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Notice to all Eritreans living in Egypt

We have received a report in recent days that eight Eritreans have escaped from the hands of traffickers in Cairo. These Eritrean men were approached in the city by Egyptian and Sudanese traffickers who disguised

We have received a report in recent days that eight Eritreans have escaped from the hands of traffickers in Cairo. These Eritrean men were approached in the city by Egyptian and Sudanese traffickers who disguised themselves as employers, promising to give them jobs in the outskirts of Cairo. However, their intention was to kidnap and ransom the men.

We strongly advise all Eritreans in Egypt to take extra care whilst going about their daily activities, and to be aware of this potential threat.

Review overview
  • ERITREAN UNCLE July 23, 2014

    In Libya the people are crucifying some christians ,but this is not all Arabs ..only few millions,
    ISIS (ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAK & SYRIA)are obligating the Christians under their rule to pay extra tax for being Kaffirs (non Muslims) or face upto death.
    BUT WE SHOULD NOT EXAGGERATE & THINK THAT ALL ARABS ARE DOING OR SUPPORTING THIS ,IT IS ONLY 99.8%..whoever says it is 100% would be tarnishing the “good name” of the Arabs !!!

    ነዕራብ ብፔትሮ ዶላር ዝሸጡና ጀብሃ ኣውጺእናስ፣ኮላሊትና ዝሸጡን ነዕራብ በደዊን ዘጎምቡሑና ሙዳዳ ኣእቲና።ምዃን ናይ ወያነ እዮም መውጻእትን መእተውትን፣ንህዝቢ ትግራይ ክጠቕሙ ነዞም ሓማሸን ዝኾንና ንሙዳዳ ኣሕሊፎም ሂቦምና።

    • ERITRAWIT July 24, 2014

      Isaias supporter most of them are from …….?

      • selamawit2 July 24, 2014

        ERITRAWIT, why do you stick to this person who calls your ancestors whores and slaves???
        I don’t get you ’cause on the other side i see writing very patriotic (in the positive sense) and caring statements about and to the Eritrean people.
        Sorry, but i really had to say this at last now since i was wondering for a longer time…

        • ERITRAWIT July 24, 2014

          You don’t have to wonder any more our history is complicated as it is. other wise we wouldn’t be here all of us!!!!!!

          • selamawit2 July 25, 2014

            my question: “…why do you stick to this person who calls your ancestors whores and slaves???”
            aswer: “…our history is complicated”.
            No harm meant but this is not an answer to my question.

    • Haki July 24, 2014

      Eritrean uncle
      It was Jebha who started the struggle while your grandfathers were saying “ETHIOPIA WEY MOT” Remember EPLF was formed to destroy the struggle and destroyed it after the freedom. please kuslena aynehkeke

      • Geja July 24, 2014

        Jebha and shaebia were the two faces of the same coin. Here is part of Jebaha’s history that they will never tell you.

        Exculpating Jebha

        For many in the opposition of the Jebha mold, the crisis in Shaebia is all they needed to make a full time job out of rehabilitating Jebha and some of its dubious heroes. But this sounds more hypocritical than the Highdefites’ task of defending Shaebia because, while the Jebha defenders do want us to remember all the atrocities committed by Shaebia, they do not want us to remember even a single event that seems to mar the image of Jebha. All this despite the fact that this organization, throughout its history, has inhabited the worst of two worlds: although it emulated Shaebia in almost all its failings, it lacked the focus the latter displayed in fighting the enemy.

        But if there is anything that defines Jebha aptly, it is its sectarianism. This is an organization that was born out of sectarian motives, with ethnic and religious overtones; lived throughout its existence in sectarian squabbles (religious, regional, ethnic, linguistic and ideological); and understandably died as a result of its sectarian malaise. Its only half-hearted effort to reform itself in the 70’s soon floundered because it was never able to distance itself from its sectarian past, all along having been unwilling to let go the sectarian leaders of its past. No wonder that in its ashes, the Jebha factions that have survived it have now neatly aligned themselves along the very fault lines that doomed it to self-destruction. Only now, having come out of their respective closet, they openly wear their religious and ethnic hats all the way to their EDA meetings.

        The contradictions that Jebha supporters display could be seen everywhere: They have been diligently digging up all the skeletons they can find in Shaebia’s past (as it should be). But if you point to similar cases in Jebha – Falul, Suriyet Addis, Menfere, Rasai, and all other pre- and post-Adboha massacres. – they throw tantrums. They love to criticize Isaias for every blunder that he makes and for every crime that he commits (again, as it should be). But not only do they not want to hear any negative attribution about their leaders, however inept, undemocratic, sectarian or murderous they were, they also are in the active business of giving them a post-mortem “make over.” They never tire of reminding us of the marginalization of Kunamas under Shaebia (again, as it should be). But if you tell them that in this marginalization, which has a long history behind it, Jebha played a major role, with many of their villages burned down to the ground, many Kunamas killed and their cattle pillaged, they go nuts in anger. Day and night, they never tire of pointing out the inhumane treatment of prisoners under the hands of Shaebia/PFDJ (again, as it should be). But it is in one of the most shameful history of ghedli in Eritrea that Jebha summarily executed its Ethiopian prisoners at a time of its retreat in the late seventies. In this regard, even Shaebia didn’t match this atrocity. I could go on and on: the horrors of giffa (which actually started with Jebha), sexual abuse of women (especially by corrupt cadres and military leaders), endemic corruption of the leadership, etc – all areas that Jebha had excelled well before Shaebia came to be fully identified with them.

        • ahmed saleh July 24, 2014

          I wonder if you are real Eritrean or not ? Just curious .
          Because most of your comments are different and strange from others including the pen-name changes
          but the language and message you use have been the same again and again .

          • WediHagher July 24, 2014

            Geja is a guy who uses about six nicknames. From his writing, he is someone who hates Eritrea and its people.
            He tries his best to tell us that Ghedli people were shifta, and many times he says openly that Ethiopia was better.
            So who do you think he could be other than one a few Ethiopians here who pose as Eritreans to confuse people and create a wedge among us ?

    • rahwa July 24, 2014

      i am trying to help Assenna clean its forum because we also need to share the responsibility. That is why i suggest Eritrean Uncle, Geja, Ibrahim be blocked unless they start making use of their common sense. their comments are offensive.

      • selamawit2 July 25, 2014

        Rahwa, very good suggestion. I think Assenne should have rules for All of the/us users which prohibits racist and discriminating contents. Even if “they” will than use indirect speech like mr pawlos is using it yet (after being banned?).

  • Oromay July 24, 2014

    The blithering idiots like the Eritrean Uncle are making fun of the Eritrean victims and people. Why on earth do you allow them to spoil your website? Is it difficult to block or filter comments that defame Eritrea and its people?

    • Zemhret Welde John July 24, 2014

      then where is the Democracy? ወይስ አቲ መሰል ምዝራብን ምጽሓፍን ንዓኻ ጥራሕ አዩ ዝግባአ? ንስኻ ትገድድ ካብ ህግደፍ።

      • Genet-orginal July 25, 2014

        Democracy doesn’t work without some kind of self control. Drunk and high on drug people are not going to be, allowed to disrupt a good discussion, in the name of democracy. Don’t you see, some people are using inappropriate statement, just to get attention. That is called, Abusing democracy. Here at Assenna, those drunk and high on drug people have been running wild for a while. I would like to thank rahwa for her service. Good job sister.

        • rahwa July 25, 2014

          i feel like those who have been abusing this forum to disrupt discussion are our most dangerous enemies. even when we (Eritreans) disagree on certain issues, without them around(no one would try to put salt on our wounds) we may move forward in our discussions. we have enough problems o our own. snakes from other parts have nothing to do in our home. and i would also like to thank you, Genet-o for standing up to those monsters. thank you sister.

  • ogbai July 24, 2014

    Mr.Amanuel Eyassu some of the comments here in your website comes to destroy your net work. It does\t matter from outsider or out siders. There is no such democracy by the name of free press. Everything should be under control. Please don\t allow such virus to the healthy Net Work of your Website. Thank you01

  • sened11 July 24, 2014

    Bshefatu zmehader hzbi kitsirefin kiwaredin shigiratu mebachewin mewerazeyn kikewin megotawi iyu. Ytref guanot baelatom ertrawyan ablieli resatat ahwatom guaylan dankeran ygebru alewu.

  • ahmed saleh July 24, 2014

    This is very scary and serious matter to those Eritreans in Egypt . Through telephones or other means let them
    be alerted to their surrounding dangers and not to trust strangers even suspicious Eritreans .
    And about free speech or democracy . There is a common rule in life to know your limit and not to cross the line .

  • idris July 24, 2014

    Hiji do haish?????

  • Meron July 24, 2014

    Wey god

  • Berhe Tensea July 24, 2014

    A vey good notice people must take great care and must be very suspicious of people who approach them.

  • koyta July 25, 2014

    Those people who do not believe in democracy and freedom of speech go and live in Eritrea. Assenna website has blocked many people who raised facts and history accurately. Then where do assenna stand with dictator or free press and speech? I understand assenna is obliged by its fundraisers and shareholders to act like dictator but remember when you block people sooner or letter your website will be abandoned and become irrelevant and redundant just like other Eritrean websites. As for the blocked people they will take their discussion somewhere else since no one owns internet. Those people who are agitated by facts about ELF, EPLF, religion or clan and region, it is because they are losing the debate and when facts and reality is presented to them. You have the option not to read the comments but you are deterring others from finding out facts and truth and you want to pressure assenna todo you dirty tricks. I believe in facts and reality no matter how bitter it is. You claim you are better than DIA , you are all liars that why the government is still intact eventhogh it is rotten eaten by termites and about to crumble. If someone say awate is shifta and ethnic cleanser of kunama people which we all know, so according to you that someone should be blocked. What will you do when you controlled Eritrea????? We need to talk the truth and not to cover up facts and crime committed by whoever could be. As for assenna , they need to learn what is freedom of speech and democracy , otherwise they using the same definition isias afwoki gave to a reporter as to the definition of democracy and freedom of speech? I am sure assena might already decided to block some of those who contributed to the discussions and the only reason they did not blocked them is that they are very brilliant and scared to loose their contribution.

  • WediHagher July 25, 2014

    “As for assenna , they need to learn what is freedom of speech and democracy , otherwise they using the same definition isias afwoki gave to a reporter as to the definition of democracy and freedom of speech?”


    It’s very clear by now that most of you who insult Ghedli, Eritrea and try to humiliate Eritreans here are not Eritreans.
    But because some of you happen to be Eritreans of Tigreayan origin, or Tigreyans, let me tell a bit about your country and more specifically about “democracy” in Tigray.
    Your country, thanks to TPLF has done considerable progress in some areas, such as education, agriculture and infrastructure.
    However, democracy is not there at all. When TPLF leaders disagreed on how to deal with Eritrea during the war, actually that was actually a tip of an iceberg. The real underlying causes were regional rivalries. Meles and his group who happen to be a regional alliance from Adwa and Shireindsellasie purged those from other regions. And those who lost power could not even remain in Tigray, they quickly moved to Addis and started looking for new alliances with some Amhara parties, many of whom are anti-Weyane.
    In Tigray there is only Weyane and no other group can speak openly about the region’s affairs. That is the very reason why there is an armed Tigreyan group DEMHIT in Eritrea who want change in Tigray or rather their rights.
    While the situation in Ethiopia is much much better than Eritrea, and no fair mind would even try to make a comparison, the issue of democracy is a distant dream. Unless Weyane removes the so-called anti-terrorism laws that are used to silence the opposition, there elections will always result in favor of the ruling elite. And the day they do that Ethiopia will start discussing the real issues in the open, and God knows where that will lead the country.