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  • Abdi October 27, 2013

    Lol how desperate are the “oppositions” to announce the defection of a single singer like wedi tikabo as BIG victory? Lol even wedi tukhul should have been given that much attention,grow up pls.
    I don’t know much about him but would be nice if you tell us about his political back ground.

    • senait October 27, 2013

      Abdi, you must be disappointed on Wedi Tiqabo for his siding with deliyti fithi. Wedi Tqabo is a gifted artist (not only he is a good singer he is song writer). All his songs are hit. I believe he is Yemane baria of our generation (based on his song writing). Why is not big deal to announce about his defection? One thing you must release now is every singer that come out of the country will do same.

    • wedi Forto October 27, 2013


      Here is one of the first songs of wedi tkuabo sang right at the war front. It should give you a good clue how talented this guy is. He does not just talk, he walks the talk (he was one of the first round Sawa trainee, and as such was in many of the 98-2000 battles):

  • belay nega October 27, 2013

    ዝኸበርካ ወዲ ትካቦ
    እኹል ሰብ ስለ ዝኾንካ ዘዋጽአካ ስጉምቲ ምውሳድካ እንቋዕ ሓጎሰካ
    አሜሪካ ክም ደቂ ደርሆ ብጽፍርኻ እትነብረሉ ዓዲ ስለ ዝኾነ ናይ መጀርያን መወዳእታን ዕላማኻ ነብሰ ምዕባለ ጥራይ ይኹን
    አብ ሂወት ጋሻ መጀመርያ ወርቁ ደሐር ብሩር ጸኒሑ ክአ ክም ሓጺን ስለ ዝረአ ዘጣዕሰካ ኣይትግበር

    • mikael October 27, 2013

      A Belay nega getemnaka alena dehanaytsheger

    • Tes October 27, 2013


      why are you messing here. You are every where trying in disguise as concerned Eritrean but you are showing you true colour now. You are the ones who are worried with their identity crises who believe they have no place in Eritrea after the current regime weeded out. You are immature and a bit silly guy who pretend to know all and play wise. Do faveour yourself stay away from this forum. If you are a paid agent of the evil regime I tell you are naive and you are not good at it. When is Eritrean with the name Belay and Nega. Give us a break. I don’t have problem if you love Eritrean and want to be an Eritrean…no problem at all. After all Eritreans are in all the world have dual citizenship. You middling in non of your business is very irritating to say the least. In a time we are trying to do something about the current and almost every Eritrean is determined to do his bit you the so called wise man trying to discourage to an artist to stay away from contributing his share. What a loser.

      • belay nega October 27, 2013

        እንታይሞ ይገበር ቀትሪ ኤርትራዊ ምሸት ምሸት ክአ ኢትዮጵያዊ እንዶ ኮይንካ
        አይኮነን ንስኻ እቶም ናይ ለውጢ ሃዋሪያት እትብሎም ጂ15 ሳላ ኢትዮጵያውያን እዮም አፍ ክፊቶ

  • belay nega October 27, 2013

    ዝኸበርካ ወዲ ትካቦ
    እኹል ሰብ ስለ ዝኾንካ ዘዋጽአካ ስጉምቲ ምውሳድካ እንቋዕ ሓጎሰካ
    አሜሪካ ክም ደቂ ደርሆ ብጽፍርኻ እትነብረሉ ዓዲ ስለ ዝኾነ ናይ መጀርያን መወዳእታን ዕላማኻ ነብሰ ምዕባለ ጥራይ ይኹን
    አብ ሂወት ጋሻ መጀመርያ ወርቁ ደሐር ብሩር ጸኒሑ ክአ ክም ሓጺን ስለ ዝረአ ዘጣዕሰካ ኣይትግበር

    • Raul October 27, 2013

      bilay (aregit) nega

      i can see , u r one of the old Cadre tegadelti. do not u feel , it is time to go to the church? what u have hurt us is enough aregit ertrawi. leave the plat forum for us now. you know what your legacy is. and , u r here to advise wedi Tikuabo shamelesly. please talk to your inner. we have seen your limit. your level of thinking has led to what u can see in nowadays Eritrea. hunger, war, imprisonment, lost oppurtunities and grievances………….. if you have a tiny space left to think good….tell your boss and your conscience it is time to leave . let the youth , try their best to recover what u have damaged us. we have our own feeling. we have our own way of dealing with sovereignty, with out jeopardizing it…..we can walk in the street of social justice. seb kem zi’arege ayfileton yu. emo aregika ika bilay kidan.

      • belay nega October 27, 2013


        We know that the half Italian casts when they come in Asmere act like Italians,and when the go to Italy, the fact Italians called them BASTARDO they act more Eritreans than the real ones.

        ” we have seen your limit. your level of thinking has led to what u can see in nowadays Eritrea. hunger, war, imprisonment, lost oppurtunities and grievances………”

        ጹቡቅ አለኻ አነውን እኮ ጉዳይ ኤርትራ ሱር ዘለዎ እዩ ይተሓሰበሉ እየ ዝበልኩ
        “ግራት ዕውር ጸማም ይውዕሎ” ክይክውን

        We like it or not Eritrean issue by nature is a [pozzo nero],and whomsoever swim in it, if not turning to shit he/she will smell shit.So be careful not to be either of the two.

        • Raul October 27, 2013


          this is again arrogant and satirist proposition. still you are sticking to the point of we the tegadelti ”we care more , we know more , we did more .than the new generation. the generation which is killed with out any foot print. enkua’e bilhin bisletin nayzi weledo aytifelit……………….

          • belay nega October 28, 2013

            “enkua’e bilhin bisletin nayzi weledo aytifelit……………….”

            The era of hair style[wig] is over, now is about the shape of the head, which no body with whatever talent can change it.Eritrean issue is ugly by nature,let’s accept it and go for long lasting solution.
            And above all, Ethiopians, who are determined to prove the fakeness of Eritrean ID, are more talented,with worldwide sympathy.

  • dan October 27, 2013

    I hope u will to reveal this Mafia regime plots. how can they work hard to dismantl the country and people. anyway this is the end of the road for hgdef.

  • simerrrr2012 October 27, 2013

    All this remind me the last weeks of Mengistu. Naymecherecha seat akila. Wedi Tikabo you saved yourself at the right moment from being garbage in the history of our nation. Thank you very much for coming to the side of the people of Eritrea. You will go back to your people and country with proud and honor when others kisadom defiom kinebru bizegeberwo kihdetin wenjelin, Yegermena alo yigermena …I love this song perfect for this time

  • birhane October 27, 2013

    Ambesa wedi tukabo , the opposition should show him full support and love so that the rest of our singers brothers and sisters can follow in his footsteps, again well done wEdI TiKaBo !!!

  • hit pfdj October 27, 2013

    wedi tikabo i realy loved your songs; but for a wheil, sorry to say that i hate you becouse i had the feeling that you were tottaly working with this eritrea killing machine of isseyas. but now, my love is once again back to you. thank’s for your coming back to the real nature of an artist.

  • haki October 27, 2013

    really god job Wedi Tikabo, but as this precious time i will like to remind to all opposition groups that do not try to highlight the negatives of this singer because we are making our high profile people unusable by doing so. Lets utilize the positives and encourage him to contribute some thing . Otherwise this way or that way we in turn helping the regime by underlining the negatives.

  • abrham October 27, 2013

    Dear wedi tkabo I think you have road my last opinion.I found and took them back of your loved songs,but I am waiting you to tell us thier real meaning for tsbah,gize the new one,and all other philosophically talented poemes b/ce I think you have singed them for now and your people.And now what shal you tell us?Wedi tkabo we are hunging your talented words

  • hailiab October 27, 2013

    bravo wedi tkabo nezi wtsue afu ziteAbse hzbi hne ktfedilu alekum bihlf ftihawian sine-tibebawia kaliot dima nay beAl mhretiAb michiel- fasil- michiel adonay-weditkabo wezeterefffu aser kitsiebun hzbikum kitkihsun nfashishitawi gibreshibera wilke mlki iseyas eti tsaeda hasotu aqaliekum niAlem keteflitu gize ytsiwiAkum alo