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Voice of Assenna :Interview with the Hero Pilot-Prisoner Dejen Ande Hishel, Part 2 – Monday, 19 May, 2014

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  • hmmm May 24, 2014

    Tamirat: Anta agame once we dismantle PFDJ and gotten rid of Isayas, we will work with the people of Ethiopia to remove Weyane as a revenge for the crimes Weyane is committing against our people. You are illegally holding our territory. You are abusing Eritrean immigrants in Ethiopia. You don’t give them work permits or allow them to lead a normal life because you want them to stay in the camp so you can steal the money NGO send on their name. You sneak out your relatives using Eritrean names, you smuggle them to Sudan and Libya by charging money. Isyas is abusing Eritreans in Eritrea and Weyane is abusing them in Ethiopia. There will come a time we will get even with PFDJ and Weyane.

    • selamawit2 May 27, 2014

      hmmm, as i wrote you in the forum of the other topic, i really think you don’t get Tamrat.

      1. Leave the insulting as “Agame” – that’s really studpid.
      2. Tamrat is ethiopian and doesn’t hide his identity. So if you say “we will work with the people of Ethiopia” are going to work with him or what?

      Relating to the problems you mentioned that you see the eritrean refugees in ethiopia (might) have:
      I can’t really judge it. But i can imagine that you are saying the truth. But please don’t forget, ethiopia is also a 3rd world country. Not everything is optimal and under democratical control there. But the failures of some people shoudn’t lead to the insulting of the whole people of a country…

      why don’t you simply discuss with him respectfully also when you opinions differ? he is not such a snake – he is honest. just pay attention and you will see, i am right…

  • belay nega May 26, 2014

    “Mr Nega
    I thought, you have a good understanding of my simple English message”

    Tickling is funny because it is an attack from someone who won’t actually hurt you.
    Recognizing the ugliness of Eritrean issue has nothing to do with protecting the president.However,the more we deny him his due, the more the issue looks personal.

  • Genet-orginal May 29, 2014

    Dear Mr Nega
    You said, “the more we deny him his due, the more the issue looks personal” I see, you have undying loyalty to Isayas. In general, loyalty is good. And it is closely related to wisdom and graceful aging. However, in the Eritrean case, loyalty should be for the well being of the nation. By nation mean, the youth who are the future of the country. With all the information coming out about Isayas and his evil deed, anyone who choose to remain loyal is not only right it is down right diabolical. “the more we deny his due” Mr Nega, if a man/woman’s evil deeds outweigh the good, the man has to be removed and held accountable for his evil deeds. For example, if a doctor has to treat some one for an illness, he/she has to check if the treatment has more risk than benefits, if the risk outweigh the benefits the treatment has to be discarded. History is telling us, Isayas has been diabolical right from the start. If he has changed his way of treating people, starting in 1991, I am sure people could have forgiven him by now. But Isayas has serious mental problem. Above all he hates Eritreans. His issue could very much be mental illness. You know like undiagnosed one. Mr Nega, for most Eritreans, Isayas’s deeds has been personal. Why should we care, if it looks personal or not? He is a dictator and he is going to die as a dictator. You know, all dictators’ death is not pretty at all! For you, loyalty to a dictator is loyalty wasted. Be wise and graceful!

  • belay nega May 30, 2014

    Dear Genet,

    Giving devil his due does not have anything to do with loyalty.
    My stand is clear, instead of pointing fingers,let us accept the ugliness of our issue, and look for a long lasting solution.And instead of saying Esayas was wrong from the very day,let us be fair and say “Whatever we suffering from is the result of the hard choice we made in 1961”.

    • selamawit2 June 1, 2014

      belay nega, i have a question.
      you said ” is the result of the hard choice WE made”.
      Who do you exactley mean with “WE”?

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