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History says ELF and EPLF refused to unite under unanimous pressure of our people and the fittest survived at last at extreme human, material, psychological and opportunity cost of society to become pain on the

History says ELF and EPLF refused to unite under unanimous pressure of our people and the fittest survived at last at extreme human, material, psychological and opportunity cost of society to become pain on the butt for the last 22 years as of today. Today the society is being abused by the clueless and egocentric opposition leaders and condemned to continue suffering under the most brutal dictatorship in planet earth. No creativity that excites the people from the opposition groups and the youth organizations and only disappointment has become our experience in this resistance which will never make it without unity. What the forces could not yet understand is that no single man can dictate Eritrea as intensely as Mr. Afwerki did until the end of time because no one has the cult that the president took maximum advantage of, to do whatever he wanted in the country as if it were his private property. No Eritrean will quietly accept another dictatorship and the result of all the divisions will spill out as chaos in future Eritrea rather than a stable government that can comfortably disparage our future political life. None of the political parties and youth organizations can take power by force or by any other illegal means without fierce resistance from the others that can lead our society to civil war. They are dreaming: The sad thing is that all of them appear to be aiming at this extremely intricate if not impossible upshot; for power in complicated conditions rather than for democracy thinking that Eritreans will accept any alternative to the current regime; yet believing that they can dictate the people without a problem. I can only tell you that YOU ARE NOT ISAIAS AFWERKI who enjoyed maximum trust and support from us all because of the unbelievable CULT he built for himself since he joined the Eritrean struggle and you are seeing how difficult it has become for his autocratic regime to suppress the voices of freedom loving Eritreans. Even the extraordinarily popular Afwerki is falling apart with all his might and cult built and shaped by decades of political Machievelism. Yet, even an elected president MORSI could not make it in Egypt when he tried to make a U-turn on democracy: his attempt to steal Egyptian democracy in partial favor of Islam by ignoring the people’s appeal neither served his interest and safety nor did it help the country currently on the verge of a civil war. There is only one explanation to all this happenstances: the era of dictatorship is practically over in Africa. My advice to the selfish political leaders everywhere is that YOU NEITHER HAVE THE CAPACITY AND CHARISMA NOR DOES THE INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ATMOSPHERE ALLOW YOU TO DICTATE IN ERITREA. Therefore what you are going to cause is a CHAOES that will end up consuming your life unless you sense back to reality. My advice to individuals in this category is you better kill each other now thinking you will hold power illegally because you will end up doing it in post Afwerki Eritrea by objective experience. My advice to their blind followers is that you will destroy your society, yourselves and the following generations (your kids) unless you confront your leaders on the question of UNITY. At the end of the friction all groups whether they like it or not will have to sit and resolve their differences in future Eritrea like ERITREA and ETHIOPIA did after the BADME war: would not it be better to unite and get it over with RIGHT NOW instead of facing this unavoidable way of democratizing the country after a disaster?

On መግለጺ ስምረት መንእሰያት ንድሕነት ሃገር ኣብ ርክብ ቦለኛ

The youth group in NA had a press release against the Bologna meeting few days ago and you know how irritating it had been to most of us. Two Eritrean groups Semret Eritrawian in Italy and global Eritrean solidarity for unity [my translation from the press release] then followed the same idea to reject the meeting in question  “after lengthy discussion”. The release says that the two organizations discussed the issue thoroughly and reached agreement based on two reasons to reject the Bologna activity. The first; because the entrance fee was expensive to the average Eritreans living in Italy and the second reason; because they did not have enough time to prepare for the meeting as a result of a short notice given by the organizers. I do not know about you but I found the two reasons very weak for taking such an action though I do not think meetings should charge big money for attendants to attend. It also tells how incompetent the leaders of the two organizations were because it does not take intense discussion to come up with the two infantile excuses in rejecting the BOLOGNA activity but only few minutes to people with average IQ. You did not discuss a philosophical issue or conduct any scientific research to agree on said points which were most probably prematurely concluded ahead of time. Your press is not even a full page and only in TIGRIGFNA and ARABIC for you to tell us with a deceptive gut about “a lengthy discussion” on the mess; you do not even have the time and the knowledge to write a complete detail because you are dictators who follow the secretive government of Eritrea and have no compromising substance except DIVISIVE!

It also shows how lost the followers are to accept this none-sense without resistance. Eritrean youth group followers need to clean the obstacles of their resistance by either openly challenging their leaders in public or even firing them from their post for neglecting the main issue of the society. The process is very simple: it only requires members to question the position of their leaders on UNITY…PERIOD. In any case here are the opinions of few Eritreans who commented on the forum relevant to this activity.

Kabbire: Another worthless “press release”. Still talking about “other” opposition groups. When are you going to talk or raise critical issues that concern Eritreans directly?
After reading and listening so much garbage within the opposition camp, do you dare to ask why most young Eritreans do not care about your organizations? Do you ask why so many young are abandoning you?
Except the few and hardworking Eritreans, the only name and credential most of have earned so far as “professional” opposition is kente mentu ከንተመንቱ

Asme: “I couldn’t agree more. ember Kento mento! ኣበይ አለኻ ዘይበልዎስ አብዚ አለኹ What a waste of a reading space and ink”

Senait: “Smrete menEseyat??. .If they do not agree for the simple gathering in Bologna..don’t expect them to agree on anything. That is why the silent majority is still silent..they prefer isias than the selfish oppositions. God save Eritrea from the so called oppositions and dictator isias.”

Hzbi: “wey gud ! i though the simerrr was one organization but as i can understand now, they are 3 in the same name. I think, i really feel frustrate,

Dglel: “Ata kisab maas ikum lekbetbet enabelkum kitnebru? kemey gerna ina ke msakum koyna lewti kinemitsie eske? elfi mushmushat teakibkum , ane zibelkuwo entezeykone tray kitblu, belu seb kemzi kemakum msraaye eyu keyfetewe b hgdef tesegiu zikeyd zelo”

Tewelde belay: “With Eritreans it is always a dilemma! If you hold a meeting someone will oppose, if you don’t yet another will say why should we not have a meeting? The core problem is because the struggle is not a unified one. We need a unified, cohesive and consolidated struggle. Otherwise it will be like the Amharic saying WHA QDA WHA MELS”.

Netabay:” “texgibeni kicha’s ab mokle’a kela efelta” this what my grandma used to say…for such things”

Comment: Another disappointing action by the youth, indeed and it keeps coming from all directions. Will they read and feel what all these comments mean and will they ever understand the meaning of democracy and unity? The worst dictatorship in the world, the Eritrean government calls itself for democracy and justice and these anti-unity guys call themselves SEMRET NEDIHNET HAGER or something like that. I do not even know why they are telling us this none sense and what they want us to do with it, needless to suggest they better change their names to something that reflects their dictatorial and divisive position on the Eritrean question. Let us see how this grabs them: YOU DON’T REPRESENT US BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT DOING WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT YOU TO DO. YOU REPRESENT YOURSELVES AND THUS DEAL WITH YOUR HALLUCINATION AND POLITICAL MISADVENTURE WITHIN YOURSELVES.

There is something important that we all have to understand from all these waste of resources and division. I exclude government infiltration from this issue because it will always be there (it is constant). You do not do anything with a constant except taking it as it is but you must deal with the variable because you have a chance to pick the best alternative if you may chose to do so. What is worrisome is that the youth groups have been consistent on division and contradictions. All these obstacles are clear indications of the fact that their leaders have a problem with UNITY and they do not have the capacity to lead or to unite their followers leave alone to manage a society (their dream). This also says loud on the fact that the followers are being herded like animals with no gut, principle or even knowledge to confidently challenge their shepherds.

On demonstrations: We keep on fighting to UNITE our forces and the youth leaders and demonstration organizers keep on diverting the issue by totally avoiding it in favor of any other Eritrean agenda. The effort of dealing with our other agendas is great and thank you but the complete elimination of UNITY from the activities nullifies the core purpose of the struggle for freedom and democracy in Eritrea because it is the best and the only remedy we have available.

In the first week of August Eritreans in TORONTO demonstrated on SINAI victims and were told by their leaders that they delivered a heavy blow to the government. Poor participants did not even know what they did was scratching the regime with a force that it can hardly feel, while at the same time serving its purpose. Few days later, another Anti-PFDJ demonstration in Calgary, Canada (August 12) repeats the same mistake avoiding the burning issue of our society UNITY and most likely the participants went home after the occasion without any homework deceived by their leaders on the extent of damage they inflicted on the regime. Congratulations for scratching the Eritrean government but do not fool yourselves of making it with your monotonous shouting against Afwerki unless you load the punch with the question of UNITY


What do you lose including the burning question of UNITY of the forces and youth organizations in the activity? In what way would doing this contradict your mission of helping the Eritrean victims everywhere? Don’t you think it would help you get better attention and stronger internal unity to swiftly get rid of the problem once and for all? Is not TEMPORARY UNITY the only way to change the Eritrean situation from dictatorship to democracy? Does not this make our divided forces and youth organizations the root causes of the problem? Should not your responsibility then be pressing all opposition forces to unite? Do you know that it has become obvious that your leaders are stopping you from demonstrating on the most important issue of the Eritrean question; UNITY? Please go back in memory remembering any one demonstration out of the hundreds conducted internationally on many genuine issues of our society that included the question of UNITY in its program and call me a liar for answering NONE: not even a placard folks!! We are not talking about what else we could have done for UNITY; like exclusive worldwide demonstration asking our forces to UNITE,  which is a DREAM : I am not even talking about scattered demonstrations conducted by Eritreans in a given geographical area shouting for UNITY exclusively. I am talking about anyone of them that included UNITY as part of the programs!! Once again; NONE!!.

IQ TEST: Do you think the RESISTANCE exclusively missed UNITY in all demonstrations that addressed every concern about our society by accident or you think it has been intentionally avoided by the leaders of the groups (organizers) because of hidden agendas?

If the whole world by now knows that we have a problem with our government, do you think it is worth telling it again and again and do you really think the international community will appreciate what you are doing in the streets?
Apparently, the Afwerki regime knows that it cannot stop Eritreans from demonstrating against it but it well knows that nothing will change as long as they keep on ignoring the RED BUTTON called UNITY in their activities. The best choice of the government here is trying to keep the Eritrean demonstrators from voicing for UNITY because it knows UNITY will nullify its power sooner than later.
 Demonstrating without including the issue of UNITY in the program is the best gift you can give the Eritrean government and the worst you can do to the resistance specially at this critical moment where the government is over-exposed for being the worst oppressor in the world and the opposition camp is in disarray. I do believe the officials in Asmara are scared to hear UNITY specially in demonstrations because it is the BOMB that would explode in their face for their permanent disposal. They will enjoy the show otherwise and that is what our Diaspora community is doing effectively in this regard. What the government wants is staying in power as long as possible and these SILENT ON UNITY demonstrations perfectly serve this purpose very well. I do not know about you but I oppose demonstrations that avoid UNITY as part of the overall program because it indirectly helps the Eritrean government instead of the resistance by defocusing or disconnecting our youth from the central axis of the solution (UNITY). I can no longer keep going to demonstrations that only focus on the EFFECT without touching the CAUSE any longer: this is like crying wounded without any effort to look for the remedy.

Senait on Anti PFDJ Demonstration in Calgary, Canada: “down down Isias” “Isias Must go” many times have we heard this? In my opinion the opposition slogans should change. The oppositions should list what is the priority demand the average people who live inside the country are. Right nowthey want basic food, electric and they want their son and daughters to let go of the endless military services”.
My advice is.. instead same slogans over and over on every demonstrations..change your demand to food and others that people really interested to listen..that way you will get support from inside the country. Otherwise if my uncle from the village wouldn’t give about what democracy or dictator is all he cares right now is to feed his families and to have his son/daughter from Sawa”

Comment: She is telling you to be creative and do something worth doing with your time rather than boring the planet with the same grievance repeatedly.

Netabay: “dearest Futsum; what do you think if i we say —these are the generation which are misplaced. the generation which tries to lead eritrea using a very old soft ware ….Macintosh in windows 8….they ate the talent of our generation….we the new generation are lost with out any foot print…we became victims of the faults of the generation of 70s. they used to tell us ”you are the future” but when we came to the imagined Eritrea…they told us pragmatically…..’they fought for 30 years , and they will compensate these lost years and their lost opportunities with in that range of time” so we are left with more ten years …..”

Comment: thanks for the kind words brother but your question raises many issues that I worked hard to answer to the best of my subjective understanding of the human nature in my book “THE CURSE OF BEING AND LIVING IT”. You can have it from AMAZON BOOKS and read it if you want.

Continued dialogue with Nair

Nair:“the Opposition forces did not develop its political discourse to accommodate the expectations of the youth, thus, the desperate youngsters had been taking risky measures to get rid of the devastative situations by fleeing through dangerous borders, such as the Egyptian-Israeli border, aquatics and the Sahara deserts, not only that, but we find that the individual attitudes towards the regime and the opposition alike are being taken according to ones-own individual, group, sect or societal interests..”

Comment: It is clear that the opposition forces did not do anything encouraging for our youth to look for. I do not think anyone can change the tendency of our youth running away from the scene all together, though. The opposition forces have no capacity to control this situation even at their best financial and political shape (a dream) although they could improve it. Eritreans will continue to run for better survival no matter what. The question is how about the divisive forces within the youth organizations? I sincerely believe that the youth organizational leaders are equally responsible aside the quietist intellectuals all over the place for this: the divisive youth leaders are directly responsible here probably more than any other part of the society for the following reasons:

1)  They have not yet taken an assertive position on the divided opposition forces practically because of their own division: They have ignored the issues of unity rather concentrating on encouraging their followers to demonstrate only against the regime (in almost everything) and split apart with no follow up assignments to carry on. There must be a reason/s for to not instruct their followers to focus on Unity in the demonstrations. Reference: No demonstration focused on unity so far in the Diaspora despite our continuous appeal through the websites. You do not do this persistently by accident!!!

2)  They failed to take their responsibility of forming a united checking and balancing mechanism to the actions of the opposition forces in Diaspora or to develop such a mechanism from within the intellectual community through organized debates and interviews. They do this here and there for image but nothing that can continue developing after a given event is over: Example: The organizers of the DC Independence Day festivities did a great job and even brought intellectual panelist to the event for what it seemed to be the beginning of something good (I will refrain from discussing other things here). But, they left the participants with no follow up duty whatsoever that could emerge from the occasion for continued development of the issue into the future. Everyone left without a home work. It was just a onetime shot that died after the occasion.

Likewise the panelists (at least two PHDs) failed to do this for unknown reasons. They did not want to take the responsibility of organizing something out of the opportunity. They missed a wonderful opportunity to start something concrete that would help the youth to the right direction.

Everyone went home after the festivities with absolutely nothing to work on indefinitely. This is also because they did not allow others to suggest on what to do ahead of time. They only focused on the TACTIC and totally ignored the STRATEGY: they had no focus or vision and probably the capacity as well to visualize this important issue, with all respect to the panelists and the organizers. The least they could have done was collecting the names of intellectuals for future contact and possibly, debates too, and we had written several articles at Assenna to this effect ahead of the festivities. Unfortunately, the tiresome effort went down the drain without effect. Now that the opportunity is gone; we are back searching for another opportunity with nothing to do to accelerate the outstanding momentum they created through extremely hard sacrifice.

To some Eritreans, the DC festival was a success story. It certainly was in collecting us together in such a magnitude. It was, however, a failure to me, excuse my honest opinion: All participants of the event were aware of the system; that is the reason they were there. They did not need education on this. Therefore, the focus should have been organizing them or creating a workable formula ahead that can produce something tangible out of the opportunity until the next occasion takes place. We left the scene as naked as we could have been in terms of tasks and we are waiting for another opportunity wondering if it will ever take place. We are sitting idle disconnected from one another with nothing to do then after. Nothing is going on now because of this mismanagement of Time, Intelligence, Dedication and a golden opportunity. It was difficult to see this take placed from distance!

The mistake is by the way going on full speed ahead as we are talking here: Too many demonstrations without touching the issue of unity as a priority. How can this be accidental? It cannot be!!!

How can the rigid opposition forces unite without a strongly united pressure group from the Diaspora as we see it going? Who will pressurize them to unite if the youth fails to unite? I believe all youth leaders should be confronted by the followers on this issue. Why are they still dormant on making UNITY a priority? Is it power struggle or what? Something needs to be done for the resistance to walk forward instead of going around in a circle.

The negative effects of our division on international solidarity

The fact remains that no crazy international force will pay attention to you unless you prove to be efficient in the agenda of UNITY no matter how many times you colonize the streets of the world and dance on QUAILA. They forecast chaos in future Eritrea and they stay away from us until we get our vision straight. You could have seen the difference had we all unanimously voiced for UNITY. We could have easily challenged the ambitious but divisive politicians had we been united in the Diaspora and easily get funds to accelerate the struggle forward. Do not expect funding without UNITY because there is a more united complementary PRO-government force THAT NEUTRALIZES the scattered and divided opposition forces in view of international politics. This has been the answer given by the US STATE DEPARTMENT to individual political groups in the opposition camp trying to get help from in the past and America’s position on our resistance is correct.

We have to be confident openly saying that the spade was a spade: We cannot continue depending on and toyed by useless, flip-flopping and outdated politicians who have so far refused to unite under the EDA and the destructive youth leaders in the same category who seem to concentrate on building cults instead of getting down to the core of the solution. Our experience says that the only way we can have the material and political power to reject and accept any opposition force in view of unity for future democratic Eritrea emanates from solid unity of the youth and this essence has so far been untouched beyond closed door pretensions.

Nair: “It is no secret that today’s world is driven by interests, and all decisions taken by the international community through its international organizations, or taken by major countries alone are able to meet or comply with its own interests. In reality it has more to do with the interests of the superpowers, or the neighboring countries in implementing its political vision for the region, such a decision has no doubt a significant impact on the Project of National Unity whether negatively or positively. “

Comment: The western powers do what they do for similar reasons everywhere and therefore this cannot be a special Eritrean agenda. Is the western view on Eritrea exceptionally dangerous compared to its views on any other East African nations for Eritreans to defocus their priority from unity in defense of the country as a result? I do not think so. The fact remains, however, that Ethiopia has always been the strongest and best ally in the region. There is nothing East African can do about this except accepting it as it is. All of them are relating to the West harmonically and so should be the case with Eritrea. At the bottom line, we need to visit this question: Does the said western interest affect all Eritreans similarly or differently? If the first, this threat should then further motivate the forces to unite.

To be continued

Review overview
  • ogbai August 23, 2013

    Unity, Unity was the call in Eritrean politics, since the creation of state of Eritrea. Even, in the Ghedli time when we only have two fronts It was suggested by the people unity first was the agenda of that time. But,there were no good will for the groups leaders interest. It was also foriegn intervention one way or the other.Thier choce was to stay apart in thier courses. AS we know the ELF pushed out by EPLF with suport of foreign forces. But the division remained as a big scar in Eritrean politics. After independence a national recocilation should be called to heal the wounds done by the name of domination. But it was refused by the the present dictatorial government.After all,
    The present dictatorial regeme has been never interested in UNITY matters. There is no democracy,no rule of law, that was it. It was my way or the highway. He left no space for freedom at all. AS a result of these things how do you achieve unity with out open space with out the participation of the main actors and stake- holders of our people in side our country. Lets get home first. I am aware in the media of the absece of unit. And it is going to hurt us rather benefits us. The whisel blowers and scare tactics against the opposition in general. It is not good tool in your article with all respect I chose to deffer here. I thing it is going to benefit the dictator. I will also, added all the opposition organizations,movements, or individuals like your self we all agree and we are united in a sence to remove the dictator and to replace him by the rule of law. However, the question ramain how. Because we are lost in the road map how to do the job done. so,we have to concetrat in our home work to achieve this goal. Inaddition, the ELF and EPLF
    brear is avoided in some organization e.g. like EPDP. Don’t you think it is good start MR Fetzum. You should mention this development in the temporay Eritrean politics. If we are waiting for another miracle from the youth without the expericed old political leaders copperation I have my doubt. I hope Iam wrong but it will take them more than our expectations at least. Mr Fetzum how many times do we saw the division in the youth even before they start. The youth things is only encouraged by some seniore caders only to multuply the friction of and their greedy wish to become leaders. Most of them, coming out from their deep sleep to catch the fish. Is it that easy, I wesh it was. The youth they should join the front runner opposition group to speed up already the well established fronts. Then they will learn in the way and take over the the leadership power when they fit into it. Otherwise it is the west ot time KINBEL Shenkolel.There is no doubt the young generation is the main force in change in any case. What I don’t understadin is what is the division old and young, men and women highlandes and lowlandes and muslem and christain e.t.c. It is a scare tactics of the enemies of Eritreas. I dream, in future ERitrean we will live in peace and UNITY. For now, lets aviod the scare tactic whether from inside or outside and lets beleive UNITY is achieveable in our future Eritrea. One thing for sure all roads doesn’t lead us to Asmara. Then We have to choose the best of all, This ashould be our home work for now. Thank you as ussual. Sorry for my poor English.