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Urgent Appeal to all Senior Eritrean Citizens to help and guide the Youth

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  • Selamawi July 9, 2015

    Dear writer,
    Your concerns are well placed and timely. I humbly suggest you find 5 intellectuals in your area and compile a working tool. Perhaps you might want to check your draft with another group of individuals, preferably ‘wise men/women’ this time around. Then present your suggestions to the Eritrean public to use in every part of the world. My preference would be a concise one.

    It is not rocket science anymore, Eritrea is marching to its death. Urgent action is needed from every citizen. Forget these short-sighted divisions = they are secondary issues.

    Thank you and God bless.

  • bitew yihdego July 9, 2015


  • rezen July 9, 2015

    Confession: Oops! It seems I goofed again. Perhaps I was over the line of the permissible allotted space with my commentary. I am reposting it unchanged but split into two parts. I cross my fingers. Here it is:

    Subject: Urgent Appeal to all Senior Eritrean Citizens to help and guide the Youth by T. Yitbarek, 8 July 2015

    My short and honest comment on the title is this>>>IT IS A FUTILE APPEAL and the YOUTHS DO NOT NEED IT!!!
    “Senior Eritrean Citizens” of the highest calibre in various educational fields had their DAYS — and squandered them. It is about time to be frank about ourselves. The sordid history of Intellectuals in Africa [and Eritrea is an African State] is well narrated in various written material by a number of writers. It all amounts to this: AFRICAN INTELLECTUALS FAILED AFRICA. The famous Economist, George B. N. Ayittey in his book “Africa Unchained” gives the most scathing description of African learned personalities in these two words: ”intellectual prostitution”!
    Continued on Part II

    • rezen July 9, 2015

      Part II
      With the above background, the Eritrean Youths are better off without the senior intellectuals of gone-by era. On 26th June 2015, Eritrean Youths demonstrated their ability to get together for peaceful and dignified march in Geneva, Switzerland for a common cause. We have yet to see such a common demonstration by Eritrean intellectuals for a COMMON cause at any forum. To be fair, it has to be mentioned that there have been various intellectual groups starting their separate agenda but all had a common factor at the end of their respective first trial: they all fizzled. Eritrean Youths cannot be worse than that! So, they might as well have their own turn and prove to themselves what they can accomplish, by themselves. Eritrea has nothing to lose, as it has been in that mode for quite a while. I better STOP before I run out of my space-allotment.
      THE END

  • k.tewolde July 10, 2015

    A picture is more than a thousand words. That picture of the eritrean youth above says it all.It depicts, desperation,confusion, loss of sense of direction, loss of human dignity, loss of purpose..this is the outcome from the indoctrination of S.A.W.A. I wish i have all the time and the resources ,I would have adopted all of them , and reprogram, rewire their minds, and show them a sense of normalcy, give them back their childhood that was stolen from them like they did mine.A generation wiped out another on the way. What else can this asshole, and his bitches can do to us. I feel you Yitbarek, I understand. Your call out is legit.I hope somebody out there responds.You got my word. I will do the the best I can.I……am……broken ….inside! My identity…

  • k.tewolde July 11, 2015

    A view through the lens of today’s eritrean youth. [ POEM ] He is autocratic, narcicistic , twisted, but , he is my dad He self serving,controlling,abusive, but, he is my dad He is dark,sinister,alcoholic,sad, and melancholic, but, he is my dad He is mediocre,can speak about everything, but, knows nothing. HE likes to be revered,adored, showered with love, and admiration. He demands respect,and never does anything to earn it, but, he is my dad! He preys on the weak,the child,and the elderly. He feels threatened at sound of progress and intellect. He is insecure, coward, but, he is my dad!! He thrives in a putrid atmosphere,never produces anything, sucks the blood of everything ,never worked in his entire life, lives of the sweat of the masses, a true parasite, but, he is my dad!!! He nurtured me,he molded me,he trained me,he is the only one I know, he is my dad!!!! how do i fight this evil within me,it’s consuming me alive. He crippled my fighting instinct,he planted the seed of fear, and terror in me. So,I live on a flight mode. I keep on running,drowning, blown away to oblivion with no end in sight.