tell us continuously Eritrea is the provocateur? We may oppose Isyas for that by disguising self as Eritrean for destroying our nation, economy and citizens, but our martyrs hero the reason they sacrificed for by such cheep propaganda how much we be faceting economical hardship, you have to know, it is not for compromise!

  • Truly Truly i say to you May 29, 2015

    Finally, Eritrea is not like you propagating poor. Alone the income from mine resources, for your understanding it will be three times double as that of your income from coffee export. Do not forget our Red Sea strategical value and all type ,resources be fishery and turism for future, specially our strongest economy the diaspora community, our nation loving hard working patriot citizens is the real backbone which is untouchable. If in case you wouldn´t know the Ethiopian side economy backbone I remind you as it is the handout that getting from wealthy nation Which I believe from the regime good governance that gained privilege, i would say complementary. But the question is what will be if one day in return like Eritrea if their economy be sabotaged the handout stopped? Can you convince me 80% of the population as will starve as usual? Anyway!, It is not emotion, if we were be lucky and have had a good governance like yours , if the devil (Hassad) Isayas was not ruling and leave us alone to work , and 2% of from that Ethiopia getting suporting if we have had, you yourself and all the enemies know as we can better live and 10 times development could achieve than yours. Finally, despite I all say this, since there is sincere heart, in truth and wisdom were be based, and without the cost of our people suffering was be founded the normal relationship, or be you call it unity that needed to establish, believe me I may was not be against. But by sabotaging and humiliating , no way for ever! Finally what to gain is that Eritrea should to unite with Ethiopia? Just imagine if a threat or war begins with Egypt again Eritrean should to be victim like always for Ethiopian Benefit? In my view in this regard I say the separation is good for both both nation national security.

  • Semere May 30, 2015

    Truly. Please! please shut up. You are always against a writer. Literally against any writer (author). There is no one solution to a problem. Think about alternative solutions. I am not saying integration is the only solution. But it is one of the solutions. Separation is also one of the solutions to the problem of integration if any. Don’t wish every one would agree with you. Because we are all different. So, please truly. Do not start your writing with an attack but with reasoning. Then you will build your ideas on the reason. I have not read your opinion, you know why, you have started with an attack and I am repelled from reading it. Be sensible!

    • Genet-orginal June 2, 2015

      Don’t tell Truly to “shut up”
      No, you “shut up” unless you are “sensible”
      You said.
      “I am not saying integration is the only solution. But it is one of the solutions” Integration is not a solution and it will never, never and never a solution for us Eritreans and our country. Any body who says integration is one of the solutions, he/she is the enemy of our country. People who suggest Eritrea should be integrated with Ehtiopia are not really watching out in the best interest of Eritreans or Ethiopians in general. Not at all. This idea of advocating for integration is not coming from Eritreans. It is coming from the idea and dreams of the 1976 TPLF Manifesto that was put in place back then and never discarded, none other than “TPLF’s Republic of Greater Tigray”. After helping to destroy our country for 24 years, some people are telling us intergration is one of the solutions. In my understanding of the matter from reading about the Tigray-dominated Gov and Ehtiopian army, I think it is all about the survival of ethnic Tigray. However, this idea of “TPLF”s Republic of Greater Tigray” has been sugar-coated to make it look harmless. Now, we know that the Ethiopian Gov and army both are ethnic Tigray dominated; therefore, none-Tigrayan Ethiopian have no chance in hell to prevent the ethnic Tigrayn, from doing what they had planned in 1976. In Eritrea, we have Eritean-born Tigrayn dominating the totalitarian Gov. After witnessing the demolition of our beloved country Eritrea and the mass expulsion of the Eritrean people, I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out today that they are also part of the 1976 plan of “Republic of Greater Tigray”.
      par two cont.

  • Genet-orginal June 2, 2015

    part two.
    If any one of us look at the past 24 years, ethinc Tigrayans evolution has been from a simple and ordinary group of Ethiopians, to a very complex and dominant force in Ethiopia. This ethinc Tigrayans’ advancement has been as fast as the speed of light. This force has to go somewhere, because the rest of Ethiopians can’t catch up with it. We know that the Ethiopian army is dominated by ethnic Tigrayan. Not only that, the Eritrean-born Tigrayan are dominating the totalitarian gov in Eritrea are using none other than, Tigrayan-Ethiopians as their security forces. Is there is a strange thing than this? We are hearing there are more than 30,000 ethnic Tigrayan/Ethiopinas in Eritrea for the protection of the Eritrean-born Tigrayan parasities. Overall, fot those people who are talking about “integration of Eritrea with Ethiopia”, they are not being honest, but they are talking aout the distruction of Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is all about the “TPLF’s Republic of Greater Tigray” at the expense of Eritreans and Ethiopians. Let us not be froced to take a bitter pill with sugar. No integration today for the sake of Eritrans and Ethiopians, no integration tomorrow.