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An open letter to YPFDJ

As the titled above states, I am writing directly to the very sharp, bright and truly nationalist YPFDJ. Upon doing so, I feel it’s important to connect with you and ensure that you understand the

As the titled above states, I am writing directly to the very sharp, bright and truly nationalist YPFDJ. Upon doing so, I feel it’s important to connect with you and ensure that you understand the current situation of our country and I hope that your understanding of the current situation will enhance your nationalism and make you start to question not only about the motive of those in power in Asmara but also why so many Eritrean’s at this time are suffering, why there is shortage of almost everything in Eritrea, why parents are risking the lives of their children to leave Eritrea, why the once promising country is being labelled as ‘an open air giant prison’ and ‘the North Korea of Africa’…..the atrocities and suffering is clear indication that there is something wrong. So why not question it?

Before I go into any of the above, let me give you a little bit of a background about myself. I am not a member of YPFDJ and never have been. However, I am the product of the current regime that is in power now.

I was born in Sahel in the 1980s to Tegadelti parents and through out my early years, I have known nothing but the struggles that Eritreans faced in liberating our one and only Eritrea. I was and still am a nationalist and in and out Eritrean.

My loyalty to the government had no boundaries and when I finished my studies in late 1990’s, I went to Sawa to give back to the country that have given me everything….so in the midst of the war with Ethiopia in 1998-2000, I went to Sawa to carry out  my duties, and I did.

In my eyes, the government of Eritrea (PFDJ) were my parents, brothers, sisters and friends and they could do no wrong. I could not see anything wrong with them and I turned into a lioness if I hear someone disrespecting the ‘great IA’.

Now one may ask, what changed someone with that kind of dedication and devotion to become so bitter towards the regime that gave birth to you, that took care of you, that educated you, that instilled love about your country into every living cells in your body? It’s because I opened my eyes. I realised that the government that I idolised and thrived to be a part of was in fact a dictatorial regime that knows no boundary when it comes to clinging to the power that was bestowed upon them by the very people that they are betraying now.

These are our facts. No matter how many fancy articles are written by the supporters of the regime, the truth remains that there are still a large number of prisoners who have been locked up with out trial for over a decade now including ministers, generals and journalist. How does YPFDJ not question that?

There is still shortage of food, electricity, water, medicine for the general public in Eritrea. These are the necessity one needs in order to continue to live, how does YPFDJ not question this?

There is the national service real life saga that has a never-ending time limit and constricts every Eritrean youth of leading a normal life of marriage, kids, work and personal development. How does YPFDJ not question that?

Eritreans are leaving the country risking all, their lives, their children, even the safety of those they leave behind. How does YPFDJ not question that?

The shutting of all independent newspapers in the country and  the non existent of freedom of speech. How does YPFDJ not question that?

In March 1994, the Provisional Government of Eritrea established a Constitutional Commission to draft a new constitution. The drafting authority was the transitional National Assembly, a body consisting of 75 members of the EPLF central committee and 75 representatives elected by regional assemblies. After 27 months, the resulting constitution was introduced to the National Assembly in 1997. Although the constitution has been ratified, it has yet to be fully implemented, and general elections have not been held, despite the ratification of an election law in 2002. How does YPFDJ not question that?

The Eritrean constitution calls for legislative, executive, and judicial branches. According to the constitution, a 150-seat unicameral legislature, the National Assembly, decides internal and external policy, approves the budget, and elects the president of the country. However, the National Assembly has not met since 2002, and many of its members are either in prison or have fled the country. Legislative as well as executive functions are now exercised by President Isaias Afwerki.

How does YPFDJ not question that?

The tragedies of human trafficking have been going on for over four years now. Reaching its peak in the last two years? Although the Eritreans that end up in these situations are directly kidnapped by Bedouin smugglers, money exchanges and transactions have been done in Asmara. How does a capable and competent government not question that? How does YPFDJ not question that?

Disowning a mass of perished Eritreans in the Mediterranean Sea calling them I

Illegal African Immigrants, How does YPFDJ not question that?

One thing YPFDJ needs to ask itself is are you serving an individual or a nation?

You are obedient to a tyrant, a dictator and a man that betrayed his comrades and continue to subject them to harsh condition and imprisonment with out trial. A self elected man that refuses to listen to the cries of it’s own people.

You can serve our Eritrea from the right side of the history. That will be the most noble and humble work that you do for your country as well as your people. TAKE A STAND, TAKE THE RIGHT STAND.


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  • james November 14, 2013

    Well said feruz all I can say iz dis ypfdj ting is just for fun n to get to know the girls if u listen to their connversation after every meeting its all about girls dis ypfdj ting did nothing for eritrea, we all did our part as I fought against weyane 98-2002 but dis ypfdj wount even swap their life for a week to go to army( no yagurt of sainsbury, tesco)

  • rr November 14, 2013

    Nothing disturbs me more than youth in eroupe and usa working hard to save a dictator. I truly feel that they think they are better than their eritrean brothers and sisters in Eritrea and that it is thier right to use democratic means to help GOE abuse eritreans in eritrea. YPFDJ are running their parents erends. They do not question the information they get and they seem to have little interest in changing their ways.
    They know more than you do that they are in the wrong side. They are not Children but Young adults.
    No one should be persuaded to do the Wright thing now. The time of persueding is over.It is enough if they do not envolv them selvs in fabricating lies to make dictator look good.

  • tekeste November 14, 2013

    What a great article. I am surprised it takes them so long to realise the situation in eritrea. They will still be foregiven if they side with their people. Better to be late than never. Donot stick with the losing side.

    • Bob November 16, 2013

      Forgiven? For what? You seriously are a clown….haha

      • tekeste November 16, 2013

        For supporting the brutal regime and be part of the criminal tugs.

  • senait November 14, 2013

    why do some people wasting time try to engage with pfdj and the supporters. the only way the supporters will listen to you will be when is Isias is gone. they warship Isias as a god do you think they will read your open letter and listen than their “creature” Isias ?

  • Michael November 14, 2013

    What a great article! This is the best way to approach YPFDJ Without insulting or swearing. I hope they will open their eyes.

    As Martin Luther said “The time is always right to do right

    Thanks Feruz!

  • Metkel November 14, 2013

    Thank you for the letter, it’s very well said. There are many of us that have finally stopped defeniding this regime for the very reason’s you site.
    I guess better late then never!

  • kk November 14, 2013

    From the incident if Lampadusa on, the friend of my enemy is my enemy should apply to those DIA supporters. Always they will be some who benefit from the survival of the regime, as we have seen with the libyan up rising and we should’t hesitate to eradicate them.

  • Negga Yosif November 14, 2013

    It is really interesting article but still it is hard to convince to those who lose their consciousness and ignorant people we have very short time let’s work hard our homework.

  • MightyEmbasoyra November 14, 2013

    I give a big kudos to Feruz for writing a nice article. However, he singing to wrong crowd. This youths of welfare parents (most of them) and some couldn’t make it through high school have bigger problems of their own. They couldn’t make it in the countries which give them all these opportunities. You expect them to understand all these “seemingly” simple questions. No, sir. Just talk about girls, hamburgers and night clubs and they will understand you. Oh yeah, I forgot one more – blaming the countries that gave them all opportunities that they can man up.

  • Feruz November 15, 2013

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. It would have been easier for me to point fingers and be nasty, but that would mean that I am doing exactly what THEY do….. We need a civilised approach for as long as we can until we can keep it up. Their mistakes shouldn’t be ours, they need to see the light and let’s make them see it.