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Eritrean-Canadians from Toronto and its suburbs, Ottawa, London-Ontario and Kitchener staged a protest in front of Sheraton Hotel in Toronto on August 4, 2013. The purpose of the protest was to throw a heavy punch

Eritrean-Canadians from Toronto and its suburbs, Ottawa, London-Ontario and Kitchener staged a protest in front of Sheraton Hotel in Toronto on August 4, 2013. The purpose of the protest was to throw a heavy punch at PFDJ by exposing its fundraising event held at Sheraton Hotel under the guise of Eritrean festival but in reality to finance  its activities of shame and tragedy, including the  terror, coercion, intimidation, violence and threat of violence the terrorist government uses against the Eritrea people and its neigbours.

Review overview
  • erikid August 6, 2013

    Stay out of our country, stay out of our affairs Ethiopians!

    • TwoWayStreet August 6, 2013

      Which country are you talking about, Eritrea?
      In case you didn’t realize we are in Canada, i.e. out of Eritrea.

    • Nahom August 6, 2013


      Let me call you ZemachKd, because Zemach were fighting for unjust cause as you and your like of the monester DIA supporters are fighting now.

    • maluque August 7, 2013

      Eri sidi

      had i know your contribution in the failed nation building process i would have said a lot. but i beg you to dig more to know what is going on in my country. how things are falling apart, how opportunities are dying and fading, i guess you are a kid or opportunist. please read what is the real difference b/n a government and nation. please don hurt the soul of the injured . work for national reconciliation. i guess you are supporting the governance in asmara because there is some body whom you hate personally in with the opposition in Canada? please forget that guy, think about your people.

    • jonas August 7, 2013

      We are Eritreans you anchewa.

    • Genet August 11, 2013

      Stupid and retarded 45 years old kid.

  • muka .kasa August 6, 2013

    All weyanes and followers continue parking. The camel will never stope. Good bless eritrea and its proud leaders.

    • jonas August 7, 2013

      Besheta yemokekeh….We ain’t Woyane’s servant unlike you who sold Eritrea to Isayas, you don’t love Eritrea, you love Isayas, you traitor.

    • Ali-lol August 7, 2013

      kasa your name tells all! you are pure or half Ethiopian.

  • August 6, 2013

    If you think Eritrea is a paradise with its Angel Leader which you obviously a dour, It may be time to go and enjoy the garden of Aden. Some are also using the old discredited tactic of calling any one who stand up against them as Ethiopians. We beg to differ: Theses are patriotic Eritreans who saw the light and refused to be treated like a trained seal.Besides,Ethiopians are much better off than our country folks at least for now.

  • Abraham August 6, 2013

    I absoultly agree with you what you just describe. But; what I disagree with them are i’ve never seen a Rat that stands in front of human ; it always does it hidden under the ground; because the Rat don’t have a courage. So ; don’t wonder if a bunch of Rats gathered & dances over their brothers & sisters grave under the Sheraton. Because they can’t face the truth

  • Rusom tesfay August 6, 2013

    Wedi Geratu for president:

    You are showing up in UK, Sweden, US and all over. Enjoy your time before you will get your slap from PIA.


    – We have seen Askalu Menkerious in almost every place, Received Kofi Anan foreign
    dignitaries then slap, slap slap and emoted. We do not hear from her any more

    – Woldeab Isaac. the the unelected prime minister. The slap, slap and slap. out of the

    – General Wuchu. In charge of zoba maekel. No one would stand up to him. Then slap, slap
    slap and thrown out of asmara. Is he still alive? We do not hear from him.

    – Sebhat efrem; the gorbab general. He was Mayor of Asmara and Health minister as if
    no other person is alive. Slap, slap and slap. He is buried under his starts.

    – Ali Abdu. My favorite son. The Slap, Slap and slap refuge in EU.

    – Nazghi the one who use to say I am the closest friend to the President. The Slap, slap
    to London. Then, Rest in peace in London’s cemitary

    – Wedi gerahtu: enjoy your time before slap, slap and slap comes to you then you may
    ask refuge in Europe and apply for assistance

    • jonas August 7, 2013

      Whom are you threatening anta adgi???????

  • Said August 7, 2013

    Dictator lovers get over it we don’t know what you got in despair, but he’s time is up, and he’s going to be gone very soon.united against dictator.

  • Zeray August 7, 2013

    Thank you a million times Canada for leading by example.

  • yared September 16, 2013

    yae god will help uuuuuuuuuuuuuu