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The Day Isaias Visited Obama

Last November Isaias Afeworki, President of the tiny country of Eritrea, made a big fuss to President Obama why Ethiopia was receiving so much development aid while Eritrea was simply ignored.  Obama, who was campaigning on

Last November Isaias Afeworki, President of the tiny country of Eritrea, made a big fuss to President Obama why Ethiopia was receiving so much development aid while Eritrea was simply ignored.  Obama, who was campaigning on behalf of Hillary Clinton at the time, had little time to explain his actions to the disgruntled president of Eritrea. Instead he asked him to fly over to Washington for a discussion before he leaves the Whitehouse for good.  President Isaias promised to pay Obama a visit soon. And as promised he travelled to Washington without much fanfare to see the US president.

Upon arrival Obama clearly laid down the parameters of Isaias’ visit. He told his visitor that he should fulfil a set of prerequisites in order to become eligible to receive development aid.  Isaias agreed.

Obama proceeded by instructing Isaias to answer three questions to do with Bo, the family dog.  ‘Bo is struggling at the moment in showing his affection to Sunny, our female dog’, Obama said.  ‘Your job is to revive Bo’s passions by making him do three things: laugh, experience sadness and undergo a shocking incident’, he added. ‘We hope those three traits would trigger a chain reaction in Bo so he would soon begin to show some affection towards Sunny.  Isaias thought that was a piece of cake, and he soon set out to execute the first task in making Bo laugh.  So he leaned over and whispered something in Bo’s ear. Much to Obama’s surprise Bo began to snicker uncontrollably as he pointed his paw at Isaias again and again.

Curiously enough Obama asked Isaias how he managed to make Bo laugh. Isaias said, ‘Actually I did not say much – I just asked Bo if he would like to come with me and visit all my friends back home’.  Obama was bemused.  He said ‘I got it!’, and then he turned to Michele and whispered, ‘Bo is clever enough to figure out that Isaias has no friends whatsoever’.  ‘You see’, he added, ‘the president put each and every one of his old friends in jail … that is why Bo thought his claim was a bluff and outrageously funny’.

Having passed the first test, Isaias asked if he could move on to the next task – to make Bo experience sadness.  ‘By all means, Mr President!’ said Obama.   Then Isaias approached Bo once again and whispered something in his ear. Bo whimpered as he paw-wagged – he was clearly distressed. Intrigued by Bo’s behaviour, Obama asked Isaias what he said to Bo that made him so agitated.  Isaias replied: I asked Bo if he would like to visit and be friends with the Eritrean young men and women around Washington DC area. ‘Aha, clever question’, said Obama; then he turned to Michele and said ‘You see, I understand Bo’s anxiety now; he does not want to become a robot like the YPFDJ followers, the president’s drilled young supporters. Poor dog! That is why he is so distraught!’

Isaias rubbed his hands and said, ‘two down, one to go!’  Obama said, ‘this is your final hurdle, Mr President’.  ‘If you can make Bo experience shock then the money is all yours … good luck!’ Without wasting any time Isaias grabbed Bo’s ear and whispered again.  This time the dog simply collapsed with a thud and passed out. Alarmed, Obama summoned help among the Whitehouse staff. Then he turned to Isaias and gave him a dirty look. ‘What on earth have you done to my dog?’ he glared.  Isaias, confused by Obama’s reaction, said: ‘all I said to your dog was I would take him to Asmara with me!’  Obama, realising how the Eritrean president put Bo’s life in danger, summoned his security people and instructed them to escort Isaias to the airport right away.

The moral of the story is not to allow Isaias to whisper in your ears.


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  • Ghirmay December 25, 2016

    Like all past brutal dictators Isaias will soon pass away and Eritrea will be free like other free nations
    of this world. But big and major mistakes have to be learnt so as not to be repeated.
    The next young generation of Eritrea need a fresh start and a new fresh attitude for 21st century.
    We are living in a fast moving or changing technological world and need to think and equip accordingly.

    • Ghirmay December 25, 2016

      Sorry I meant to add my best wishes to everyone and to Assenna staff and particularly
      Emma a very happy & prosperous new year and beyond that as well.

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  • zeray December 26, 2016

    Brother Fithawi
    I love all your comments and I would just like to urge or encourage you to continue with your positive contributions to the boring criminal Islamic ELF dominated and manipulated poor Assenna website. Just ignore some of the negative and discouraging comments as of amateur, frustrated and savage evil ELF remnant losers/failures crippled for life beggars/lementi eraymirayat goHafat deki lementi assholes.
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    • Sol December 27, 2016

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    • Fithawi December 27, 2016

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  • Z, Hagos December 26, 2016

    Thanks Assenna for the double joke. That dog looks exactly like Isaias. The wise president, Mr. Obama, tricked Isaias into meeting his brother, let’s call him “the dog.” Like always, isaias was not friendly to his brother, the dog.
    At first, the brother or the dog thought Isaias was there at the Oval Office to apologize. But when Isaias told the dog that he had come to take out his kidney and sell it to a waiting wealthy dog, the dog fainted to hear such words from his brother. Even Obama didn’t like Isaias’s behavior. A friend of Mr. Obama who happened to be there when the dog was shocked by Isaias’s arrogance and unbrotherly behavior, suggested to transpose the names calling Isaias “the dog” and his brother to take the name Isaias.

  • PH December 27, 2016

    Z hagos,
    I really in joined the the caricatura, moderno fumetti, come il padrone treats ( tratta ) il cane poveretto!

    • PH December 27, 2016

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