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South Korean PM Chung Hong-won resigns over ferry

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won has resigned amid criticism of the government's handling of the sinking of a passenger ferry. He said the "cries of the families of those missing still keep me up at night".

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won has resigned amid criticism of the government’s handling of the sinking of a passenger ferry.

He said the “cries of the families of those missing still keep me up at night”. Mr Chung will stay in his post until the disaster is under control.

The Sewol ferry with 476 people aboard – most of them students and teachers – sank off South Korea on 16 April.

Officials have confirmed 187 died, but scores are missing presumed drowned.

“The right thing for me to do is to take responsibility and resign as a person who is in charge of the cabinet,” Mr Chung said in a brief televised statement.

To Read the Whole News Story Click on the BBC Link: PM Chung Hong-won resigns

Review overview
  • Fetawihaki April 27, 2014

    Iseyas doesn’t think to resign, till all four million eritreans are dead.

  • Bus.Zone April 27, 2014

    North Korea Of Africa. (ERITREA ) will it learn any thing ? Do not hold your breath

  • Teclay April 27, 2014

    It is a good comparison news.We have been we are no more a proud ppl like our forefathers we were once long time ago.I do not think we can save anything now from the burning house.The damage is already done .the worst thing is not even the disaster by it self,but the acceptance of it,,as our fathers saying “nay mot yiznah nay hilfet yibeke”
    But even now it is better to look the problem from its origin,that is 1961 from where the madness started,,after analyzing the root cause,maybe only maybe we can save something.

    this piece is from Eritreannoh
    “,ክብረተ ቢስ ሓተላ ታሪኽ እየ___ገጸይ ትፍኡሉ ድጕሑሉ
    ዘርኣይ ደረስን ባህታ ሰገነይትን_ ካብ ሞትኩም ከይትልዓሉ
    ብሕፍረት ናተይ ወድኹም______ መሊስኩም ከይትቐሉ
    ሃገርሲ ንቑልቁላ እያ_______እቲ ህዝቢ እሞ እንድዕሉ !!!!!”

    • Mehari T April 27, 2014

      Haw Teclay
      Tsubuk zereban miKrin bhaki. The Eritrean madness started with ghedli revolution which was a banditry revolution for nothing. I also like your poem very much and you should do it more often & a bit longer too.

      • Teclay April 28, 2014

        Thanks for your compliment,yes the madness have pushed us to the verge of extinction.From all directions we have been going towards the extinction as a ppl(socially,culturally,the church etc),The pillars of a normal society have been collapsed by non other than the useful idiots of Kebessa students and intellectuals including my own brothers.
        about the poem it is not main i took it from Eritrean noh, i mentioned already the source

      • sahle April 29, 2014

        you’ve made the biggest mistake that an Eritrean ( if you’re) could ever make….you’re comparing Eritrea’s GHEDLI to BANDITRY…with this you mean our heroes/heroines were bandits????? shame on you and shame to Assena in general for allowing you to write against the fundamentals of Eritrean existence…

    • Gideon April 28, 2014

      Bravo Teclay,
      Well said brother. Your message is beautifully put in the short poem.
      The end to the madness is hopefully nearing as people wake up to the reality.
      It was colonial (Italian & Arab) mentality that forced Eritrean “nationalists”
      to set off ghedli madness. Keep up your good contribution and input brother.

  • Yerhiwo April 27, 2014

    Dictator Isaias Afwerki will not resign if 10000 eritreans killed in jail because of hunger. Dictator Isaias (Wedi Tembien) is not an elected president and has no relatives in Eritrea and really does not care if the whole Eritrea burned to death. He is burning the country and its people with his cousins Monkey, Kisha, DEMHIT and corrupted and ignorant generals.

    It is hard to compare a killer Isaias Afwerki (Wedi Medhin Berad) with the South Korean Prime minister!!! Eritrea is a failing state with criminal leaders that do not care about the people. Nothing is going well for Eritrea!!!

  • gebre1 April 27, 2014

    Issais is not normal and never think of his responsibilites, if he was not normal he was suppose to resign long time ago. But he has long history of mental health. Doesn’t care how many people died.

  • ahmed saleh April 27, 2014

    It also have to do with Korean people’s trigered storm of furies reaction to hold authority responsible to the tradegy . While in our case the reaction always had been either silence or to blame victims for some political dirty excuse to defend their masterintegrity . Again it is true to say for too long the negative attitudes put us on wrong
    position to be the enemy of our own
    common interest as a society .
    Issayas has nothing to fear about until
    the surroundings zombies woke up.

    • sahle April 29, 2014

      but i don’t think we’ll have zombies that will wake up…means there’s nothing to fear of.

  • simerrr2012 April 28, 2014

    In Eritrea they give you cheif of staff or you get General rank if you cause disaster death to innocent Eritreans. If you try to save the life of Eritrean you will be sent to detention center. Welcome to higdef world.