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ወርቃዊ ቃላት ሕድሪ ናይቲ 24 ዓመት ኣብ ማእሰርቲ ውልቀመላኺ ኢስይያስ ዝሓቅቕ ዘሎ ጅግና ተጋዳላይ ቢትወደድ ኣብርርሃ

Review overview
  • T.Kidane October 12, 2015

    This speech is awesome. I have no words….. except to say that I am completely inspired! I believe you, and I am proud of you for telling the truth about what happened to you and others. You are a very brave hero.

    • Meg October 13, 2015

      Thank you assenna and Amanuel for airing general Betwoded’s speech it is very powerful I’m proud again as Eritrean. Thanks again,

  • Ghe October 12, 2015

    You are A grown-up/child you still believe in ferry tail (susuway)

  • Simon G. October 12, 2015

    Suleiman Salim,
    Let’s see at your idol’s resume and let people judge whether he is hero or not.
    1. He was killing educated, brave Eritreans, within months of his enlisting.
    2. He was the master of divide and conquer among fighters, just to benefit no one but himself
    3. He was blackmailing brave fighters, just to discredit them
    4. He was recruiting yes man/women covertly. This was set to eliminate brilliant Eritreans
    6. He was accusing great fighters of corruption, while he was the master of that himself. How does $70, 000/night for prostitutes sound to you?
    Since the list is long, let’s stop here.
    Killer + coward + cruel + unbalanced + master lier + thief = Isayas Afewerki
    ruption while he was spending 70, 000 USD/night on prostitues. In that way, yes I agree She is a hero. He is merciless killer, another thing to call him hero.
    Isayas was blaming others for cor

    • Simon G. October 12, 2015

      ….please ignore anything below Killer + coward + cruel + unbalanced + master lier + thief = Isayas Afewerki

  • Genet-orginal October 12, 2015

    General Biteweded Abraha is a true son of Eritrea. A true freedom fighter who he never forget the purpose of his fight for Eritrean independence. He stood up and declared, The purpose wan’t to deny the Eritrean people the freedom to breath, eat, drink clean water, move about in their own beloved country or stay in their own homes and country. The purpose of Independence was not about to put any Eritrean in prison without due process. The purpose of independence wasn’t to deny Eritrean their legal rights or human right and that is the fact no body can deny. Cult members? that is another story.

    Sulemiman, You have a right to your opinion, even if it is ridiculous, BUT you can’t have your own fact.
    God Bless General Biteweded Abraha!
    God bless our people and country!
    We shall overcome!

  • Hagherawi October 13, 2015

    The guy with the nickname Suleman is a malicious Higdefite. He is posing as a Muslim.
    Some times, he insults Christians to instigate religious hatred.
    Be aware on him, he has neither conscience nor god.

  • Simon G. October 13, 2015

    A question was asked on Qoura “Is Saudi Arabia the most evil country on earth?”. The answer was no. North Korea, Somalia, Equatorial Guinea and Eritrea are far worse places to live and have worse track records. North Korea, by any reasonable measure, is the worst.
    Another guy replied “Eritrea a close second.”
    This is really embarrassing.

  • Wedi Barkay October 13, 2015


    Bitweded made us proud! Let’s deliver his message to our brothers and sisters in EDF because they are totally blocked from any external media. The message of this hero is really touching.
    Those who are commenting against our hero are Ethiopians pretending to be as Eritreans. Bitweded is a solid corner stone of our home, he is a transformational leader and a symbol of peace and reconciliation.
    Let’s make his advices as a foundation to make NewYork demonstration successful. Bitweded is a shining star in Eritrea’s sky. Now we have strong unifying message therefore we have to make the dreams of our hero true. Action is needed to free all Eritreans suffering under the mafia.
    Peace to our sweet home!

  • yohannes October 13, 2015

    During the apartheid era. I use to see south africans and others supporting the cause of Mandela by wearing a t-shirt with slogan “Free Mandela”.

    As I heard the speech of “Bitweded Abrha”, he has the idealism and thinking of Mandela. I believe Bitweded Abrha is a hero with similar history of Mandela. He is “our Mandela”. Lets Lets fight for his freedom accordingly.

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