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The World’s Worst Dictators Ranking – Updated

Isaias Afewerki, Eritrea Years in power: 20 Afewerki, 65, once led Eritrea to independence, but today he deprives his citizens of all freedoms. There is no formal constitution, and every male starting at age 18 must enter

Isaias Afewerki, Eritrea

Years in power: 20

Afewerki, 65, once led Eritrea to independence, but today he deprives his citizens of all freedoms. There is no formal constitution, and every male starting at age 18 must enter “national service,” which is forced labor of indefinite length (evaders are jailed or killed). People with unsanctioned religious beliefs are imprisoned and tortured, as are journalists and activists. More than 50,000 Eritreans have escaped to refugee camps in Ethiopia. Western officials allege that Afewerki is aiding Al Qaeda–linked militants in Somalia.

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  • Eritrea December 18, 2011

    You all right except the dictator puppets. Puppets you are like your father autocratic, inhuman and selfish people, you will see, time is coming to end your life with endless trauma in your brain that killed a lot of Eritrean Innocent. Its time to act now, to stop supporting the dictator and reword your people otherwise you will live in Regret.

  • weredemihret December 18, 2011

    The pfdj quasi dead brains will not cease supporting president Isaias until he beats kim-jong-il position. They want him to be number 1 as much as he want to be number 1 in any endeavor that earn him media frenzy.

    • Huluf December 18, 2011

      He will soon be on the number one LIST.

  • daniel December 18, 2011

    HIGDEF do DERGI YEHAYESH ?check this video out

  • December 18, 2011

    Now that Kim Jong II is dead, our ‘nisu nihna, nihna nisu’ tops the list! No one beats Isaias when it comes to brutality and human rights violations.

  • HZBAWI December 18, 2011

    Step down wedi medhin berad otherwise you will step down from the sewerage tube like your body.

  • Fekrawi December 18, 2011

    Kim Jong-il who beat DIA as the number one dictator in the world has just passed away!!!

    Now DIA just became unrivaled number one dictator in the world!!

  • weredemihret December 18, 2011

    “North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, 69, has died
    APAP – 5 mins ago”, by AP.

    Funny: earlier today I posted that the quasi dead brain pfdJ supporters would not cease supporting PIA until he would beat Kim Jong Il’s position as a ranking number 1 dictator.

    I hope they would not prove me wrong, unlikely though. Jong Ils is dead PIA is ascends to no 1 on the ranking but is hinting that pfdj will be talking or rather confusing people by a brand new lies yet to sell to its loyalists. The implementation of the dust collecting Eritrean constitution.
    The number of dictators downed in this year is perhaps the largest ever.

  • kozami December 18, 2011


    There is an adage in Eritrea “Mer’Awi key’haza, arki haza” You have all the lingo alright, even though so decidedly lacking in substance. In our big mama Africa where wining an election brands you a ‘terrorist’, where respectable teacher Yenesew Gebre set himself alight in indignation, where children are sold in droves for pedophile adoption racketeers, where tens of billions of dollars gets siphoned off a country in a space of 9 years without a trace, where government locks up a suspected opposition sympathizer in a house and throws in a hand grenade killing the person and claiming a foreign instigated terrorist attack, where villagers are burned alive in their huts into a rubble of ashes, when neighbors are invaded and war crimes are meted out on them, then think over what you said and I bet you would envy dumb people.

    • ahmed saleh December 18, 2011

      HULUF put his argument concerning the issue we are focused most, about our
      own problems with the regime not about Ethiopians internal affairs. So I do
      see comparison to your response.

      • ahmed saleh December 18, 2011

        Read : I do not see …….

      • Huluf December 19, 2011

        Ahmed Salah,

        You are right, except Kozami does not realize he is answering the truth subconscously. He admits by telling of others not ours. You see that is how escapists play. While they are drunk they tell ugly story of others which in essence is theirs. What is worst he wants me to envy him.

    • Huluf December 19, 2011


      It is amazing how you acknowledge your answers but you do not want to touch it. My proof…you refused to answer crystal clear questions itemized so that you do not escape it. The good news is you show pain of injustice that you see in the world. Let us for now agree all that you spelled out are right and the world is so UNJUST , America is so UNJUST, ther is NO DEMOCRACY it is ANARCHY in the WORLD but not our beloved Eritrea….fair my brother you and I the sons of our land!! Is that loving enough , lock the world….good, please now read my quesitons once again they have nothing to do with the world you told me about …it s about our own people(human Eritreans brothers and siters)….then you answer the questoin/bobekhan bedekhan ELE . Once you answer them in you mind honestly I bet you will envy me.

  • Fish December 19, 2011

    The # 1 in Rank of dictator, Kim Jong IL passed away, and congratulations to the people of N-Korea. There is at least a hope for the people of Korea to have a better life. At the same time, I would like to congratulate DIA and his followers;because DIA is promoted to rank 1.

  • hamoody December 19, 2011

    Kim of North Korea the #1 in the list is gone – that gives our dear president to take his place, guys the important thing is to be #1, because history will remember you anyway.