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Review overview
  • Gezae May 11, 2019


  • Fetsum Abraham May 12, 2019

    1) Why does not bayto amend the 1997 constitution if necessary instead of drafting a new constitution from the scratch? what is the reason for this? KEMWEKESI or KEMEBEGESI are confusing here and bayto must specify the problems with the constitution and consider changes on instead of making anew one without specification. This is a very gross problem in my opinion because the constitution committee of that time was independently working for it despite some pressure from the dictator. Please expose the problems associated with it for discussion and amendment. It was made by the best brains of the people and I cannot understand why we cannot accept and develop it further instead of doing it from the scratch?
    2) I think bayto’s revival is very good and i am glad it has started contacting the people nowadays but there is no doubt it has been sleeping for years contrary to the Chairman’s assertion that it had never stopped working. THIS IS HARD TO PROVE. I don’t see anything wrong with bayto’s revival motivated by the current ENOUGH movement unless it rejects other movements believing it was the only solution to the problem. I thus, welcome its revival conditionally. Bayto should welcome Eritrea Focus at minimum and .openly declare its openness to invite the group for dialogue. It should accept them as equal partner without suggesting that they should work within its organization under its leadership.
    3) Bayto may include everyone in the opposition camp but having the political groups in its executive branch will be a very serious mistake based on the universal concept of transitional governments and its own failed experience in relevance through the years.
    4) I admire the chairman’s acceptance of the grass roots movement for global leadership and I hope bayto will take a strong action to facilitate this strategy as soon as possible.
    5) Nothing is achieved in Denver as far as reality is concerned beyond the promise that the DENVER COMMITTEE will finish its research on transitional government and present its final report in July 6, 2019 in Oakland California. This was in reversal of their promise doing it by January 2019.

    So far we have not seen anything from the committee for baytro to exceptionally consider in the opposition camp. I think Bayto should not give this group special attention until it produces its report and discloses it to the public hopefully in july, 2019. The Denver committee is one of the activities in diaspora not MORE IMPORETANT than the others in the struggle. It would be a serious mistake to consider it a special group in the struggle overall because it is not and has never proved its capacity yet. Bayto instead should invite every group in the struggle without bias in order to succeed.
    5) I think any Eritrean (Moslems or Christians) should accept democratically elected officials in Bayto despite religion and ethnicity as long as its executive branch stays under a neutral leadership clean from the political parties. Any capable Eritrean should be part of such an organization in my opinion. Bayto should consider all political groups in its parliament but never in its executive branch like it did in the past, this being its major cause of failure ever since its inception.

    GOOD LUCK and please continue contacting the people and immediately disclosing your CHARTER in the media. Yet Bayto cannot afford ignoring Eritrea Focus’s initiative and better welcome it in public as soon as possible . Thank you