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Review overview
  • Tewelde Gebremariam April 22, 2020

    Isaias afewerk and his cabals are Genocidals. They have been undertaking their heinous crimes hiding behind Orwellian double.speaks, of which……. Nationals Service, In defense of Woyane Invasion, EriTv telling the Truth, Independent Foreign Policy, Self Reliance etc. can be cited. Each of these phrases have overt and covert meaning. The overt is a disguise to deceive , mislead, disorient and manipulate the gullible and the cursory observer as the heinous crimes are covertly perpetrated.

    1. The covert meaning of “National Service” is: Eritrean Youth Concentration Camps, where the heinous crimes of physical, psychological etc. tortures are perpetrated on the youngsters, The endgame is to push them to flee their country. Had the National Service were genuine, we would have seen real economic development of our country but there is none. As a matter fact, it is now worse than it ever been in the past.

    2. The covert meaning of the “In defense of woyane invasion” is: plunge the country and people in a deliberate war of annihilation. Had the war been really spurred by woyane invasion, the UNSC and the African Uniy would have been notified and international Media invited to witness the incident in accordance with International Law but none of this was done. As a matter fact, the EECC subsequently branded Eritrea as the aggressor, which the impostor isaias afewerk accepted and signed.

    3. The covert meaning of “Self Reliance and Independent Foreign Policy” is: kill the country and people in the darkness isolation, of which its current dire situation is a testament.

    My Genuine Eritreans,

    We must not expect any blessing from our confessed arch enemies….the impostor isaias afewerk and his cabals….. For them the advent of coronavirus in the world scene is a windfall opportunity. It was they and no one else who brought the virus to our hermit country from foreign land to expedite their onslaught on our people but of course in vain because the current hot season in our country will proof to be a firewall to the spread of the virus. We must not therefore be distracted from our core mission…. the demise of the impostors. Let us follow the example of potent fighters like Red’e Mahari at Alenamedia and Qeshi Marqos. who have single handedly brought the impostors to near death. We Shall Win!!