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Notice to all Eritreans living in Egypt

We have received a report in recent days that eight Eritreans have escaped from the hands of traffickers in Cairo. These Eritrean men were approached in the city by Egyptian and Sudanese traffickers who disguised

We have received a report in recent days that eight Eritreans have escaped from the hands of traffickers in Cairo. These Eritrean men were approached in the city by Egyptian and Sudanese traffickers who disguised themselves as employers, promising to give them jobs in the outskirts of Cairo. However, their intention was to kidnap and ransom the men.

We strongly advise all Eritreans in Egypt to take extra care whilst going about their daily activities, and to be aware of this potential threat.

Review overview
  • Keren July 26, 2014

    dear koyta, well said. So far Assenna had been the freest Eritrean website but lately it has blocked so many authentic voices. Assenna should let the freedom of speech flourish. We need to hear all voices, even the Higdefites have every right to express their views here. We need to learn from everyone.

    “koyta on July 25, 2014 at 12:08 am said:

    Those people who do not believe in democracy and freedom of speech go and live in Eritrea. Assenna website has blocked many people who raised facts and history accurately. Then where do assenna stand with dictator or free press and speech? I understand assenna is obliged by its fundraisers and shareholders to act like dictator but remember when you block people sooner or letter your website will be abandoned and become irrelevant and redundant just like other Eritrean websites. As for the blocked people they will take their discussion somewhere else since no one owns internet. Those people who are agitated by facts about ELF, EPLF, religion or clan and region, it is because they are losing the debate and when facts and reality is presented to them. You have the option not to read the comments but you are deterring others from finding out facts and truth and you want to pressure assenna todo you dirty tricks. I believe in facts and reality no matter how bitter it is. You claim you are better than DIA , you are all liars that why the government is still intact eventhogh it is rotten eaten by termites and about to crumble. If someone say awate is shifta and ethnic cleanser of kunama people which we all know, so according to you that someone should be blocked. What will you do when you controlled Eritrea????? We need to talk the truth and not to cover up facts and crime committed by whoever could be. As for assenna , they need to learn what is freedom of speech and democracy , otherwise they using the same definition isias afwoki gave to a reporter as to the definition of democracy and freedom of speech? I am sure assena might already decided to block some of those who contributed to the discussions and the only reason they did not blocked them is that they are very brilliant and scared to loose their contribution.”

  • Geja July 27, 2014

    Eritrean Uncle, you are contradicting yourself. Most Arab Bedouins and Rashaydas, the Arab security officers in Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia are treating Eritreans bad, including the Arab regimes. The prisons in Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, Cairo, al Arish, Jizzan, Jeddah … is full of Eritreans. Still Eritreans are being raped and kidnapped in Egypt, Libya and yemen with their kidneys stolen by the savage Arabs. There may be one or two good Arab like shiek Mohamed and only one brave Egyptian tv journalist, that is less 1% of the 22 Arab nations of more than a quarter a billion not-so-brave people.

    This has become the sad image of ones very proud people in Africa of their languages, identity, culture and history in the land of Adulis, Axum, Yeha and Qohaito. These people were ones masters and lords of their destiny but now slaves being bought and sold by illiterate Rashaida and Bedouin Arabs:

    EU wrote: “ERITREAN UNCLE on July 23, 2014 at 9:32 pm said:

    In Libya the people are crucifying some christians ,but this is not all Arabs ..only few millions,
    ISIS (ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAK & SYRIA)are obligating the Christians under their rule to pay extra tax for being Kaffirs (non Muslims) or face upto death.
    BUT WE SHOULD NOT EXAGGERATE & THINK THAT ALL ARABS ARE DOING OR SUPPORTING THIS ,IT IS ONLY 99.8%..whoever says it is 100% would be tarnishing the “good name” of the Arabs !!!”