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The Religious in Eritrea welcome Ethiopian peace offer

The Religious in Eritrea welcome Ethiopian peace offer Eritrea's Catholic religious men and women embrace the olive branch of peace from Ethiopia and urge their country’s leaders to accept the offer. Agenzia Fides - Asmara "The step taken

The Religious in Eritrea welcome Ethiopian peace offer

Eritrea’s Catholic religious men and women embrace the olive branch of peace from Ethiopia and urge their country’s leaders to accept the offer.

Agenzia Fides – Asmara

“The step taken by the Ethiopian government is positive and fills our hearts with happiness. Now it is up to (Eritrean President) Isayas Afeworki to act. He will decide if he really wants to make peace,” These are some of the comments from the Catholic religious men and women in Eritrea.

Ethiopia is ready to cede disputed territories

In April, this year, Abiy Ahmed became Ethiopian prime minister. Africa’s youngest head of government, 42-year-old Abiy has surprised many inside and outside Ethiopia with his fast-paced radical reform agenda since taking office. He has quickly lifted a state of emergency; vowed to end months of deadly protests and released thousands of political prisoners. On Tuesday, Abiy announced that Ethiopia would implement the Algiers peace agreement that requires it to cede the disputed territories with Eritrea, including the border town of Badme, which it has occupied for more than twenty years.

At the root of it all is a bitter and bloody two-year conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea that led to the loss of thousands of lives on both sides. The tensions and enmity have lingered on and provided the Eritrean government with a convenient excuse for repression of its people citing the importance of readiness for war with Ethiopia.

Eritrea’s religious urge reconciliation

This week, Eritrea’s religious commended Ethiopia’s willingness to cede the disputed territories to Eritrea and put an end to the twenty-year tensions.

“What we ask ourselves is if peace with Ethiopia is really convenient for Isayas Afeworki,” the religious who cannot be named for security reasons told Agenzia Fides.

Eritrea is considered one of the most repressive countries in the world. The Eritrean government exercises absolute power over the country and has banned opposition parties in the country. The state does not have any independent media.The United Nations’ Security Council imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea in 2009 because the government was providing political, financial and logistical support to militant groups in Somalia. Eritrea has always denied the accusation.

Eritreans and Ethiopians are brothers and sisters

The religious in Eritrea say they dream of a country where there is peace.

“Ethiopians and Eritreans are brothers and sisters. They have the same origins. They speak languages which come from the same linguistic family (ge’ez). They have the same religious traditions; the same costumes and even the same cuisine. They are called to reconciliation and to living together,” Agenzia Fides quotes Eritreanreligious men and women.

(Additional reporting –AP)

Review overview
  • Hidat June 12, 2018

    Danilo. ኣብ ዓዲ ሃሎ ልምዓት እምበር ንኩዑሶ ጸወታ ጊዜ ዘለዎ የለን ክብሪ ነቶም መዓንጦኦም ሸጥ ኣቢሎም መነባብሮ ሃገርን ሕዝብን ንምቅያር ላዕልን ታሕትን ዝብሉ ዘለዉ።

    • Simon G. June 12, 2018

      ኣንቲ ህድኣት:
      ጸማም ከይብለኪ: ኣወዳድቓ ቃላትኪ ዘገርም’ዩ። ብምንታይ ምኽንያት ኢኺ ነዚ ድያብሎስ ትድግፍዮ? ክርደኣኒ ኣይከኣለን።
      ናብ ልብኺ ተመለሲ በጃኺ።

  • Tes June 12, 2018

    Hidat & Gezae

    I wonder whether you guys deliberately play by our mined or you really believe what you’re commenting. Eritrean government never act in its entire time in power except to look after its interest and power. A government with national interest in heart won’t pursue a norrow path to complicated problem. More than half a million youth flee from the country,the country dragged back to the level of middle age era and currently reached to a cliff of destruction and you implies what the regime in asmara took was/is right. Our problem was/is not boerder issue our problem lack of good governance. The boarder is known by the people live in bothside of the boarder , they don’t need demarcation. But the issue for the regime is a perfect excuse to prolonging its power grap. Eseyas doesn’t care about eritrea and its people. What I advise both are to check your head

  • Gezae June 12, 2018

    GO HELL YOU WOYANE RECRUITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gezae June 12, 2018

    Why are the Woyane Recruites sticking out their tongue?

    As we all understand legal means is bound by law and enforced. Thus, one who breaks the law suffers punishment. Breaking the law is illegal. Laws are rules that bind all people living in a community, region what so ever. So one approach to problem-solving is legal that is, for one of the parties or both to take their case to a recognized judicial court, where the dispute can be heard and decided according to established, published, fairly-enforced legal principles which both sides (presumably) know about in advance, so that the outcome of the dispute is fairly predictable in advance (in broad outline, if not in its specific details).

    Most such cases, of course, settle, even before a court trial; but in any event, an adversary process involving representation on both sides and a fair, known-in-advance set of procedural rules governs who wins that dispute. A contractual agreement between parties submitting an issue to arbitration that once an award has been issued, its terms are final and binding upon both parties. No side can change or modify it. Thus, if either party declines to abide by that award, the opposing party may seek enforcement of the award in accordance of court of law
    No dialog, no discussion, because about what? No ammendement; a change in political policy, grievence, and resentment won’t change the verdict or an outcome of a dispute that has already been decided by judicial (legal) process between the disputants. Every single thing under this world is finished in the platform or course of the court.

    • k.tewolde June 12, 2018

      ‘Breaking the law is illegal. Laws are rules that bind all people living in a community, region what so ever.’…….guess who’s talking! packing all these years and experiences under your belt as you stated,this is what you can come up with G.?do you know woyane is giving you a hand as we speak,helping your cause?are you deranged? or did they beat the sense out of you when you were under their captivity? I am starting to wonder.Get help brother.

      • Gezae June 12, 2018


  • Gezae June 12, 2018

    First of all- The Ethiopia-Eritrea verdict is FINAL AND BINDING. No side can change or modify it at any time. Trying to change or modify makes savior/grave problems than accepting as it is accordingly

    Second- Ethiopia’s military/ army was/is in the disputed areas awarded to Eritrea or occupied Eritrea’s sovereign territories according to the delimitation/ demarcation/description agreement to vacate without precondition. Here on Eritrea side has no problem because Eritrea agreed all the packages without hesitation and diffidence.

    Third- concerning to the so called people it is their right to choose to be Eritrean or Ethiopian what so ever, but the areas is now and forever Eritrea.

    • Danilo June 12, 2018

      Mr gezae, you choose were you belong first. now I caught you as ተስፊጭ! Do you mean what I mean? ቀይዲ-በተኽ ? እቲ መልሲ ንዓዲ ከልከልቲ ገፊፈዮ ኣለኹ።ሉጉዋም ዘይብላ በቅልን ቁዋም ዘይብላ ሃገርን ነይናህና ከምዝብል ስለ ዝኣምን።

      • Gezae June 12, 2018

        You are talking nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Danilo June 12, 2018

          ሪኢኻ ሓሪቅካ’ምሽ? ቀይዲ ናይ ዘይምሕራቅ ፈተውቲ ምብዛሕ ኢዩ።

    • Simon G. June 13, 2018

      ኢሳያስ ኣብ ክንዲ ባዕሉ ዝምልስ: ኮራኹሩ ልኢኹ። ሓንሳብ መድረኽ: ሓንሳብ መስከረም: ሓንሳብ ማሕሙድ ሳልሕ: ወዘተረፈ…….

      ትፍልጥ ዲኻ ኤርትራ ዝኽሰረቶ መሬት ክምዝዓቢ?
      ትፍልጥ ዲኻ ባድመ ኣያኻ ኢስያስ ከምዝ ሃቦም? ንጀብሃ ዓባይ ካብ ኤርትራ ከውጽእዋ ምስሓገዝዎም። ሞቕሽሽኩም ኢሉዎም።
      ትፍልጥ ዲኻ ዝዓበየ ወያነ ንጉስ ናይ ኤርትራ ከምዝኾነ? ወረ ንጉሰ-ነገስት።
      ትፍልጥ ዲኻ ረፈረንደም ምግባር ተሓሲሙ ከምዝነበረ?

      ሕጂ ድማ ክሕንግድ ተራእዩ።
      ከም ገለ ኢሉ “ተቐቢልናዮ ኣለና ሰላም ክኸውን’ዩ” ኢሉ ቁሩብ በጨቕ ተዘብል: ኩላትኩም 180 ዲግሪ ክትቅየሩ ናይ ደቓይቕ ፍልልይ ጥራይ ምኾነ።
      ንኺድ ጥራይ!

      • Gezae June 13, 2018

        Sad to say, why are you lie almost all the time. I was pretty devastatein this moment, I feel that why are you trying to mislead the people of Eritrea.

        I am the first person who crossed from Fanko Gash Barka of Eritrea to Adiabo Tigray after ELF left for Sudan.. In 1986 I started relationship with TPLF and I worked together with them for more than 12 years until my deportation in 1998 from Ethiopia..So I know everything detailed about your fundamental provocative question or statements. Any how before I respond your questions I would like to brief you the government and People of Eritrea the stand ahead..

        The Government and people of Eritrea accepted the whole packages of PEACE DEAL 16 years ago And there no and will no change in government and people of ERITREA.stand even now.

        1. EPLF never talk about Badme differently from that what ELF started. .So PIA did not gave or promise for TPLF.
        2. I know pretty well some members of ELF R.C refrained from participating the referendum. But not EPLF/PIA. So my answer is Never
        3. Others are nonsense statement and Question as usual

  • Tes June 12, 2018

    I feel sorry for you mate! I restrain from calling names but no poit responding to immature and illiterate person.

  • Ertrawi June 14, 2018

    Please refrain from non-sense comment! Let’s work together to save our beloved country! The current regime has never stand for peace and stability of our country. Unless the country removed him from power, he will never reconcile with Ethiopia, even if Ethiopia vacates Badme. Isaias knows, peace is the biggest threat to his power. So, in order to stay in power, he will continue to do what has done in the last 26 years, as long as he is in power.