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The World’s Worst Dictators Ranking – Updated

Isaias Afewerki, Eritrea Years in power: 20 Afewerki, 65, once led Eritrea to independence, but today he deprives his citizens of all freedoms. There is no formal constitution, and every male starting at age 18 must enter

Isaias Afewerki, Eritrea

Years in power: 20

Afewerki, 65, once led Eritrea to independence, but today he deprives his citizens of all freedoms. There is no formal constitution, and every male starting at age 18 must enter “national service,” which is forced labor of indefinite length (evaders are jailed or killed). People with unsanctioned religious beliefs are imprisoned and tortured, as are journalists and activists. More than 50,000 Eritreans have escaped to refugee camps in Ethiopia. Western officials allege that Afewerki is aiding Al Qaeda–linked militants in Somalia.

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Review overview
  • Abnet Tesfai December 19, 2011

    part 1
    surprisingly some Eritreans blindly support the dictator. based on my personal observation and limited experience I can say few of the many about them the following.
    1. if we see their back ground most of them are ex-fighters of the Eritrean armed struggle who flee to Sudan leaving their comrades during the critical time shadushay werara and after. they are now living the diaspora having better opportunity their family and yet they are #1 Eritreans.they have fake relation with the dictator’s policies in order to own some property inside Eritrea and to visit and enjoy Eritrean regardless of the suffering of the the Eritrean people by the brutal administration of the dictator. these people have dually benefited.
    a) they flee the armed struggle and have no any scar of the past in their life and could collect enough money when the other Eritreans were sacrificing their life, prosperity and time.
    b) after the dictator seizure of power, they were the ones to fawn for him and get all opportunities to have good houses in the country and to accumulate some assets.
    therefore it is long lasting betrayal for the Eritrean people.

    • Mr. T (Tsahaye) December 21, 2011

      Abnet Tesfai,

      With all the respect, I would like to ask you where is the statistics? I know a lot more former ELF fighters who support the PFDJ regime than former EPLF fighters. Did you conduct a study on the subject or it is simply based on your personal feeling? I am curious.

      • Abnet Tesfai December 22, 2011

        dear Mr. T (Tsahaye)
        As I state it clearly at the beginning I said…based on my personal observation and limited experience I can say few of the many about them the following….how could you expect statistical data to support my comment.
        Dear comrade… though I have admitted already for not providing concrete data to my comment sometime someone can talk from his personal observation and logic. There are some occasions you may not need to go for further scientific studies to infer about some phenomena.
        For instance in our case, if stop yourself to think about who are supporting the dictator mostly they are Eritreans who left Eritrea during the armed struggle who had accumulated enough money and continued their study when their peers remained in the Sahil mountains to liberate the country.contrary, nowadays they are more important , influential and advocators of the dictator in the diaspora and owned some assets in Eritrea. whereas the heroic Eritrean fighters either they are martyred, frozen(deskilom),killed, imprisoned or migrated to other countries. there are some fighters serving the dictator and they are remained confused or fawners like the ministers and the so called generals a lion with out teeth and nail. the remaining Eritreans are betrayed, they are abused for their human rights…such endless servants of the dictator, no constitution no right for migration no…no….no no no no no no endless no.

        • Abnet Tesfai December 22, 2011

          Dear Mr. T (Tsahaye)
          On my way, I would like thank you for your critical question. let us discuss each other to dig out the truth and feed each other so as every one of us may be better servant of our people and country all the time.

  • Abnet Tesfai December 19, 2011

    part 2
    the second group consists ladies and some mindless men. who don not know what they say and do and have no personal gain. whenever there is festival ready to dance participate in any demonstration organized by the dictator and his followers. as they are mindless they contribute money without caring why they are contributing, simply worship & feel better even when they see the dictators picture as god.
    therefore in our current struggle, undoubtedly, we have the role to expose the opportunists’ aim and actions and crack them down to shorten the path to democracy and Justis in our country.

    • Huluf December 19, 2011

      DIA has now emerged to be Number 1 worst dicatator with Kim-Jong IL who is sick and ill brained inhuman creature died yesterday.

      • Yemane December 19, 2011

        Indeed Eritrea is number one because we have number one worst dictator in the world. Congratulations to all Eritreans.

    • Haile December 20, 2011

      I couldn’t have put it differently, you hit it right on the nose. Well said! I was thinking the same.

  • aurora bruk December 19, 2011

    i honestly thought eseyas was the number 1. he would have liked it better, as he always craves to be the first, even when it means to be the worst dictator on earth. by the way what does it make us? the people most victimized by a lunatic, who feels he is still a young boy in his mother’s (or grandmother’s) enda sewa, getting or seeking all that attention, that would make him feel worthy of love or something? inferiority complex translated into superiority complex. eseyas, whose son rides horses in sawa, while our brothers are left to fetch wood and die for lack of basic health facilities can go to hell! down with the dictator! number 2? he is the most brutal of all dictators dead or alive! down with him!

  • kulu December 19, 2011

    The report may not be accurate. I think Isaias is the First, that is why the north korean leader died immediately after the release of this report putting him inaccurately in first place while it belongs to our dear Isaias afeworki for his tireless work of creating conditions unbearable for the people of Eritrea. He merits to be thanked for his floolishness. No one would create such deplorable situation in the country even if he was hell bent do it except the so-called lion of Nacfa.

  • Michael December 19, 2011

    Abnet Tesfai, sums it up all in a short and beautifully ellaborated way. I can’t say any more than that.

  • Freeprisoners December 19, 2011

    ኪም ጆግ ኢል ገዛኢ ሰምየን ኮርያ ሞይቱ!
    እንታይ ገደፈ! ጉሓፍ ዝኽሪ። ብዝኾነ ግን እምበር’ዶ እቶም ሰምየን ኮርያ ዝልዓል ህዝቢ ኣለዎም ኢዩ፧ መግዛእቶም ካብ ናህና ዝሓይሽ ኣይመስለንን፥ ተቓወምቲ ሰምየን ኮርያ ክብሃል ግና ሰሚዔ ኣይፈልጥን። ነገሩ ደንጽዩኒ ኣሎ። እቶም ህዝብስ ምሃዝቲ ኣፍረይትን ህዝቢ ምዃኖም ንፈልጥ ኢና። እዚ ኹሉ እንዳገበሩ ከመይ’ሎም ብሓደ ስድራ-ቤት ይግዝኡ ግን ዘገርም ነገር ኢዩ!!። እንታይ’ዩ ጉዱ። ብ ኡ ኡ ማሲኖም ሕጂ’ድማ ብወዱ ክግዝኡ እዚኦም ህዝብታት ኣይኮኑን!!

  • The Bee December 19, 2011


    You ask a good question- “How dare they can be ruled only with one family and oppressed?” Let me attempt to give you the answer. The leadership of N. Korea had moved from dictatorship to cult or people worship. When you close society from the outside world by shutting down free press, and control people when they are very young, the people after a generation or two are ignorant of anything outside their myopic world. People believe the late Kim IL Sung who is the father of Kim Jung Il is not dead. Some worship him. As you may know Eritrea according scorred the second worst dictator in the world after N. Korea. The style of control by PFDJ leadership and N.Korean leadership is so similar, many journalists have refereed Eritrea as N. Korea of Africa.

    This is the reason Eritrean people need to wake up and change this current government before it is too late. GOE is doing its best to be the number one dictatorship in the world. Now the senior N. Korean leader is dead maybe they have a chance to achieve the number one spot by oppressing us even more next year. I see the Diaspora PFDJ working hard in every city to achieve this. Shouldn’t the democratic loving people of Eritrea even work harder to reverse this trend?

  • Selamawi December 20, 2011

    After the death of the North Korean dictator, Ato Isaias Afwerki is the FIRST in the rank of dictators in the world.
    The problem is that he represents Eritrea.

    His dictatorial regime will be remembered as the worst in the country’s history. The PFDJ dictatorship is worse than all its predecessors. Worse than “Geezat Turki” or zemen akahida.

    Ato Isaias please live us alone and go home with your cohorts.

    • Eritrawit December 20, 2011


      You are right this ppl need to leave us alone GUD EKO REKIBNNA .

      ” Ato Isaias please live us alone and go home with your cohorts.”

  • The Bee December 20, 2011

    I can see you are mad with the dictator. Issayas is made in Eritrea and we continue to make him. Because of the small self interest I see a lot of Diaspora Eritreans doing or saying nothing as if these atrocities are not affecting their own brothers and sisters. The diaspora passiveness has turned out to be an empowering agent to the dictatorship system in Eritrea.

    PFDJ is the enemy but the greatest enemy is our fear, petty self interest and passiveness.

  • Weldit December 20, 2011

    If Parade was smart, they should have put Meles the young instead of Mugabe the old.
    Mugabe is getting too old too fast and doesn’t have much time left.
    So now they will need to update the list again pretty soon. That’s alot of work. 🙂