Voice of Assenna: Our Lives – ህይወትና – ኣቦና ሃ/ማርያም ኣብርሃ – Part 3



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  • Eritreawit February 19, 2017

    This is easy, just bring some one who challenge Mr. Habtemariam, or if you know come and challenge him, give a call Assenna.com and do interview even better do a dialog with Ato Habtemaariam. . This is called free speech .

  • luler February 20, 2017

    Eritreawit, free speech comes with responsibly. A lot have foolish understanding of the concept. I will live you with the following excerpt so you know …. ‘ …. those who get carried away thinking that free speech means anything goes, there are types of speech that are not protected. Slander (verbal defamation) and libel (written defamation), threats, treason, copyright infringements, trade secrets, and promoting unlawful acts are some of the areas where free speech does not apply. There is a big difference, for example, between writing that someone is holding an empty glass versus insisting that same person is an alcoholic because the glass is empty. Such allegations without proof have resulted in lawsuits. Stating an opinion is one thing but spreading malicious gossip with the intent to harm someone’s reputation, business, etc is a crime.

    Habtemariam has to have a proof to directly label someone as something if he is to stand not guilty in court. Many of the accused may be dead, but the once alive can help stamp guilty on his forehead. So watch what you say. The Halewa sewra era is over. Same goes to assenna for broadcasting unverified libel even though he did it unintentionally.