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ATV: ርሑስ ብዓል ትንሳኤን ፋሲካን ይግብረልኩም!

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  • rezen April 19, 2020

    Dear Amanuel,
    I submitted a rather lengthy article. Reading it again, I noticed a couple of spelling errors, correction of capital letters, missing a couple of words, correcting space. etc Here is the corrected version — of course –needless to say — onlyif you approve the publication of the Commentary..
    Thank You
    Subject: “ርሑስ ብዓል ትንሳኤን ፋሲካን ይግብረልኩም! By, 17 Apr 2020

    Commentary, 18 Apr 2020
    How is it possible for the above good holiday wishes to have good meaning to Eritreans living under dictatorial regime, with all the cruel consequences upon the people? Perhaps the good God in Heaven and Earth who bestow upon those Eritreans who are fortunate enough to LIVE abroad with tranquil Life and all the benefits of democracy and pleasant life style would also show a miracle for the Eritreans who are in earthly purgatory.
    Warning: I am not referring to those who are abroad who have a hard time of existing in various countries abroad but who are admittedly better than our brethren people of Eritrea in purgatory, which is exclusively owned and administered by Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch. He can do anything with his subject-slaves and indeed has been doing for almost thirty (30) years after Eritrea achieved its independence from Ethiopia as a result of a successful 30-year war with horrendous human sacrifice from all sides.

    Eritrea, with a self appointed president for Life, is a member of the Respectable UN Organization of some 185 Member Countries. Amen!
    But, it means NOTHING to the poor people of Eritrea who are under the bondage of one single minded dictator and fully recognized by the Respectable Organization and Fountain of Human Rights to promote the concept of freedom, liberty, harmonious relationship among Member Countries of the World for the benefit and DIGITY of Human Beings around the Globe. as enshrined in its beautiful untouchable DOCUMENT — even God cannot touch. Amen!!! And yet, the reality of vast majority of world population who are poor, neglected, abused by their respective dictators, is not strong enough to arouse the consciousness of the Grand United Nations as if they are devoid of any streak of Human Feeling. BY the way, Members of the UN and its thousands and thousands of its employees are scattered around the Globe, generously paid [in all respects] and engaged to beautiful Life style — with, of course, blind eyes to the unfortunate millions.

    Back to my topic: The Life of Eritreans under dictatorship being next to hell, Eritrea is being vacated by the day. To the UN, it amounts to nothing: the poor will keep on being poorer in a sliding down extinction while Members of that UN Body enjoy Life to the maximum. C’est la vie, so goes the French saying. It is cruel life to the poor and diadvantaged.

    Back again to Eritrea: What follows may not be believable to bystanders. Eritreans who are lucky enough to be in comfortable living abroad have been trying to save Eritrea from the cruel self-appointed dictatorial president of the country. But, Alas, that is only the surface intention. In reality, there are 80 to 90 Eritrean groups around the world, all trumpeting to unseat Issayas from his post. The surface intention of the groups is more than two decades and still existing but NOT active to their own promise. Unbelievable as it may sound, it is expected, NOT unexpected, phenomenon!!!

    Lately, a group of some ninety-five (95) Eritrean Intellectuals — every one of them being holders of Doctor of Philosophy Degree [Ph D} — formed a Party to dislodge Issayas from his Post. For all practical purpose, no body believes that they will be different than the 80 to 90 groups described above. And “Issu”knows it, After all, he is Eritrean.

    As a compensation of ‘failure’, Eritreans are now questioning the “Eritrean-ness” of Issayas, even though the fact of his ancestry to be from Tigrai is well known, during all his entire life in Eritrea where he was born. What is interesting and important, regardless of our individual feelings, is the fact that Issayas is the FOUNDER of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF), leading the Force, in fraternal war, against the Eritrean Liberation Force (ELF) and in twenty-six years he lead the Eritrean struggle for Independence from Ethiopia to victory. Nobody can take away that history from him.

    Now to a tragic revelation:
    The shocking revelation of Issayas’ long-hatched ‘agenda’ AGAINST Eritrea is something so different and hurtful to Eritreans to accept the TRUTH, easily. Once upon a time [NOT long ago as the cliche goes] Issayas had a leisurely chat with a comrade, accompanied by alcoholic beverage. Issays declared his intention in a few words of Tigrigna. The translation version is quoted here: Quote: I will show you! I will take this country down as I put it up” (1). It is a very revealing dangerous grudge against an entire population of a Country. Indeed, Eritrea has regressed immensely from its envious glorious Days.

    (1) Eritrea at Crossroads by Andebrhan Welde Giorgis, page 322, Edition: 2014