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Somalia’s al-Shabab claims Nairobi Westgate Kenya attack [Debate]

A senior figure in the Somali militant group al-Shabab has told the BBC it carried out a deadly attack on a shopping centre in neighbouring Kenya. The gunmen have been cornered but an unknown number of

A senior figure in the Somali militant group al-Shabab has told the BBC it carried out a deadly attack on a shopping centre in neighbouring Kenya. The gunmen have been cornered but an unknown number of hostages are still trapped inside Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall, officials say. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said 39 people had been killed, including some of his family, and 150 were injured. [the number of fatalities has reached 59 according to recent news updates]

Read More: BBC –  Somalia’s al-Shabab claims Nairobi Westgate Kenya attack

Debate the likely consequences of this deadly terrorist attack to the PFDJ and its dictatorial leader Isaias Afewerki as they have been actively involved in nurturing the militant armed group Al- Shabab, which  claimed responsibility for carrying out the terrorist attack.

Review overview
  • Bokre September 22, 2013

    As long as the Hgdef regime continues to support the terrorist Islamist outfit of the Somali al Shabab, an affiliation of al Qaida, with logistics and money laundering, the United States, European Union, African Union and UN will hit the regime with more tight sanctions. This time Hgdef’s American nemesis, Susan Rice is more powerful because she is promoted to Obama’s chief National Security adviser who controls every security related information to the president. It is also likely that Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti, Ethiopia and South Sudan will cooperate with the UN more than ever.

    As I watched this unfold all day on BBC, I can not believe the savagery of these people who committed this evil in the name their religion. The majority of the people who share the same religion are peaceful however one wonders how did they allow few savages to hijack their peace, way of life and development.
    This is becoming already a way of life in Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Nigeria, Mali, Afghanistan, and now in Syria, Libya and moving to Pakistan, Kenya … and who will forget what had happened in Darfur in the name of religion.

    • Precious Blood In Vain September 22, 2013

      Brother Bokre

      Islam as practiced by Arabs has never been a peaceful religion. It has always been backward ,child molester (girls getting married at underage )assasin .
      However in Eritrea ,Islam is examplary religion ,very peaceful & has been victim of Christiendom & Abyssinian Chauvinists, like President Isaias Afewerki & his click.
      Somalis are proud moslems & do not lick arab asses ,that is what has surprised me…this is action expected from arabs not Somalis. I will be surprised if these savages happen to be Somalis.

      thank you

  • Alem September 22, 2013

    These terrorist acts are the result of Eritrea’s involvement in Somalia’s affair. The Dictator in Eritrea (Isaias Afwerki) is personally responsible for helping Al-Shabab terrorists morally and financially.

    Susan Rice and the UN will be after you Dictator Isaias Afwerki!! It is not too long to see you in Criminal Court in Hague or to see you in dead in sewer “Fagnatura” like your idol Gedaffi!

    • sem September 22, 2013

      agame. u r the next victim.

      • sem September 22, 2013

        Just to let you know.We condemn any terrorist act.

      • Taddesse September 22, 2013

        Proud to be agame. Agame is sheltering 80,000 of your people.
        Instead of talking let your action speak. When do you plan to get Badime back?

        • eritrean September 22, 2013

          You get 1 billion from USA to kill Somalians you beggars. You are next to get hit.

          • Taddesse September 22, 2013

            So what? Speaking of USA don’t you know we are the go country in the Horn of Africa? I would rather beg to support my people? What are you doing for your people??

    • Precious Blood In Vain September 22, 2013

      Alem ,

      This is only my observation .
      Yes Susan Rice & even Secretary Kerry will say a lot ,but deep down they know there is no reliable power that can replace PFDJ /PRESIDENT ISAIAS.If Isaias falls ,the area is very volatile..It is extremely prone to outside interference. Plus ,Isaias is a dream come true to multi national companies ,charging them a dime on a dollar to extract gold.Do not doubt it they most likely are helping him guard his power. Nothing personal ,nothing against Eritreans.
      It is just “Love of Money is the source of all Evil”.
      So I am really doubtful if Isaias will get more punishment ..he might even decide Ethiopia gets more power over the ports…after all it is his country ,as it should have been ours too.


  • Meretse Asmelash September 22, 2013

    This is the group that Isseyas embraces. This is the group that Isseyas admires. This is the group that Isseyas advocates. Today he must run out of reasons, no more scapegoating.

    • eritrean September 22, 2013

      Isaias likes killing agames

      • Taddesse September 22, 2013

        Get your history right? Don’t you know he is agame? For the benefit of our people, agame, we put one of our own agame, DIA, to kill and scatter Eritreans. So far it’s working well. While we house 80,000 of your refugees we are building 4.8billion electric dam.

        • eritrean September 24, 2013

          Isaias is Eritrean wedi hama. Get your fact straight or you got a tumor eating your brain like your dead president?

  • Yosief September 22, 2013

    The evidence of the involvement of the dictator is, that, there is no ever a terrorist attack in Eritrea

    • eritrean September 22, 2013

      Isaias doesn’t kill Somalians. Ethiopia does. If you get paid to kill, you pay by getting killed. Death to Ethiopians!

  • Hailu September 22, 2013


    most dictators are like a donkey or less of a donkey, they only see the short term benefits to their power, however the long-term effect on his children and the poor people are not considered.
    once an evil doctrine dominated the minds of few, it is note asy to put under control and what Isayas has done in Somalia the world and we Eritreans in particular are victims of his evil actions.

    It was a right time to remove Isayas as soon as he was found helping the Al shaba, and still the damage caused by these groups if unimaginable.

    hope the world look in to this and request Isayas to leave power, and my advice to all Eritreans is , what we have witnessed in Kenya is a real fruit of Isayas work.

  • MightyEmbasoyra September 22, 2013

    Let’s be clear of one thing. Alshabab doesn’t represent moslems, the same as when some of the christian phonetics do not represent Christians.
    These are simply terrorists. How can any religious person kill innocent people. Apply common sense people, common sense.

    • Zaul September 23, 2013

      Religion is not about common sense. It’s about belief. If you are made to believe that some people are evil and God will not punish you for killing them, then that is sadly their common sense.

      • ahmed saleh September 23, 2013

        Only cowards , evils , hate mongers use religion , race , ethnicity and other nonsense arguments to kill and
        maim innocent people . Nothing to do with Islam and Christian , evils exist everywhere including among us on its
        own course regardless their affiliation .

        • Zaul September 23, 2013

          I know many human beings are capable of committing heinous acts towards their fellow men. But only if a cause is given a religious garb, then the killing is not seen as a sin, because in their minds, it’s a fight against evil.

          • ahmed saleh September 23, 2013

            Brother Zaul
            The way I see it depends on personal leniency on believe to follow the path of teachings of GOD OF LOVE
            or GOD OF HATE simple as that . I do not mind to man up to resist and kill your enemies but to send a message by killing children innocent women, elders and others is unspeakable act of cowardice .

          • ahmed saleh September 23, 2013

            We are together on same track , respect . Just keep it on positive thinking to spread .

        • Zaul September 23, 2013

          Brother Ahmed,

          No worries, Let’s just hope that the GOD OF LOVE will prevail and show all of us, that no matter religion, race, etnicity or wealth, that we are one Human Family.

        • eritrean September 24, 2013

          If it is OK to kill Muslims, why is it wrong when Muslims defend themselves by any means necessary?

  • Keren September 23, 2013

    You can not say that this has nothing to do with Islam when they do it in its name every where and the majority of them are terrorized to do anything. Sadly Eritrea’s name will be tarnished too because of its past work with Al shabab.
    It is not that difficult to see, you even rightly wrote which they share the same religion: Add Algeria, eastern Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malisyia …
    “This is becoming already a way of life in Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Nigeria, Mali, Afghanistan, and now in Syria, Libya and moving to Pakistan, Kenya … and who will forget what had happened in Darfur in the name of religion.”

  • mg September 23, 2013

    eventhough terrorism is conducted by all people for various reasons, almost 90% of it is done by muslims by justifying religion.I am very disturbed by some peoples capitulation and by muslims ”islam is a peaceful religion”kind of appeasement. Islam is by nature a violent and intolerant religion . They would say terrorism is done by small radical muslims but what about the majority passive muslims ? I for one never saw or heard that muslims get out to demonstrate against the radicals killing of innocent civilians. Do you know what taqyyaa is ? it is in short a command from their hadith that muslims should be peaceful when they are in the minority and should attack ruthlessly if they are the majority within a population. just look what is happening in pakistan, syria, egypt…etc.

  • kilite mot September 23, 2013

    If iseyas gose the whole horn of Africa will be in peace.

    • eritrean September 24, 2013

      If isaias goes, there will be a civil war like in somalia.

  • asama September 23, 2013

    Islam is menace to humanity. This is what Quran teaches:

    “Fight those who believe not in God nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth (Islam), even if they are of the People of the Book (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizya (poll tax on Jews and Christians) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” Quran 9:29

    • asama September 23, 2013

      Islam is political ideology, not spirituality.