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EU naval mission rescues more than 4,200 migrants in 24 hours

More than 4,200 migrants trying to reach Europe have been rescued from boats in the Mediterranean in the past 24 hours, the Italian coastguard has said. In some of the most intense Mediterranean migrant traffic of

More than 4,200 migrants trying to reach Europe have been rescued from boats in the Mediterranean in the past 24 hours, the Italian coastguard has said.

In some of the most intense Mediterranean migrant traffic of the year, a total of 4,243 people were saved from fishing boats and rubber dinghies in 22 operations involving ships from Italy, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Britain.

The announcement on Saturday came a day after 17 bodies were found on one of the boats off Libya. The nationalities of the victims have not yet been released.

Migrants escaping war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East this year have been pouring into Italy, which has been bearing the brunt of Mediterranean rescue operations.

Most depart from the coast of Libya, which has descended into anarchy since western powers backed a 2011 revolt that ousted Muammar Gaddafi, and calmer seas and warm spring weather is encouraging departures.

Last month, about 800 migrants drowned off Libya when their 20m fishing boat capsized and sank. The accident led to the European Union agreeing a naval mission to target gangs smuggling migrants from Libya, but a broader plan to deal with the influx is in doubt due to a dispute over national quotas for housing asylum-seekers.

About 35,500 migrants arrived in Italy from the beginning of the year up to the first week of May, the UN refugee agency estimated, a number which has swelled considerably since. About 1,800 are either dead or missing.

Most of those rescued on Friday and Saturday are expected to reach ports in southern Italy during the weekend.

HMS Bulwark, the Royal Navy ship sent by the government to assist with search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean, took more than 740 migrants to the southeastern Italian port of Taranto early on Saturday.

European Union authorities have pressed member states to share the burden of housing refugees more fairly through a resettlement quota system.

However, an EU plan to disperse 40,000 migrants from Italy and Greece to other countries met with resistance this week. Britain said it would not participate and some eastern countries have called for a voluntary scheme.


Review overview
  • Keren May 30, 2015

    ዋእ እዛ ኣሰና ትሕሱ ድያ ዘላ፧ ከም ሎሚ ደኣ፣ ኣብዛ ሓራ ኤርትራ ጌሩ ጥዒሙና እኳ ዘይፈልጥ። ሳላ እቶም ባህሎም ታሪኾም ቋንቋኦም ዘኽብሩ ለባማት ሊቃውንቲ መራሕቲ ገድልና ኣበይ ኣበይ ስልጣኔ እንዲና ተወንጭፍና ዘለና። ኣብ ሕክምና እሞ እንታይ ክብለኩም እየ፣ ግደፎ እግሩ ዝተቖጽየ ይትረፍ፣ እግሩ እተቖርጸ፣ ኣብዛ ሑርየት ዱዋለት ኣል ኤርትሪያና፣ ብ ክሎኒን ፔትሪዲሽ ሓዳስ እግሪ ኣብቁልና እንዲና ንልቅብ።

    ደይ እቲ ፊውዳል ሃጸይ ሃይለሰላሰ ዓይንና ብጭቆና ደፊኑና እምበር፣ ብሕክምና ኣይትበል፣ ብኮንስትራክሽን ኣይትበል፣ ብኣግሮ ኢንዳስትሪ ኣይትበል ዋላ ንዓዲ ጣልያንን ንኹቡራት ብሩኻት ኣሕዋትና ዓምታትና ዓረብን ግደፎ ንቅልቦም ኢና ዘለና ብስጋ፣ ፋርማጆ፣ ዘይቲ ብልዒ፣ ማርቶዴላ፣ ኣራንሺ፣ ባናና፣ ቡን፣ ሽኮር፣ ስምስም፣ ሰሊጥ፣ ዓሳ ባልዶንጋ፣ ዓተር፣ ባልዶንጋ፣ በርበረ ፤ ግደፎ ማራ ሳምና፣ ዓለባታት ጨርቂ፣ ሳእኒ፣ ጎልፎ፣

    ግደፎ ኣባ እዚ ርጉም ሃጸይ ሃይለሰላሴ ክንደይ ኣብያተ ማእሰርቲ ዘይሰርሔ፣ ክንደይ ፋብሪካታትን ጽርግያታትን ዘየዕነወ። ን ሸቃሎ ፋብሪካታት ንወርሒ ኣርብዓ ብር ጥራይ እዩ ዝኸፍሎም ዝነበረ፣ ዘይሓፍር ድማ ንሓንቲ ኮንጎ ሳእኒ ብሓምሳ ሳንቲም ይሸጣ፤ ንደርሆ ብሓደ ብር፣ ንሓንቲ ክፍሊ ገዛ ኽራይ ሓሙሽተ ብር፣ ንኹንታል ጣፍ ዓሰርተ ሓሙሽተ ብር፣ ሽሮ በርበረ እሞ ኣይቅረብን፣ ጠለ በጊዕ እሞ ብዓሰርተ ብር ከመይ ጌርካ ክቕረብ።

    ሎሚ ሳላ ጀብሃን ህግደፍን ሓራ ወጺእና ባስቦርትና ሒዝና፣ ተዲልና ንዓዲ ጣልያን፣ ኣማሪካ፣ ዓዲ ሽዊደን፣ ጀርበን፣ ብሪጥንያ፣ ኣፉ እስትራልያ፣ ኢስራኤል ዓዲ ኣል ይሁዲ፣ ሁላንድያ፣ ፍራንጽያ፣ ካንዳድእያ፣ ሊብያ ትሩቡሊ፣ ሱዑድያ መካ መዲና፣ ኩዊት፣ ሶርያ በንፋሪት ኣራጢትና ባስቦርትናን መዋሳወሲ መንቀሳቐሲ ሒዝና ብቋንቋ ዓረብ ኮሪዕና ዓጀውጀው ኣንበልና፣ ያላ ናሕኑ ኤሪትዪን ቀልጥፉና መደቀሲ ሆቴልናን መግባናን ኣምጽኡልና ኢልና ኮሪዕና ንኣቱ። ዋላ እቶም ለወሃት ናይ ዓረብ በደዊን እቶም ዝተባረኹ ራሻይዳ እንተደንጎዩና፣ ብካልቾቲ ኢና ንብሎም፣ ጥምት እንተቢሎሙና እሞ ብጽፍዒት ጉንዲ ዱንዲ እዝኖም ነላህዮም። ንዓና ኤሪትሪይን ዋላ እዞም ሓሳዳት ኢትዮጵያን ወያነን ኣፍሪቃን ብምዕባለናን ወርቅናን ዓረብኛናን መግብናን ባስቦርትናን ቅንእ እዮም ዝብሉልና።

    • haile May 30, 2015

      Nizi sikoro Eritrawi nisu eyu eti melsiiiii…….Egzio miharena Kurstos!!!!

  • rezen May 30, 2015


    You used the tool, the Art, of writing of sarcasm to its FINEST. I mean it! And I truly feel your deep sadness about your beloved Country. And that sadness will go down to its DEPTH unless WE ALL face REALITY and salvage whatever is left of Eritrea.

  • THE NOBLE TEACHER May 30, 2015

    ሓው ከረን ፣

    ጃንሆይ ጨቋኒ፣ጣልያን ብሓልዮት ኤርትራውያን ካብ ራብዓይ ክፍሊ ንላዕሊ ኣይጾሩን እዮም ኢሉ ነቦታትና ካብ ኡ ዘየቐጸሎም__ርጉም ጃንሆይ ግን ንኤርትራውያን ፖኬት ማኒ እናሃበ የኒቨርሲቲ እናእተወ የጸልሎም ኔሩ፣ ህዝብና ድማ ሓምሊ ኣድግን ኩዕንትን በሊዑ CHOLESTEROLዝብሃል ዘይነበሮ ዓደምሓራ ከይዱ ጣፍን ጥረ ስጋን ክትፎን ጎረድ ጎረድን እናበልዔ ኮለስተራሉ ሰማይ ደይቡ ፣ብሕማም ልቢ ክንደይ ሞይቱ !!!

  • TiEgsti.G May 30, 2015

    Will poor Eritrea catch a cold if Ethiopia were to sneeze? In other word, would Eritrea’s
    refugee and economical crisis get better or even end if healthy Ethiopia lends her massive fortune
    and development experience to unfortunate Eritrea?

  • koreri May 31, 2015

    ከረን ትርእዮምደለኻ እዞም ጽጋብ ዝሰንጠቖም ሕጋውያን አፍሪቃውያን ሀብታምን ሰላም ዝዝዓሰላ በዴሞክራሲ ትምራሕ ዓዶም ብዝሀበቶም ፓስፖርት ተዝናንዮም ንኽምለሱ ብዘይ ገለ ሽግር ባሕሪ ተሳጊሮም። ቁሩብ ቅንይ ኢሎም ዳማ አብ ዓዶም ዘይርከብ ሐደ ሐደ መጋየጺ ሒዞም ክምለሱ እዮም። ጥራይ እግዚአብሔር ምስኦም ይኹን።

  • koreri May 31, 2015

    ከረን ተዝናንዮም ብተዛንዮም አርመለይ።

  • Natnael May 31, 2015

    IF EU naval mission rescues more than 4,200 migrants in 24 hours

    => EU naval mission rescues more than 126,000 migrants in 30 days

    => EU naval mission rescues more than 1,512 000 migrants in ca. 12 months = 20% of Eritreans

    => EU naval mission rescues more than 6,048 000 migrants in 4 years = all Eritreans

    Assuming the development remains constant, in the next 4 years Eritrea is going to be empty (inclusive DIA)

    Lets wait and see !

  • rezen May 31, 2015

    RE: Natnael’s commentary

    That is what I call mental exercise i.e. FREEDOM of Expression for any human being to stretch his/her mind to its limit without being intimidated by self-appointed ultra-supra nationalists as protector of the purity of Eritrea! They are absolute disfranchised mini-dictators who are struggling against Issayas to get their “freedom”!!! What a contradiction!

    But, let us go into Natnael’s NOT-far-fetched scenario. Have you been to Asmara lately? Who do you see in the country enjoying themselves the wonderful climate of the country; the wonderful scenery of the country; the leisurely two-hour-drive through fascinating winding road to the Red Sea; the beautiful natural beaches along the Sea but above all ‘salivating’ in their imagination of a free land that would be progressively evacuated, as the backward indigenous people leave the country as refugees!!! For land-hungry foreign countries it is a god-given opportunity without being accused as colonizers. Don’t forget, IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED, in human history. Why would Eritrea be different? After all, It has been a colony, one way or the other, for one hundred and twenty two years. Figure it out.

    Back to the land-grab scenario. In our world, the struggle for space, against population increase, is already in sight. Now, to population who are desperate for space the scenario that Natnael painted is a god given opportunity. If dysfunctional Eritrea continues at the alarming rate the consequence is obvious. If Diaspora Eritreans in the comfort of their secured Life abroad do not believe this scenario, they would be doing a great service to the Eritrean people if they were to tell us why the scenario wouldn’t happen in Eritrea. Please, Please, Please, do not tell us the good old Issayas, with his enablers, would protect Eritrea against such foreign invasion. Issayas wouldn’t give a damn about Eritrea. He has already accomplished his life long dream i.e. to bring down Eritrea flat on its face.Period.

    Imagine, this is a chess board: it is YOUR Move.