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Voice of Assenna: Interview Pilot- Prisoner Dejen Ande Hishel – P5 – Monday, May 2014

Review overview
  • wedi reality May 27, 2014

    How the supporters of DIA r more concerned about the truthfulness of assena than the imprisonment of young young innocent pilot for 15 years without charge! ?” we r dealing with dormants

    • FG May 28, 2014

      I couldn’t agree more wedi reality. They are willing slaves for small personal gains; they crave it. If a regime change was to take place in Eritrea today, these doormats and dormants, will be the first allies of the new government regardless of its policies. They also do not understand the sacrifices made to bring about the freedoms they enjoy in the western countries in which they mooch. Opportunism and especially in combination with ignorance is the most fertile ground for dictators.

  • wedi reality May 28, 2014

    both Amanuel and dejen r very wise, the interview stands a higher level of communication!! can’t wait the next part..

    • tafla May 28, 2014

      Amanuel is smart the way he is conducting the interview. For example at the end of part 5 interview..he asked how dejen planed the escpae but before Dejen answer the question part 5 interview was over. People are eager for part 6 (probably final) to listen how escaped. The interview remind me of my favorite tv show ‘Breaking Bad” once you start the want to watch more:)

  • Mahmoud Hassen May 28, 2014

    Are you sure that you are a human? because now a days robots could write anything if programmed correctly. go practice your sarcastic behavior else where. (ya wedel Khemara).

  • Kombishtato May 28, 2014

    FG writes to denigrate the former EPLF tegadeltis: “Interestingly, the Wahyos, those who helped destroy the Eritrean social fabric, were exactly like you.”

    selam FG,
    who are the gangsters who massacred the young Fallul Eritreans in the name of Sewra?
    who are the gangsters who burned a dozen Kunama villages in the name of Sewra?
    who are the gangsters who killed hundreds of university students as in Sreyt Addis?
    who are the gangsters who marched poorly trained and poorly armed Kebesa youth in the battle of Barentu as human mine sweepers — fenji regach?
    Who are the gangsters who committed linguistic suicide by burning Eritrean languages because they hate themselves, identity and history?
    who are the gangsters who abandoned the poor kebesa youth to die while they run away with their tail between their legs to Arab nations, and then run away to the christian West because the Arabs kept on spitting on their faces hurling insults of Abeed Aswad Wahid?

    Here and now, please tell me who is the real “Wahyos, those who helped destroy the Eritrean social fabric”?

  • Fetawihaki May 30, 2014

    Jigna Dejen, you floored the evil and brought the truth to light, we eritreans are very proud of you!
    A film/book which demonstrates this most amazing history, which is based on this real incident should be produced soon, this incident is unique and have to be remembered for generations.

    selam n deki erey

  • helen June 12, 2014

    Dejen Eritrean Mandela