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UN resolution on Eritrea’s Human Rights Situation

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Review overview
  • Alem June 30, 2014

    My dear brothers and sisters the final solution for our country is not on UN or OAU resolutions but on our finger tips.
    This is an Eritrean problem which requires an Eritrean solution. Don’t get me wrong UN setting up human rights abuse inquiry on Eritrea is a good thing but it will never be our solution. So lets strap up, getup from our sleep and END this murder, rape, torture and detention of our innocent people by unelected blood thirsty manic (ISAYAS AFEWORKI) and his criminal thugs.

    My dear brothers and sisters the solution for our country is on our hands, we need to rise up and get rid of this blood thirsty dictator (ISAYAS) and his criminal thugs. Because of this maniac.
    1- Thousands of our youngsters are dying, getting raped and jailed everyday.
    2- Thousands of our men and our women are behind bars in their own country.
    3- Our Economy is in shambles.
    4- Our government -non existent we don’t have one.(hijacked by criminals)
    5- Higher education (chained locked and educators fired)
    6- Transportation (might as well lets start using live stock)
    7- Freedom of anything (what freedom?????)
    8- Healthcare (our people are relying on garlic and ginger)
    9- Law of the land (according to the tyrant we do not need one he is the law)

    My people, our country with all its recourses and highly driven and motivated people we are not taking our place in history rather we allowed one single clueless manic (ISAYAS) and his criminal thugs dictate and chose how we live our life as a society. Most of our youngsters are jumping from jail to jail, boat to boat and begging in the streets of Israel, Libya, Yemen, Greece and Rome and our families in Eritrea are living in a stone age and still we are SILENT.