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An open letter to YPFDJ

As the titled above states, I am writing directly to the very sharp, bright and truly nationalist YPFDJ. Upon doing so, I feel it’s important to connect with you and ensure that you understand the

As the titled above states, I am writing directly to the very sharp, bright and truly nationalist YPFDJ. Upon doing so, I feel it’s important to connect with you and ensure that you understand the current situation of our country and I hope that your understanding of the current situation will enhance your nationalism and make you start to question not only about the motive of those in power in Asmara but also why so many Eritrean’s at this time are suffering, why there is shortage of almost everything in Eritrea, why parents are risking the lives of their children to leave Eritrea, why the once promising country is being labelled as ‘an open air giant prison’ and ‘the North Korea of Africa’…..the atrocities and suffering is clear indication that there is something wrong. So why not question it?

Before I go into any of the above, let me give you a little bit of a background about myself. I am not a member of YPFDJ and never have been. However, I am the product of the current regime that is in power now.

I was born in Sahel in the 1980s to Tegadelti parents and through out my early years, I have known nothing but the struggles that Eritreans faced in liberating our one and only Eritrea. I was and still am a nationalist and in and out Eritrean.

My loyalty to the government had no boundaries and when I finished my studies in late 1990’s, I went to Sawa to give back to the country that have given me everything….so in the midst of the war with Ethiopia in 1998-2000, I went to Sawa to carry out  my duties, and I did.

In my eyes, the government of Eritrea (PFDJ) were my parents, brothers, sisters and friends and they could do no wrong. I could not see anything wrong with them and I turned into a lioness if I hear someone disrespecting the ‘great IA’.

Now one may ask, what changed someone with that kind of dedication and devotion to become so bitter towards the regime that gave birth to you, that took care of you, that educated you, that instilled love about your country into every living cells in your body? It’s because I opened my eyes. I realised that the government that I idolised and thrived to be a part of was in fact a dictatorial regime that knows no boundary when it comes to clinging to the power that was bestowed upon them by the very people that they are betraying now.

These are our facts. No matter how many fancy articles are written by the supporters of the regime, the truth remains that there are still a large number of prisoners who have been locked up with out trial for over a decade now including ministers, generals and journalist. How does YPFDJ not question that?

There is still shortage of food, electricity, water, medicine for the general public in Eritrea. These are the necessity one needs in order to continue to live, how does YPFDJ not question this?

There is the national service real life saga that has a never-ending time limit and constricts every Eritrean youth of leading a normal life of marriage, kids, work and personal development. How does YPFDJ not question that?

Eritreans are leaving the country risking all, their lives, their children, even the safety of those they leave behind. How does YPFDJ not question that?

The shutting of all independent newspapers in the country and  the non existent of freedom of speech. How does YPFDJ not question that?

In March 1994, the Provisional Government of Eritrea established a Constitutional Commission to draft a new constitution. The drafting authority was the transitional National Assembly, a body consisting of 75 members of the EPLF central committee and 75 representatives elected by regional assemblies. After 27 months, the resulting constitution was introduced to the National Assembly in 1997. Although the constitution has been ratified, it has yet to be fully implemented, and general elections have not been held, despite the ratification of an election law in 2002. How does YPFDJ not question that?

The Eritrean constitution calls for legislative, executive, and judicial branches. According to the constitution, a 150-seat unicameral legislature, the National Assembly, decides internal and external policy, approves the budget, and elects the president of the country. However, the National Assembly has not met since 2002, and many of its members are either in prison or have fled the country. Legislative as well as executive functions are now exercised by President Isaias Afwerki.

How does YPFDJ not question that?

The tragedies of human trafficking have been going on for over four years now. Reaching its peak in the last two years? Although the Eritreans that end up in these situations are directly kidnapped by Bedouin smugglers, money exchanges and transactions have been done in Asmara. How does a capable and competent government not question that? How does YPFDJ not question that?

Disowning a mass of perished Eritreans in the Mediterranean Sea calling them I

Illegal African Immigrants, How does YPFDJ not question that?

One thing YPFDJ needs to ask itself is are you serving an individual or a nation?

You are obedient to a tyrant, a dictator and a man that betrayed his comrades and continue to subject them to harsh condition and imprisonment with out trial. A self elected man that refuses to listen to the cries of it’s own people.

You can serve our Eritrea from the right side of the history. That will be the most noble and humble work that you do for your country as well as your people. TAKE A STAND, TAKE THE RIGHT STAND.


Review overview
  • Anti PFDJ November 16, 2013

    You know where you revealed yourself to be a liar?

    When you said you were born in Sahel, that province disappeared in 1996. Its called the Northen Red Sea nowadays.

    Typical of opposition to use old terms. Were in Sahel were you born? What sub region, what etnicity are you? Kunama, Saho or Afar?

    Did not know that you opposition folks were retarded. Who uses “Sahel”? The region that was home to intense fighting, the region that is mention in practially all the eritrean books , stories about the liberation war? Sahel even used to be the stronghold of the EPLF. Thats the only region you all know haha.

    Next time, use a village (if you know any) – WAY SMARTER BELIEVE ME 😉

    You speak about being born in Sahel, and you speak about finishing your studies. Where did you finish your studies, if it was in Eritrea, then your implying that you’ve fled Eritrea.

    So if you lived in Eritrea:

    * Tell me about the effect of the proclamations from those years, besides the one you mentioned.

    * Tell me about the things the government did from 1991-1999.

    * Tell me reccurent food shortages from 1991-1994, due to the fact that the government was re organizing.

    * Tell me about the lack of shools, bombed buildings, no hospitals, destroyed crops, shiftas…?

    * Tell me how it was to see a country start from “below zero” as the president stated.

    I actually hear nothing about your upbring, besides the same old bullshit biography you opposition people use.

    IF you by any means actually was brought up in Eritrea, then you should know that we started from zero. So to speak about power shortages, lack of water etc. its just hypocritical because it was WAY WORSE before.. in the 90s , practically Asmara was the only city with power, water, a toilet etc. Now its probably half of the country. You see the most remote village having power (with recurrent power shortages sadly)

    And IF you were brought up abroad, then why return? You speak about returning to Sawa in the 90s, which means you were send to the battlefields (as all the youths were at that time). Or are you trying to say that you were only send to Sawa WITHOUT being send to the war?

    The rest is just same old bullshit. Why? Because you actually tell nothing about your upbring

    Let me challenge you:

    If you say ANYTHING positive about Eritrea: for example about the rules and regulations, the self reliance policy, the MDG goals , food security, the liberalization policy…

    Then i will say something NEGATIVE about the government of Eritrea.


    Thats the problem with the eritrean opposition nowadays. Its the same old story, i used to be pro – now im against. When being asked what the positive was , its always “i loved being eritrean, the nationalism blabla..” but nothing concrete. So give me some concrete facts about something positive about the government , and i will give you something negative.

    • Mike AG November 17, 2013

      Anti PFDJ, on the contrary the fact that Feruz refers to it as Sahel actually further backs up her claim that she was in fact born there. As you rightly mention, the provinces were narrowed down from nine to six after independence. Feruz was born during the liberation struggle which means pre-1991. It was therefore called Sahel and not the Northern Red Sea as it’s called today. And go speak to any real tegadalay or children of tegadelti. To this day, they will speak of their experiences from Sahel, not Northern Red Sea.

      You guys can come up with any fancy names and try to undermine the efforts of genuine Eritreans reaching out to the remaining few that continue to support the barbaric regime that is destroying Eritrea and Eritreans. Nobody is fooled any more.

      • Feruz November 17, 2013

        Anti PFDJ, as Mike explained it was called Sahel in the pre-independence days and some if us still call it Sahel as it is a very popular name. Regardless what the regime named it now…. If you refer to past history before independence that’s what tegadelty called it as well. As for which village I was born, I was born in (Haweli’e), you’d have to go back in history and familiarise yourself with that as well…..
        Your question about my time in sawa, I did my duties as I said and YES, I escaped my country as many of my people are doing now.

        What you are trying to do is, you are trying to undermine the facts of the article along with my living in Eritrea or not however I have no intention of going back and forth with you on all the points you mentioned……had your intention been genuine it would have been a different story, however you are trying to undermine and confuse people under the disguise of the opposition.

        You want me to tell you a positive thing about the government? You must be daft…… There is absolutely nothing positive about this regime,,,,, NADA……

        What you got on the negative……?

        • MightyEmbasoyra November 17, 2013

          I take my hat off to you! Very polite and mature response.

          • Feruz November 17, 2013

            Thank you MightyEmbasoira, I wish they stop being hostile and be diplomatic, being negative and nasty will not help anyone regardless of our political stand.
            It seems that we are banging our heads against a brick wall…..

          • MightyEmbasoyra November 17, 2013

            You are most welcome, Feruz. Unfortunately, some of us (including myself) do not know how to disagree politely. Can you blame us? We have grown in misery. My advise to you is that you will find responses like these (hopefully when you do your PhD dissertation, if not already done) and you will have to learn to take just the positive and constructive criticism and reject (you may need to design a notch filter for that) any noise.
            Keep up the good work!

        • Anti PFDJ November 18, 2013

          My intention is to have an discussion nothing else, remember we are on the same side here, i am against the PFDJ too.

          * You are correct on that, Sahel is a term something old people uses (and still uses), but often in an article people uses both terms to make the reader understand. I dont hear younger people use that term that often, even though everybody knows it.

          * Ive read your other article that you stated that your father was jailed for a certain time. While this is certainly an awful tradegy, could you elaborate more on that? Was it due to the “infamous uproar” after the operation fenkil, due to the different political aspirations that was starting to show inside the EPLF, when the EPLF started to really believe that they could win?

          * There was a reason why i asked if your etnicity was “Kunama, Afar or Saho”, thats simply because none of them actually lives / lived in Sahel. The rashaidas did, and their are numerous stories about how they helped the EPLF with logistics, or lended their Camels for transportation. One thing the tegadalays until this day talks about..

          * Yes, i am against PFDJ. To not ratify the constitution and hold anyone without a trial is nothing i wish for no one. But i also understand why Eritrea is on a permanent war-footing.
          Do we need to talk about Badme? Or do you not agree with the unjust ethiopian occupation of that village?

          You’re actually saying that you cant name ONE POSITIVE THING ABOUT THE PFDJ? You must be the one who is daft.

          You talked about “Augusto Pinochet” , ask a chilean about his early policys. They would tell you that he did somethings good but 99.99 procent at the time he was horrible. He was a rightist and actually popular with some of the middle class elites, because his predecessor , Salvador Allende, was regarded as an communist and had policys that were hugely unpopular with the rich and the military top brass. That ONE POSITIVE THING AMONGST MANY HORRIBLE THINGS !

          If we talk about “Saddam Hussein”, the man that actually during the 70s recieved praise for his efforts of developing the infrastructure, schools etc. in the whole Iraq. He even recieved a special price from UNESCO in the 70s for having a 100% school enrollment (how he did it ? – he made a televised speech were he said that he would kill or lock up the parent that refused their children the right to go to school…he went to far , i know) That ONE POSITIVE THING AMONGST MANY HORRIBLE THINGS !

          If we talk about “Muammar Gaddaffi”, the dictator that gave a newly wed a car, interest free loan to buy a house, and some free money. That ONE POSITIVE THING AMONGST MANY HORRIBLE THINGS !

          Adolf Hitler recieved praise for reviving german economy after the financial meltdown in the late 20s. That ONE POSITIVE THING AMONGST MANY HORRIBLE THINGS !

          I can even talk about the north korean dictator “Kim Jung Un” , 99,99% of everything he does is horrible. But he feeds the military and gives them enough food, clothes etc. That ONE POSITIVE THING AMONGST MANY HORRIBLE THINGS !

          And you still cant tell me ONE SIMPLE POSITIVE THING ABOUT THE PFDJ?

          Your telling me that Issias Afwerki is way worse than Adolf Hitler? A man that brutally massacered millions of jews and others?

          Bottom line:

          I dont like the PFDJ no more than you do. But i am an eritrean first and foremost.
          I am proud of the self reliance policy, the pragmatic approach this government has. But i dont like the fact that young people are forced to do an indefinite national service for a meager wage of 500 nakfa. I dont blame people for fleeing Eritrea, i would have done the same.
          But i have a balanced view of Eritrea, everytime i visit Eritrea i see something good and something bad. Nothing and no one can only be bad, even the worst person has something good in them. After all these are the same people that liberated our country from our stupid oppressors..

          With that being said – could you please answer the questions about the effect of the proclamations i asked before, or do you still want to avoid the questions? At least answer a question – dont avoid because you know im right..

          • Feruz November 19, 2013

            Anti PFDJ

            A discussion is not a discussion when the discussion starts with ‘You know where you revealed yourself to be a liar?’ Especially from someone on the same side as you. Therefore it was not a discussion, it was an attack.

            You have read my other article? Great, but why am I being asked to discuss as you put it about my other article? My other article is a different subject to this. I don’t see any good nor do I see any necessity in discussion as to why my father was in prison? Could it be for you to pick more reasons to call me a liar?

            My ethnicity has nothing to do with this article either, I am an Eritrean and that is that!! What does my ethnicity has to do with this article….. Again could it be for you to pick or fabricate more reasons to call me a liar?

            You are either extremely confused or extremely positive for you to justify one positive to 99.9 per cent of negative among the dictators you mentioned. Regardless what your situation is i.e confusion or optimism, its not my job or interest to question you or judge you on the way you lay out your points.

            You mentioned this regime being the liberators of Eritrean from oppressors…. The mere fact that I talked about my previous experiences and views of the current regime does not deny them of the struggles towards the independence. However what good is it to declare Eritrea independent and subject it and its people to such cruel administration.

            Scenario1: if you free me from an underground dungeon of an evil person and place me in another over ground dungeon, what good is it for me? Am not going from one imprisonment to another?
            Scenario2: If you offer me an apple, and you took it away…do you expect me to call that a positive act? The (apple) representing the independence of Eritrea.

            You mentioned that you visit the country and you see the positive and the negative, that gives me an idea that that you are either newly convert to anti PFDJ or you are here to confuse people under the disguise of being an opposition of the government. (lets face it, in the middle of all this, for opposition to go to this length to convince fellow Eritreans that there must be something positive that this government is doing underlines that there must be something positive that this regime is doing) which is the point that you are bringing.

            You mentioned the self reliance policy the regime has in place…. Dictionary defines self reliance as (also called self-containment) is the state of not requiring any aid, support, or interaction, for survival; it is therefore a type of personal or collective autonomy. On a national scale, a totally self-sufficient economy that does not trade with the outside world.

            Although self reliance is a beautiful word in theory, in regards to our country it means enslavement of the youth, no water, no adequate food or medicine, no electricity… the list is endless…
            which in turn means that the human rights of those in Eritrea not being respected.

            The self reliance policy that you speak so highly of is contributing to the drowning of our people in the Mediterranean sea, Eritreans being tortured in Sinai, in prisons in Egypt, Libya and Israel.
            So at whose expense do you want the self reliance to work? The expense of youth inside Eritrea? Or at the expense of the mothers who are loosing their children to criminal gangs on all the places I mentioned?

            You are right, no one can only be bad….however that kind of term can only be used to describe an individual or an object NOT a government. A government has a paramount duty to look after its people in every single way possible….. if all the things that is going wrong in Eritrea is not enough to convince you that this regime is not healthy… I suggest you go and research more about the atrocities happening in Eritrea as well as to refugees around the world. Look more into the imprisonment of the G11… Live in Eritrea for at least a year not for 4-5 weeks in the summer…don’t take foreign currency when you go there but try to look for a job and live like a normal Eritrean. If you have children, take them to school there and see if they will have other opportunities upon finishing high school….

            My article was strictly about the regime in our country and not other past or present dictators…the person who compared IA to Adolf Hitler is you and not me.

            I suggest you stick to the point when you next decide to reply to my future articles. I have no intention of replying to any of your comments in the future in regards to this article.

          • Anti PFDJ November 19, 2013


            Forgive me for saying this, but you are still not making sence. Yes, i believe that you are a liar. Instead of proving me wrong, youre just accusing me of being “newly converted”, at one point even suggesting i am confused. Let me adress the various things you brought up.

            * Yes, i read your other article, i deemed it relevant to bring it up in this article too, because you spoke about your upbring in that article as you did in this one. Yes, i believe that you are a liar. Why? Because you never question anyting i said, you just refute it and choose not to answer. Just give me an answer, and i will back down.

            * No, your etnicity has absolutely nothing to do with this article, the reason why i brought it up was to validate if you were an Eritrean or not, allthough we are against the PFDJ alot of people i have encountered in the opposition camp either are half ethiopians, are affiliated with ethiopia and or are from tigray. I am just sick and tired of people pretending to be eritreans.. I honestly hate the PFDJ, but i hate some opposition camps even more.
            Problem is, you have not in anyway tried to prove me wrong. I thought this was an discussion? I have my viewpoint, you have yours and then we have a debate.. I wanted you to speak about your upbring, in your article you speak freely about your upbring, about how you loved the EPLF..but now you choose to be silent. why is that?

            * “its not my job or interest to question you or judge you on the way you lay out your points”

            Oh really, then what is your job? To write lies about eritrea? You are an writer, challenge my viewpoints! Show my proof of what i said was wrong, give me articles, give me sources. Prove me wrong…or do you know im right? The way i see it, your job is to talk shit about the government of Eritrea, but everytime somebody challenges you – you go silent..

            And i dont justify one positive to 99.9 percent of negative among the dictators i mentioned – THATS THE POINT! But i am realistic. I give a fair picture, i speak the truth, even though i dislike those people i try to give a fair picture of those persons. I have never in anyway stated that i was trying to justify something.

            * Just what experiences have you talked about? Honestly..? You spoke about going to Sawa during a time when every youth were sent to the battlefields.. Did you or did you not go to war? were you a soldier? Or are you REALLY trying to tell me that you spent 2 years just being in sawa, without being sent to war???

            Like i said, Tell me something, anything..just prove me wrong.

            * “You mentioned that you visit the country and you see the positive and the negative, that gives me an idea that that you are either newly convert to anti PFDJ or you are here to confuse people under the disguise of being an opposition of the government.”

            Who is attacking who? You paint up a picture of me attacking you and try to claim the moral highground, and then you respond by doing the same?

            What do you know about me being “newly converted”? You’ve got it all wrong, i can assure you. I have been against this regime for quite some time know.

            * The point i am bringing is – stop with all the lies..both the opposition and the regime need to stop with all the lies. Its hurting us, we could have been WAY BETTER OFF if those two camps just could have sit down at the table and negotiate and settle their differences.


            You are absolutely correct, i like the theory of self reliance, but its not realistic. As a country, you have to trade, private companies need to invest etc. No country can manage themselves to a 100 percent.

            But this is, the country is a mess. We inherited a mess. What is the fastest way to rebuild the roads, schools, necessary infrastructure? Is it to allow private interest to rebuild the roads?? (we saved around 50-100 million dollars by building the road to massawa for example, by building it ourselves)

            What do you propose? what is the fastest way to rebuild eritrea into being the best country in the world? We need infrastructure of course, without it – we cant have growth. One thing at the time.

            I can assure you, i know fare more worse atrocities happening in Eritrea, than you do. You see & hear enough atrocities during a short stay (although i visited both during the summer and winter) But that list is pretty long. Things nobody speaks about because they are afraid, the jailed politicians, etc.

            * “Live in Eritrea for at least a year not for 4-5 weeks in the summer…don’t take foreign currency when you go there but try to look for a job and live like a normal Eritrean. If you have children, take them to school there and see if they will have other opportunities upon finishing high school….”

            Like i said, i would probably flee if i lived there. I envy people that can endure living in eritrea.

            Yes children has other opportunities in Eritrea, but the wage is horrible. You meet countless of doctors,nurses etc. in the west that are being well paid as we speak. But the military service is a big factor as well.

            * I am sticking to the point, i am challenging your view of Eritrea. Instead of telling me to “stick to the point” PROVE ME WRONG!!



            You stated before that its not your job or interest to question me, and your claiming that you dont want the discussion because you’re acussing me of calling you a liar. But then suddenly, you start to question some of the things i’ve written. So when it suits you – you answer the question, and when you dont know the answer – you chooses to be silent.

            Like ive been saying all along. Prove me wrong, tell me something, ANYTHING. Dont just choose to be silent everytime you dont know the answer.

            You have no intention of replying to any of my comments? Is it because you are afraid of being exposed?

            People like you make me sick, poor people affiliated with ethiopia, who only know how to argue. You are the biggest reason people from the opposition REJOINS the regime!!!! Because you dont answer anything. EVEN I WANT TO JOIN THE PFDJ – JUST BY HEARING YOUR ANSWERS! AT LEAST THEY’RE DOING SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY!!

            I thought you were ethiopian – now i know that you have not visited eritrea in your lifetime. You have been brainwashed into thinking that the government is tyrannical. Youre a liar, your a traitor, and you should be ashamed of yourself claiming to talk shit about a government you know NOTHING about.

            (yes the last i wrote was an attack)

            We – the opposition – need to be realistic – need to give constructive criticsm – and WE NEED TO PAINT A REAL PICTURE OF OUR BELOVED COUNTRY – not a fake one that the world is painting for us.

  • Eritreawit November 16, 2013


    • Sarah November 16, 2013

      Im eritrean enough to have visited LAST YEAR and know what is going on in the country unlike you who blindly listen to the rumors of the opposition. Life in Eritrea isn’t perfect but then again which country is perfect?? Eritrea is 22 years old there is still a lot of progress that needs to be made and will come. Ypfdj’s are helping to build the country while you sit on your butt and complain behind a computer screen. Where else in africa can a female walk at 2am and feel completely safe?? Very few people on the streets, I see 10x more people on the streets in the US. Everyone is neighbors in the country and has great pride in their history which is something you obviously don’t. Eritrea is the BEST country in africa and if you don’t like that I suggest going back to your home country of Ethiopia.

    • Oh Please November 20, 2013

      “Last straw that broke the camel’s back”, oh god shut up. Same ol’ argument you all use about Lampedusa without ever ONCE addressing the real causes of migration, nor placing the blame on where it belongs; illegal trafficking. You are not fooling me into believing “it was the straw that broke the camel’s back” because you psychos find anything to flip as the “last straw” over and over again, yet still never take it to where it needs to be, Eritrea, because you know what will happen. Good ol’ internet warriors. Less complaints, more real practical solutions please.

  • sara November 16, 2013

    sad!! it will take a decade to bring this dumb YPFDJ to reality. I really feel so sad to this kind of “Eritreans” …… they are brainwashed and can’t even figure out who they are??

    • Sarah November 16, 2013

      If anything I feel sad for you these are the people who are giving back to the country while you sit on your computer and complain and do nothing. Stop criticizing and go help out so until then I would suggest you be quiet.

      • MightyEmbasoyra November 16, 2013

        What are the small (not young) YPFDG doing to the country? Yes, they visit Sawa (mini vacation) and go back to their country of residence to get their welfare check. What else?

  • Betimhrti sewra November 17, 2013

    Needless to say, EPLF/PfDJ has failed u, ur parents and the whole Eritrean population.
    I am also with the same background, I understand ur frastration. PFDJ never keeps a promise, or see projects to the end like they did with the constitution. I am sure they are going to throw YPFDJ to the ditches as well, but ypfdj can rescue them selves from the same pain Betmhrti sewra went through!
    I want to emphasis on the facts on the ground, that pfdj can not implement the constitution, it is not on their interest, they will not release political prisoners, they will not listen to ur demands if u make any. This makes u ask why? Start asking questions first to ur self then to PFDJ! I hope u get answers, but u will not!!

  • The maverick November 17, 2013

    Why is assenna didn’t repot the despicable treatment of fellow habesha in the kingdom from hell???

  • Bar Jimma November 17, 2013


    I believe majority of Eritrean were supporter of the EPLF. The people of Eritrea truly believed that EPLF will transform this poor and war torn country of ours to stable and democratic country till the man who has a great influence on creating and leading this front dismantle the front and subjected the truly great fighters of the front to prison, psychological torture,and kept them in fear that they cant even talk to there peers about the current political affair of Eritrea . We are asked to be united for the better Eritrea. Eritrea that have a Constitution that every citizen of this country is equal under the law . No prison time with out do processes that is the country we want and lets work hard to achieve it.

    • tesfay November 18, 2013

      Sarah, You are really wrong. The majority of the eritrean is not for the “EPLF”.
      We don’t have any statistics yet but my impression is that there are

      – small groups of really old people in exile which are supporting “EPLF” without questioning anything (they have an image of IA like he seemd to us before the 21th century. This poeple are often not well integrated in the society (in exile) therefore they don’t have much education or much money (welfare).

      -a group of young people which never lived in Eritrea but yearn for their roots and missunderstand the “EPLF” as the eritrean roots and therefor support the regime in a naive and fundamentalistic way.

      -a big group of young people with eritrean roots (some of them of big influences in the society where they live) with open minds, educated which were silent till now but are now very sad and very angery to see what is happing with their roots and are right now rising up increasingly
      – ab big amount of people who have a house or wealth in Eritrea and don’t want to lose it and pay their 2% and at the same time hate the regime (a ticking bomb!) and do at the same time their duties for changing the system in Eritrea without the notification of “EPLF”.

      – the majority in Eritrea, the majority of the Eritrean in exile, the whole world is against the regime and is praying for the victims of this regime.

      And now please listen:

      The “EPLF”, IA, the regime ARE NOT Eritrea and they don’t represent Eritrea at all. They were not elected and they are not wanted.
      If they were wanted they would not have a single problem with elections.
      Sorry Sarah, but You also are not representing Eritrea at all and You will never hear the opinions of the eritreans You know because as long as You sound like a fundamentalist they won’t tell You their true opinions – they distrust You.
      Sarah, what religion do have? Are You orthodox?
      Do You know Abuna Antonios, the real head, the bishop of the eritrean orthodox church? Do You know where this 86 year oldman is?
      The ones You support jailed him!!! Do You know the word “hatiat” in tigrigna?! If not ask Your parents.
      Wake up. It is better late then never.

  • Ertrawi Sebawi Fikri November 18, 2013

    Hey, where is that humanity that was born with us? Every community’s culture has its own good side and bad side. One of the qualities of our culture is we sympathize with those who are suffering at any moment, whether they are our side or not or whether we have dispute with or not. Where does such a good humane culture gone? Lets not shy away from the facts. Significant number of our brothers and sisters are suffering, this is true. Lets feel for our brothers and accept this shame, whose ever mistake it is. For it is happening, we cant deny it. We can have our own opinions with our free choice, it is not a problem. The problem comes when we condemn oneself for having an opinion. But no one should overlook the suffering of any human being, not alone our brother or sister. One more fact, it is not possible that most Eritreans can be wrong and few are right. Even in our tradition we have an adage which says “if more than one person told you that head is not there, you just have to check it”. This is an important stage in our history and we all are equally responsible. Lets learn from our past history and other nations shame. It is better to be careful than lamenting and excusing ourselves over others later.

  • watcher November 20, 2013

    Anti PFDJ you are a troll sent by the regime. you just want detailed informations
    for browbeating single persons like you did recently with the lampedusa survivors.
    even if you try you can not hide your pretensions.

  • Oh Please November 20, 2013

    Sigh, I read this letter respectfully but yet again another piece written that complains about what’s horrible about the country without a hint of practical solutions (aside from chanting catchy yet vague statements like “down down deektator”, I’m sure.) Just a word of advice, if you’re really trying to convince people of what you speak, stating things that are obvious and clear as day and following it up with absolutely nothing adds no help to your cause.