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ATV: Building Democracy in Eritrea – Opening Remarks: Habte Hagos, Chair of Eritrea Focus

Review overview
  • Senkam May 11, 2019

    Mr Habte,

    It’s okay, you can address isias as isias. There is sever lack of legitimacy to address him prez than by his very name (restraining yourself from calling him what he actually is).

    Don’t make us throw up by referring him prez.

  • Fetsum Abraham May 12, 2019

    A very interesting season for the Eritrean dream to democracy has arrived and as you said the president of Eritrea DIA will perish like his likes in the past, of course in the course of time. You said we have to build the foundation for democracy based on the youth’s ENOUGH IS ENOUGH attitude and I think this group is already setting the mark for that opportunity. I believe the initiative is effective and the momentum alive because of the motion on the ground. keep on contacting the people as you are doing and the broken pieces will align as a matter of genuine effort for us all to complete the mission with remarkable result. Thank you Mr. Chairman for your remarkable leadership and everything smells good for us to support you with confidence and optimistic mindset. This is the time for building the foundation by isolating the causes and effect .of every process for democracy and getting ready for the upcoming challenges in post Isaias Eritrea. there is no reason for failure now as long as the momentum keeps on rocking through your frequent appearance as such!!.