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Fifteen years ago I wrote so many articles on demanding for the assassination of mad dog Isayas Afewerki. I repeatedly warned that mad dog Isayas Afewerki was a declared dictator and that he would

Fifteen years ago I wrote so many articles on demanding for the assassination of mad dog Isayas Afewerki. I repeatedly warned that mad dog Isayas Afewerki was a declared dictator and that he would ruin the fruits of our long struggle for independence and immerse our nation into untold hardship and torment our people with impunity. No one heard my cries and as a result I stopped writing articles knowing that the eventual outcome would be a misery for our nation and excessive hardship for our people. All my prophesies came true and mad dog Isayas Afewerki is doing precisely what I foretold fifteen years ago.

Today, our nation is on the verge of collapse and the hardship in Eritrea is beyond imagination. Our youths are rotting on the front lines and numerous of them have chosen to be refugees rather that live under mad dog Isayas Afewerki’s dictatorship. Those in Eritrea are constantly terrorized and imprisoned without and tangible reasons and subjected to untold hardships. Mad dog Isayas Afewerki is the sole decision maker and has become the life-giver and life-taker and decides who lives and who dies. The situation in Eritrea is unparalleled and incomparable to any country in the world.

Many of us put so much hope into the opposition groups to unite us and fight against the dictatorship of mad dog Isayas Afewerki. Unfortunately the numerous political parties are so fragmented that there is no viable opposition to Satan Isayas Afewerki’s heavy handedness and ruthless rulership.. Just Like myself many Eritreans both within and outside the country have lost hope and do not rely on the numerous opposition to bring any relief to the Eritrean people and nation. As a result, we have resorted to the last alternative we have and that is prayer to our Almighty God and His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. We have lost hope on man and are turning to God for His ultimate redemption and His .holy intervention. We give ultimate gratitude to God for granting us independence and the creation of an Eritrean nation. We did not gain our independence through our strength and valor but with the assistance and blessings of the Almighty God. Many of us abandoned the Lord for a long time but shall return now to his confines and surrender our lives to him and beg for mercy and redemption for our disintegrating nation and impoverished people. Hence, we pray for Satan and mad dog Isayas Afewerki and ask the Lord to pass His ultimate judgment upon him and save Eritrea from his wicked aspirations.

And this is my prayer for mad dog Isayas Afewerki:

My Lord and my God, the creator of heaven and earth, the creator of the universe, the creator of all living and non-living things and the creator of all mankind. In your name I pray with all my heart and soul. Dear Lord grant me this wish, as you have always done, and fulfill all the desires in my prayer. Dear Lord let mad dog Isayas Afewerki’s brain decay and his heart burst into smithereens. Let his liver be full of sclerosis  and lungs collapse and perforate. Lord let his knees buckle and collapse and his hands decapitate. Let his blood be poisoned and his marrow melt down. Let his bladder burst and his prostate decay with cancer. Let his eyes see nothing but permanent darkness and his ears become deaf. Let his body rot and be eaten by worms and maggots while still alive. Let his kidneys fail woefully and his pancreas disintegrate.  Let his intestines and stomach rot inside him. Let cancer eat him up alive. Let him suffer tremendously for the torment and torture of the Eritrean people and let him not see the end of 2013. We ask you all this in the name of your blessed Son, Jesus Christ Amen.

We should all pray this prayer repeatedly and mad dog Isayas Afewerki will be judged and convicted by the powers of the Almighty God. We have suffered enough under mad dog Isayas Afewerki and it is time we took some actions to remove him from power. Prayer is powerful particularly when it is said by an entire nation and people. Demon Isayas has trampled upon our rights and made our independence useless by usurping all powers for himself. His death will mean a rise of our nation from its ashes. By collectively praying for his death will reveal the people’s power and what we can do in unity. Today, our only hope is in God and what He can do on our behalf. We should all return to the path of God and honor Him from the bottom of our hearts. That way the Lord will hear our pleas and fulfill our desires. Death to mad dog Isayas Afewerki and his henchmen.

God bless Eritrea

God bless the Eritrean people

Mussie Izaz

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  • NEW HOPE ERITREA August 19, 2013

    REVISED VERSION…(please disregard the above poem)

    ¨ተዓዊቱላ ወምበዴ ኮይኑላ ፣ወምበዴ
    ሙዳዳዊ ሽፍታ፣ብድሙ ድሙ ዝዓበደ¨

    እወ፣ኣብ መሬት ደቅሾም__ተጸጊዖም ገረብ
    እወ ምስ ዘማቻት ተቓቲሎም፣ዓለም ክሳዕ ዝዛረብ
    ኣብ ናቕፋ ቦሊቮል__ ህዝቢ ኵናት ክራባረብ
    ዘየድሊ-ሽፍትነት ዘምጽኣልና kidnapping ምስ RAPE
    ኣጣል ናይ ሙዳዳን ራሻይዳን_ውሽማታት ናይ ዓረብ
    ጠልዓት ሰብኡት ተጎምቢሕና ብበድዊን ክን#ጐብ
    ናፊቕናካ ደርጊ፣ጸጥታን ራህዋን ደሊና፣ዝብላዕ´ውን ቀለብ
    ህዝቦቼ_እንዳልካ፣ከተቃባጥረለይ ብናይ ራድዮ መርበብ
    ዘይተጨቆንኩስ፣ዓመጽቲ ሻዕብያ_ ነጻነቶም ትዕረብ
    መንነተይ ቀይሮም ህዝበ ትግርኛ ተጠሚቐ ክጽረፍ ክስደብ
    ኢትዮጵያየ፣ማዕብሊ__ኣነስ ክእሰርየ ክቱርቸር ክድብደብ
    ንዓኺ ነጺገ፣ካብ መረጽኩ_ ብወረበላታት¨ክሕብሔብ
    መወዳእታይ ዕንወት´ዩ ክጽበዮ ብጠባይ _ ብኣደብ ።

  • abe August 20, 2013

    what a bitter, twisted and stupid article

    • ahmed saleh August 21, 2013

      Truth hurts , his message is directed to the current Eritreans so called men GUMBH , GUMBH like chickens .

  • Truly Truly i say to you August 20, 2013

    Eri kid said, “Dear God, please protect our president Isaias from all evil. He doesn’t lie or steal what is not his. I ask you to bless Eritrea, our president, and the people of Eritrea in Jesus name amen. I also pray for this man who wishes to harm others. I wish you bless him so he can know to do good instead of evil amen.”

    Please you deceptive man don´t tried to be a catholic more than a Pope.
    The article Writer Mussie´s pray is absolute honest, because he seen a lot of helpless people when oppressing and suffering because of one selfish wicked dictator, it obliges him is.
    But you, like the Tigrigna say goes, “ዘይስንኻስ ሑጻ ቆርጥመሉ።”
    means”since not your teeth,chew sand or (gravel) on it.”
    on the suffer of others victimizing people while you not touched and while you living in comfort area ,you dare to teach us about forgiveness and how to pray! what a cant! hypocrite!

  • Truly Truly i say to you August 20, 2013

    When Jesus forgive to those stoning, torching and crucified him, by saying ” Forgive them, Father! They don´t know know what they are doing.” (Luke; 23, 34); Stephen; while his enemies kept on stoning him, ” He knelt down and cried on a loud voice “Lord, Do not remember this sin against them!” , Apostle Paul to those who causing suffer and give him hardship, when asks Lord to for give them, as a whole when Jesus teaches as to forgive our enemy and pray for them, it was not on behalf of those in Sinai and Meditreanian sea as well inside Eritrea by victemizing helpless people suffer, you by situation untouched one, erikid or what hell you call your name from your comfort zone to tell us to pray and forgive evil dictator to who killing others.
    My friend, if you want to forgive, forgive to your own enemies that causing trouble to you personalty, like i do; but not when others suffer by evil dictator while you self not experienced the hardship and doesn´t know the pain. Understand? Actually your talk was not worthy that i give to you response, but for the sake of truth i did it.

    • ahmed saleh August 21, 2013

      Our problem starts from lack of understanding of HOLY BOOKS theological teachings ( Moslems – Christians ) . That
      is why our people are vulnerable to any hidden agenda of conspiracy to hit the weak points of the mind including regional and ethnical issues like sport teams supporters fanaticism .

  • Morroso August 20, 2013

    Amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Truly Truly i say to you August 21, 2013

    NEW HOPE ETHIOPIA, and erikid, i don´t know weather you understand my massage above?

    Like Jesus didn´t say any word when fake believers, falsely accusing defaming and touching and attacking him personaly in contrary as he pray for them for forgiveness, i have also no problem to forgive you in what ever form if you despise, attack or defaming me personal. To be honest i never mind about and i never fill offend at all if you call me Pente Or false Prophet, because i didn´t claim my self i am Pente or Prophet above knowing and declaring Jesus my Lord and My God is; but Jesus like offended and didn´t tolerate, in side the temple when seen men selling cattle sheep and pigeons, and also the money changers sitting at their table. because offended, so as he made a whip from cords and drove all the animals out of the temple,…as he overturned the tables of the money changers and scattered their coins; and he orders the men who sold the pigeons ” take them out of here! Stop making my fathers house a marketplace! Because the devotion Jesus has to God´s house burnt him like a fire, as written, (John 13- 17)

    I also never tolerate you when you people with Ethiopian sentiment and agenda as if you like Eritrean when you all time messing, insulting and threating my people and nation interest. Because the devotion and purpose my brothers and sisters they sacrificed for it burns in me like a fire as well! understand?

  • Truly Truly i say to you August 21, 2013

    Sorry! i forgot to mention the chapter where you can check the God´s word i written above, it is written in
    (John 2; 13-17) or (Matthew 21; 12- 13), or (Luke 19; 45-46)

  • Truly Truly i say to you August 21, 2013

    NEW HOPE ERITREA Pardon! (ETHIOPIA), as about you baptizing me Pente, my temple as if i protestant, 10% offering and my pastor call Mr.pimp, something bla! bla!, i would like to verify you something about!
    First of all to me a temple means not a building by it self where you see Church or Moshe, but it is to concern about justice and every a human being life, according my Lord and God Jesus Christ teachings( read! 1st Corinthians 3; 17) and John 2, 19-21)
    Because of that i would say my church is” Assena ” and my pastor is Jesus self but that doesn´t mean i don´t listen others or never go to church at all. Of course i do it sometimes.
    But what i feel pity to my church Assenna that i everytime to that i visiting, above sharing my few ideas, because i not able to give my offerings (financial support) as much as it needed, or i wish it to give, this of course it strikes me high. But God knows the reasons why! I think everybody who believes Assenna is doing good job more than a church, and without financial difficulty so that we all we be using it , i say it is every citizenship obligation to support Assenna. This i said it like our Tigrigna say goes, ”
    “ንዝገበረልካ ወይ ግበረሉ ወይ ንገረሉ” at least i have to witness about.
    NEW HOPE ERITREA here no one asked you to pay 10% offering, but at least don´t use it to deceive and insult others. i didn´t opened a church to collect 10% offering like others do it. I share you God´s word in contrast with our situation freely like i receive it freely.

  • Truly Truly i say to you August 21, 2013

    Brother Ahmed Saleh,
    You absolutely right brother! you said it perfectly to what God says this.
    ” My people are doomed because of luck of knowledge and do not acknowledge me and have rejecting my teaching
    (Hosea, 4; 6)
    Jesus says, ” Not everyone who calls me ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do what my father in heaven wants to do.” (Matthew 7; 21)
    So please don´t tell me every self called fake Christ is nearest to Jesus Christ teachings, than a one righteous Muslim from what do what God wants him to do.