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  • sammi October 27, 2013

    Yohannes Tukabo

    we welcome you on behalf of the Youth Movement (EYSNS)in the whole World,
    we call you to stand with the Nationalist in removing the most dicttorial Regime in Eritrea.

  • Saleh Idris October 27, 2013

    Hopefully the opposition will find him a job…

    • Dawit October 27, 2013

      Look a job for yourself.
      Insted of recieving social warfare.

      Dawit wedi keren

    • gual asmara October 27, 2013

      He already have a job dont worrie about that. He gonna start getting paid” real money ” baby. He is a true artist don’t underestimate that for one minute.

    • eritrean October 27, 2013

      He has no more voice left. No one will hire the ugum. The only way he can make money now–get on Ethiopian pay roll for liars like Amnuel iyassu.

  • Wedi hzbi October 27, 2013

    Wedi tkabo,

    Good job but what we want from you is something that will bring down the government not just interview. I hope you will come up with a new song that will hit the government right in the head on Monday . I am sure you have the power to over throw the government soon if you want to but I hope you will be honesty to use them and I hope you don’t use the opposition to just get a green card my friend. Be a really man. You hurt us enough but I am sure you can heal us now. I am even sure you can lead the opposition. I have feeling like you will change the situation in back home today. God bless you brother.

    • Tamrat Tamrat October 27, 2013

      Snakes, you hide even Your name and adress while singing the old giffas to sacrifice others for you and beloved Family. What about Tkabo’s remaining Family in Eritrea? What if the government abuses his Family to punish the artist. What a useless Creatures!

      • Wedi hzbi October 27, 2013

        You are right I do hide behind the computer and I do understand for those who want to oppose the government but they have concern about their family In back home but wedi tkabo is coming out open on Monday so that’s means he is not hiding like me so he should go all the way to fight the dictator. If we all hide behind the computer the who is going to face the dictator. Once you open up that’s it you should go all the way and fight for reall I am telling him to open up but he is willing so I am just telling my expectation from him since he had hurt us a lot all

    • daniel October 27, 2013

      You ask too much , he is doing what he can just by showing up for interview with assenna ,you wedi hizbi are naive , let him settle first , Wedi Tikabo didn’t hurt us , wedi Afom did

    • belay nega October 27, 2013

      .” I hope you will come up with a new song that will hit the government right in the head on Monday .”

      ብደርፊ እንተዝኸውን ኢትዮጵያውያን ቀደም ምጠፍኡ ስለምንታይ አብ ኤርትራ ዝፈሪ ደርፍታት መብዛሕትኡ ጸርፊ ን ኢትዮጵያውያን እዪ

  • abrAHAM October 27, 2013

    Saleh Idris hahaha kkkkkkkkkkk.Yohannes Tukabo does not need a job as he is a talented artist. he can start working immediately. you are the one who needs a job as you don’t have any talent. hahahahahahahah

  • PFDJ October 27, 2013

    Wedi Tikabo wela ekua nebska ketemahaysh hager teqeyerka afka tezeytsyeqka yihsheka

    • Dawit October 27, 2013

      Wedi Tkabo enquae Amlak beselam awtseaka.
      Serat HGDEF aymegedefekan neru Amlak hagizuka kedimkayom.
      Megeberuka nerom hiji ab nsom kerkbuka zeykelwo bota mes betsahka
      kulu ajewjew natom semayo enehelka kemti wekaria WEYNI KETBELIE DELYA

      Dawit wedi keren

  • keren October 27, 2013

    Idiot chicken head.i noticed one common doneminator in most of the blind pfdj followers,they hve subaverage mind , probably low apgars at birth or sme form of devlopmental delay with different degree of mental retardation.thy hve been arrested sme where along the line of developmental mile stones. U need sad ,coz the cauntry is losing many bright minds(in wich most of them r with clear conscience,hence opposed to pfdj rule),not sme one like u wich is insignificant dark spot in the history of the nation.

  • keren October 27, 2013

    Sorry my message is to the one by the user name pfdj.

  • aba_chegora October 27, 2013

    Is yohans tukabo a policy maker who was influencing the lives of Eritreans within and/or without Eritrea? NO
    Is yohans much more important than haile menqerios, ali abdu, Andebrahn, dr. bereket of Dr. assefaw? NO
    Is Yohans tukabo the alamudin of Eritrea? No
    Is yohans tukabo, an intellectual with an international reputation who is in a position to influence international opinion about the Eritrean government? NO
    Who know yohans tukabo except tigrigna speaking eritreans and Ethiopians? No body
    Why is then his interview important breaking news unless he has the secret of how to deal the final blow to PFDJ?
    For PFDJ to crumble, isayas must leave eritrea and as far as I know yohans has little influence on that.
    I am however happy that he finally saw the light.

  • dawit October 27, 2013

    wedi tikabo ambesa eritrawi jigna ab gonika alena

    • belay nega October 27, 2013

      “wedi tikabo ambesa eritrawi jigna ab gonika alena”

      ጉድ ተረኺቡ
      ኤርትራውነት አብ ኮንዶም ተቀይራ
      ባህ ምስ ዝበለትና እንጥቀመላ

  • Said Issa October 27, 2013

    It is very funny,you Eritreans,who do you think you are???? Who is going to fight for your wrights????? As we fought Isayas we where for you and your Opportunist families the traitors,now you are running to leave from my Taxes to leave as economical immigrants with the cause of Isayas. no Eritrians,dont lie 50 years .It is now the time to go in the Field to depose him,not to fly and leave with lies and illusions. It is enough,dont screem to much in foreighn countries.