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Voice of Assenna: Eritrean through the Eyes of the Real Heroes – ተጋ ዑስማን መሓመድ – ውጉኣት ሓርነት – ኣብ ከሰላ- Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 – Part 6

Review overview
  • AHMED SALEH May 23, 2015

    Dear brother Amanuel
    It was wonderful effort to voice for our forgotten disabled veterans who fought for the people
    they adorn . Eplf leadership under Issayas according tegadalay OSMAN testimony refused their
    request to go back home after the war for independence completed . And he also spoke the truth
    about Eritreans who joined field didn’t mind the two fronts difference because we were hopeful
    that one day they will work out to solve the issue .
    And in case of Martyr SAID SALEH , he was one of few military oriented leaders courageous man
    who showed great influence to army forces . Those who participated in that fierce 1977 -1978 war
    surrounding Asmera and Seraye can spoke about his legacy regardless some polical motivated
    misleading information to bkackmail his name . I remember how he tried to make sure WUGUAT
    TEGADELTI in Mendefera were taken care of properly and couple of times he brought us fruits .
    I only saw him once but I have good memory to respect him for his deeds at times we need some
    love at that confusing teenage period .
    Life is weird when you think about it .
    respect on

  • Tekle May 24, 2015

    I think this is one of the ways to remember the independence day; to remember the forgotten heroes irrespective of their political afiliation as they sacrificed their lives for the independe of our Eritrea and its people. Thanks Radio Assenna.

  • hara May 24, 2015

    kindey des ybl dehaykum mismaE jeganu serawit harnet
    kiwin zigebero radio assena yemesghin
    kbur tegadalay osman ab natsinet sle ziresaEnakum
    AMLAK resiUna , slezi YKRE belulna & GOD BLESS YOU

  • wedifre May 25, 2015

    It is great to remember our forgotten heroes.
    Bravo Amanuel for dedicating them what they deserve.
    Sim Rekibelu Ni Iseyas ” Kahadi ” ” TELAM ”