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ATV: ዜና ሓዘን – ውፍይቲ ሓብትና ሙና ምስጦፋ ዓብዱ፡ ተዘክሮ ቤተሰብን ተጠቃሚ ሰናይ ተግባራን

Review overview
  • k.tewolde April 13, 2020

    You are one in a million,a strong,principled and generous Eritrean sister,God collects what is his,another loss of a national hereon,my deepest condolences to the grief stricken family,she will always be the angel looking down upon her vulnerable people from Jenna.

    • Asmerom April 14, 2020

      Wedi Hirkam, big/pig head show off garbage/goHaf, we wonder when God will collect (what is His) you with your evil ELF mendef beggar’s crippled wheelchair and dump you in deQalus HELL?

  • Tesfai Yitbarek April 14, 2020

    Rest in peace sister Muna!

  • Tesfai Yitbarek April 14, 2020

    RIP sister Let God save your soul