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ATV: ዝርርብ ምስ ኣቶ ዓብደላ ኣደም ብዛዕባ እዋናዊ ጉዳያት ኤርትራ – Part 1 – 17 Jan, 2019

Review overview
  • simon January 18, 2019

    ድምጺ ጎራዕራዕ ይብል’ሎ

  • simon January 18, 2019

    እቲ ዝድለ መልእኽቲ ብሰንኪ ናይ ድምጺ ዘይኑጽርነት ሽቱኡ ወቂዑ ኪበሃል ዝከኣል ኣይኮነን፡ ድምጺ ከመይ ከምዘሎ ዝቆጻጸር የሎን’ዶ ኾይኑ?

  • Anghesom Ghebrejohannes January 18, 2019

    ክቡር ብጻይ ኣማኒኤል እያሱ ! ንጹሃትን ብሱላትን ተቓለስቲ ኤርትራውያን ስኢንካ ዲኻ ንበዓል ጁጅ ማጁጅ ዓብደላ ኣደም እተቕርበልና? እንታይ በዲልናካ ኢና? ንስኻ ወርቃዊ ጊዜኻ ከተጥፍእ ንሕና`ውን ከምኡ።ካብዛ ምስኡ ዝገበርካያ ቃለ መሕትት እስኪ ንስኻ ኮነ ንሕና ዘይንፈልጦ ሓዲሽ ዝቐሰምናዮ ትምህርቲ ወይ ነጥቢ እንታይ ኣሎ? በጃኻ ንመጻኢ እዋን እዞም ስልጣኖም ምስተተንከፎም ዝሃደሙ ሓደ እግሮም ኣብ ጉድጓድ ዝኣተወ ንየው በሎም።ነዚኣቶምን ከምኣቶምን ዝበሉ ፍንፉናት ንረብሕኦምን ጥቕሞምን ዝቃለሱ ክንርኢ ኣይኮነን ሳተላይት ቲቪ ተኸፊቱ።ጉብጥሽሲ ዝረኣናዮ ኣየዛርብና ኢዩ ነገሩ`ሞ ብዙሕ እንፈልጦ ከይንዛረብ ይኣክል።

    • Asmerom January 19, 2019

      True, very true haw Anghesom.
      You have said it all rightly for everyone else.
      Haw Amanuel Eyasu should take note and listen to the public criticism.

  • Yemane Measho January 19, 2019

    ዓብደላ ኣድም ተዋጊኡ ዘዋገ ጅግና ኢዩ፥፥ ጀጋኑ መሪሑ ውቃው እዚ ዝደምሰሰ ጅግና ኢዩ፥፥ እዞም ተርፍ መረፍ ህግደፍ ናይ ፈይስቡክ ኣናብር እንታዮም ዝብሉ ዘለው፥ ተኣምር ኢዩ፥ ግርም እባ ብድሕሪ ኮፕተር ተሸጜጥካ ጀጋኑ ምዝላፍን ምክሽማሽን፥፥

  • Woldegabriel January 19, 2019

    In my opinion, this is the best interview Assenna has ever conducted (with the exception of an interview with a mature young Eritreans from Israel). My congratulations to Mr.,Abdela Adem for his honest, clear and perceptive views. Having watched Mesfin Hagos and Adhanom Gebremariam’s meshed up outlooks and understanding’s, I was really surprised by Mr. Adem’s clarity of thought. All the same, considering the precarious cross-road we are in,it is essential to concentrate on the challenges ahead. To this end, please focus on providing the platforms to concerned young professionals and activists from all walks of life. Musing with the past I’d counterproductive and gives esayas more time to bury additional time-bombes. Sovereign Eritrea could only be guaranteed through empowering the young. (Make sure no agaazian infiltrate this platform).

  • Makonnen Tesfaye January 24, 2019

    Greetings to ASSENNA and Congratulations for your successful launch and analysis of the politics of our region and Eritrea in particular. I would like, by way of a constructive criticism, to point out to the rather reactionary and potentially “racist” analysis (e.g, Abdella Adem and repeated by many others) that purports to explain Isaias’ behaviour emanating from his supposedly Tigrayan lineage rather than an objective analysis of his politics, ideology and socio-economic, class and historical analysis of the Eritrean society at large. A logical analysis of this position implies that a native born person could not become a dictator/destructive, which is erroneous and dangerous politically/ideologically. Thanks.