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Eritrea rents 3 islands to Iran says Dr. Abdallah, a famous journalist and political analyst in a local TV Interview – Watch the intv on the TV clip

Eritrea has rented 3 of its 126 islands to Iran says Dr. Abdallah, a famous journalist and political analyst in an interview with a local TV Station.   According to Dr. Abdallah, Iran's Republican Guard are training the

Eritrea has rented 3 of its 126 islands to Iran says Dr. Abdallah, a famous journalist and political analyst in an interview with a local TV Station.


According to Dr. Abdallah, Iran’s Republican Guard are training the Yemeni-Shiite armed rebel group Al-Houthis in three of the rented Islands. The trained militia are then transferred from the Eritrean islands to Saada via the port of Medi.


Medi Port is a small Yemeni port between the Port of Selif 40 killometers outside Hodeidah and the border of Saudi Arabia.


The training which encompass different military fields lasts from 2-6 months.

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  • arada October 12, 2014

    Ayblnana du Sna fourm ab 2002 sudan Ethiopia-Yeman was agree destroy eritriea hahahah hagi du yahyash yaman

  • Gezae October 12, 2014

    We are with our people. Our fight for building peaceful democratic Eritrea is primary with you [ALL SORT OF MESLENETAT NAY BAEDI}

  • Tezareb October 12, 2014

    Only three islands out of three hundred? These Ghedli criminals are not ashamed to sell young Eritreans to the barbaric Arab slavery and to hate their own identity and languages, let alone to rent three little barren islands to Iran.
    If Issaias rented these barren islands to add more burning fuel to the Arab world and get some hard cash along the way, job well done Ato Issaias. You are a good servant of the Arabs.

  • Jojo October 13, 2014

    Bla bla bla… .You barking dogs, don’t mess with Eritrea !

  • weygud October 13, 2014

    ‘Eritrea at crossroad” is it a book or a report? The International crisis group published many reports about the horrofic situation in Eritrea. A guy who used to work with the Group had been downgrading the credibility of the reports just to show his presence with the criminal regime. When he failed to prove facts in convincing way, his changed his approach of the matter to mislead others and get followers in pursuing power hunger. A bunch of individuals with the same attitude announced that they wanted to facilitate dialogue while they were making hidden private meetings. When all the tricks didnot work out, now they declared that they are one of the political parties. The irony is that they are calling for public seminar. When did they change their mission from reform to regime change? Eritrea has been at crossroad already because of aids and abetts of the hypocrat in this group. I could compiled a couple of reports by cut and paste from the International Crisis Group if you call them books.

  • Tamrat Tamrat October 13, 2014

    Hi Selamawit2, thanks a lot. And one thing many eritreans who’s never been in Ethiopia have a problem in understanding the average ethiopian concerning eritreans. There are more than 100,000 eritreans who reside in Ethiopia (not the refugees, but the other ones who are like oromo, tigre, afar etc)plus Eritrea was part of Ethiopia 24 years ago. So in Ethiopia by ‘definition’ all eritreans are ethiopians at least for this generation and it takes at least one more generation that ehtiopians thinks an eritrean is a foriegner. So ethiopia helps eritreans sounds strange. Unless one lives in a refugee camp, i dont see the difference between ehtiopian and eritrean.

    By the way, when hgdef falls dawn i will visit Eritrea. The moment i got out of the plane, i will knee and kiss the ground. After hgdef the relation between Erirea and EThoipia will be a respetfull one, not this mafia, bagagond, ruthless, lumpen type.

    • selamawit2 October 16, 2014

      From your lips to God’s ears, dear Brother Tamrat.
      God bless You!

  • selamawit3some October 14, 2014

    we need to save our nation,now.