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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ዝርርብ ምስ ኤርትራውያን ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ኤውሮጳ – ሓሙስ 10 ጥሪ፣ 2019

Review overview
  • Amanuel Abraha January 11, 2019

    I am disappointed by Weyzero Dehan’s narrow mindedness and gender biases. She seem to have a negative attitude towards male Eritreans where she borders to conclude all our problems are the male gender.

  • ogbai January 11, 2019

    Nyeqeniyelna ay bhaqi Kahin /Qeshi/ T/Mariam Merkazion bruhun nuxurn meglexihibkum edmnen tenan yhabkum.

  • Warsay Adhanom January 11, 2019

    I am very proud of both of you. I hope they can be inspiration to all opposition group to create a united front to get rid the common enemy. There can not be any ideological difference among the group.There is only one task at hand, and that is to end the dictatorial enemy, and give the country to its true owner. The people will elect their own leader. Any group in diaspora should not have any expectation of becoming a leader..The country is slipping out of our hand. If we do nothing now, in 5 years Eritrea will be part of Ethiopia.