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Dozens of Eritrean mutineers killed says army deserter

September 30, 2013 (SHIRE, ETHIOPIA) – An Eritrean soldier who recently fled to Ethiopia has alleged that many of the dissident soldiers who in January laid siege at the ministry of information building in the

September 30, 2013 (SHIRE, ETHIOPIA) – An Eritrean soldier who recently fled to Ethiopia has alleged that many of the dissident soldiers who in January laid siege at the ministry of information building in the capital Asmara have been killed.

Over 100 Eritrean dissident soldiers on January 21, 2013 stormed and took control of the ministry of information in Asmara and called for political reform and a return to the country’s 1997 constitution.

The day-long mutiny ended after Special Forces loyal to President Isaias Afeorki surrounded the building and the mutineers agreed to release hostages and to peacefully return to their base.

The Eritrean army deserter who refused to be named for fear of reprisal against his relatives back in Asmera, said most of the mutineers were arrested days after their failed mutineer.

According to the former Eritrean soldier, Special Forces took many of the dissident soldiers from their base and detained them in a secret detention facility where they were subjected to torture and inhuman treatment.

“To my knowledge 26 of the mutineers were brutally murdered by secret agents”, he told Sudan Tribune.

As to the fate of the others he said “I don’t know what happened to the others but I am sure their fate won’t be different”.

He said he fled to Ethiopia after a military official warned him that his life was in danger after he was accused of disobeying military orders.

President Isaias Afworki who has ruled Eritrea since independence from Ethiopia in 1993 has zero-tolerance for dissent and criticism.

The red sea nation has no legally functioning opposition political party and has since independence been a one-party state.

The army deserted said dissatisfaction within the Eritrean military has increased. January’s mutiny was seen as the latest challenge to the Eritrean president and an indicator of growing discontent in the military.

It is estimated that Eritrea has up to 10,000 political prisoners.


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  • Senait October 2, 2013

    If it the news is true not surprise. Do you think PFDJ will give them “shower and food ” in luxurious hotel as thomous moutain reported?

    • Hailom N. October 4, 2013


  • Bokre October 2, 2013

    This is how totalitarian regimes survive. They have been eliminating perceived opponents for half a century in Eritrea, by saying “sewra deqa tbelE eya:” Imagine how many were killed in menkaE, Falul, Sryet addis, G 15 dissidents …

    Lesson: you can only play fire with fire.
    There are so many nave people out there who ask: why didn’t the people rise?

    Yosief Ghebrehiwet had answered it before, and …

    In “Mismatching disjointed Eritrea”, YG writes:

    Mismatched Eritrea

    If a band made up of a mute and a cripple advertizes a show that involves singing and dancing, it would be easy for a prospective audience to picture how that division of labor would go. Even though it would be easy to imagine either of the duo or both playing musical instruments, the only way to imagine them in the act of singing and dancing would be for the cripple to sing (for he has no legs to dance with) and for the mute to dance (for he has no voice to sing with). But if, on the real stage, it is actually the mute who tries to sing and the cripple who tries to dance, one can claim that the audience has been a victim of its “normalized” imagination. It got it wrong simply because it took for granted that it was dealing with rationally normal, even though physically handicapped, people and came up with the only plausible scenario under the circumstances. How else would it think that a mute and a cripple would attempt to pull off such an undoable act? So is it with the Eritrean opposition in diaspora: only by normalizing the abnormal state of Eritrea would they keep on mismatching agents of change and the roles they are supposed to play in the division of labor they imagine that turns every contemplated action to usher regime change into a not-doable one. And given the numerous possible agents of change in regard to Eritrea, the mismatch could turn out to be quite dizzying and intangibly bizarre. The various fantasy scenarios that the opposition has been circulating since the Jan 21st Forto event are often a result of this “normalized” mismatching.

    One of the fantastic things that the Forto event did was that it inspired the diaspora opposition into a flurry of activities: demonstrations in the streets of many capitals, occupation of embassies across the globe, full-house Paltalks in euphoric mood, increased Arbi Harnet calls to Eritrea, websites gone wild with “breaking news” and possible scenarios, endless chattering at Facebook, etc. Given these flurry of events reminiscent of Arab Spring, one is tempted to say of the inspired that these are indeed the real agents of change. Given that they are overwhelmingly male, young and educated – similar to the demographic scenes in Arab Spring – one would assert that these could really “sing and dance”. But, sadly, we wouldn’t dare say that of them simply because they happen to be on the wrong stage. On the right stage – in mainland Eritrea – the young men that we see agitating in diaspora are eerily absent. Even though oblivious of it, the Warsai in diaspora happen to have outsourced the dirty job of ushering regime change to their fathers and mothers back at home. One cannot imagine children, women and the old (the demographics of urban Eritrea) marching with their clenched fists through streets of Asmara; at least, not until they see the regime literally crumbling around them. Nor can one assign that job to the gun-carrying rank and file soldiers, as they happen to be overwhelmingly illiterate and middle-aged peasants and pastoralists, abandoned as they are by their younger and educated counterparts in a thoroughly hollowed out army. If so, one has to reluctantly assign that job to the Shaebia family – as has been clearly the case in Sirihit Forto – thereby making the most important correction in the mismatching puzzle. Not only were the mutineers from the army, they were also led by colonels; and, for that, from the old guards of Shaebia – a point that those with “grass-roots revolution” in their minds seem to miss.

    Read in full:

  • ERITRAWIT October 2, 2013

    They try what they can jeganu yehwat they lost their life for us the same as 1993,1994,2001 and now 2013 let’s sit and count years and number of people die.Any change it will be from inside considering what we see from out side YEHZIN.

  • ERITRAWIT October 2, 2013

    Dear Aman can u invite our brother if he can tell us what happend at Forto thank u for your Excellent work i’m Enjoin elale with Tegadalai Samuel Weldai Thank u again.

  • erina October 2, 2013

    brutal bloodsucking isayas afewerki and his blind fellows….

    how can we stop these evil criminals??????????????????????

  • simon October 2, 2013

    ‘Factory of lies…
    Shocking and most annoying news from Eritrea:

    1. 13 Eritrean migrants died while trying to cross to Italy and the media from Eritrea said it bluntly Illegal African refugees.

    2. Always lie to your own people and please be advised those who talk yet about the government.

    • Kabbire October 2, 2013


      EriTv, under Ali Abdu, once showed the haunted death of Eritreans in Egypt’s Sinai and called it: Africans are dying crossing to Israel.
      And, for the 400 hundred Eritreans who dead on the Sea, not far from the Libyan coastlines, the Eri-Tv said few hundred from several African nations died in the Mediterranean Sea trying to cross to Europe.
      Nobody cared then from the Eritrean Embassy in Libya and now, the Eritrean Embassy in Italy will ignore the dead.
      Here is what Eri Tv partly showed about Sinai then:


  • Kabbire October 2, 2013

    Are our Arab friends trying to help again? or is it the Sinai, Gedarif, Tripoli tragedy replaying by “accident”?

    Syrians, Egyptians arrested over migrant drownings

    ROME (AFP) – Italian police on Tuesday arrested five Syrians and two Egyptians suspected of throwing overboard 13 asylum-seekers who drowned while attempting to swim ashore off Italy’s coast, media reports said.

    The suspected people smugglers, aged between 25 and 33, risk being charged with manslaughter and facilitating illegal immigration after reports they forced the victims to jump overboard by whipping them with their belts.

  • Samson berket October 7, 2013

    Well it is clear for all Eritreans now that we need revolution to throw the Eseyas regime

  • Biniam October 24, 2013

    Tragedy after tragedy, one thing is clear. Under the false pretence of nationalism, this idiot vampire is sucking the blood of innocents. I deduce the corrupted cunt is working for the disintegration of our nation and to destroy the social fabric of our own identity. Shame on the people living in the diaspora who keep supporting him, anyways they have all their family members safe, that’s why they don’t care. But to anyone who has a little bit of conscience, how could you be so blind in front of the reality?