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  • B e l e n April 30, 2014

    good job Abona wedi Vacaro. God bless you.

    • m May 1, 2014

      we only talk and siting like monkeyess in America,Europe, we do meeting evryweek lelelelelelelele 20 yearess with out result only talk but our Eritrean pepole suffering and dying evryday what we waiting for we have to be unity and go back to fight to hgdef they kill us evryday but we talk only 20 yearess lelelelelelelele we have to be man like wadi ali forto he is the only Eritrean the hero,others escape like rats, specially old Tegadelti,, they only escpe like rats than they come to Europe only they talk old story kkkkkkkkkkkkkk lelelelelele coweres, liaress,selfish,shame on you talk lelelelelelele be man go fight and be free, not to talk old story lelelelelele kkkkkkkkkkk 20 yearess we talk with old Tegadelti, only old story kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk bull shit, NOW WE NO NEED YOUR OLD STORY MY Eritrean pepole suffering a lot and dying evryday, dont wested time to talk lelelelelekkkkkkkk be unity and go fight

      • FitHawi May 2, 2014

        ዋይ ሓወይ፣ በል ልብኻ ከይትትኮስ ብሕርቃን… ናይ ኩልና ድምር ጉድለት ኢዩ እዚ ኹሉ ህልቂት… ተጋደልቲ እንተኾንካ ዕድመ ንእስነቶም ሰሪሖምሉ፣ ተጠቒሞምሉ እዮም። እዞም ኣይ ምስ ኣጓብዝ ኣይ ምስ ኣረገውቲ ጊዜ ዝጠለመና ኢና ቀንዲ ተሓተትቲ፣ ኣነ፣ ንስኻ፣ ንሱ፣ ንሳ፣ ንሳቶም፣ ኩልና ሓቢርናን ሰሚርናን ሽግርና ክንፈትሕ ብዘይምኽኣልና ተሓተትቲ ኢና።

        • Stand Against DIA May 3, 2014

          Way Hawey eka Aywehade! Are you still ask Tegadelti to fight on behalf of you? Are you kidding? Tegadelti are saying lalalalalalal. What an idiot are you? Have been to Nakfa? Have been to Algien? Have been to Halhal? Have been to Salina Massawa? Have been to Assab? Have been to Teseney? Have been to Akordet? Have been to Barentu? Who do you think liberate this cities and mountains from the jaws of Mengstu? You or f***ing mother. You have not even liberate one single village from the jaws of Isaias.

  • solomon April 30, 2014

    One of feew grat Eritreans
    Wedi vacaro keep it up.


    • m May 1, 2014

      we are best in the whole world to do Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra, lelelelelelelelelele we we we we, but remember we are nothing we are Cowerdess,liaress,selfish pepole,we only siting at America,Europe we do meeting evryweek kkkkkkkkkkkk and we do concert to dancing to say hohohohohohoh evryweek and we talk at paltk evryday smerr semrrrr lelelelelelelele 20 yearess and we talk with old Tegadelti, old story evryday they talk only bull shit lelele,NOW we no need a lot 20 yearess lelelelele our Eritrean suffering a lot we need hero not zero, lelelele helping nothing

  • Araya Debessay April 30, 2014

    I am very supportive of the call Dr. Tewelde Tesfamariam (Wedi Vaccaro) is making encouraging Eritreans to organize in their respective communities. The question is to what end? My hope is Eritrean communities in every city with critical mass of Eritreans will form a chapter of Eritreans for Democratic Change. Step 2 is to have the chapter leaders elect a national leadership group for North America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Africa etc. The leaders of these national organizations can then select an global leadership group that will have the legitimacy and the mandate to speak with one voice for the Eritreans in the Diaspora and for the voiceless in Eritrea. This leadership group can then form task forces for lobbying, PR, fund raising, media, educational etc. If we can do so, we can shorten the suffering of our people. Please let us support the efforts of Wedi Vaccaro and Amanuel Eyassu and shorten the suffering of our people.

    • WaEro April 30, 2014

      Dr. Araya,
      That is the whole idea. Your involvement with EPLF is not any different from that of Wedi Vacaro. You both have clean records and are not interested in power. You are the ideal person to work closely with him. I do not think you need any advice from me or any body. One thing I can assure you though is that if you work with him, his public acceptance will double. Eritrea needs people like you and Wedi Vacaro.

  • awget April 30, 2014

    Vacaro looser you always loose,you invest money you lost,you trying to act like polotical leader you lost what a looser.If gebha didn’t make it over 30 years what makes you think you will make it what a looser.Have you think a little that what shabia means i don’t think so,Do you know over 75% of ertrean people support shabia.Well vacaro let me tell you samthing you invest money in ertrea you lost bad investment,but don’t blame shabia try one more in italy.The only things i can say pleas people don’t be fool by bad merchant that is bankrupt.He know a shit about politics.

    • Bloko May 1, 2014

      Just curios, how did you come up with the number 75%? Do you have any proof or link?

      • selamawit2 May 1, 2014

        “Just curios, how did you come up with the number 75%? Do you have any proof or link?”
        a legitimate and good question, Bloko.

        (You see, if you say something reasonable and constructive i hold you in regard – i do not criticize you as a matter of principle.)

    • Natu May 1, 2014

      In reality 95% of the Eritrean people are fed up 0f the tyrany, that is dedicated only to realize strange strategies of foreign mights, but not worried of his own citizens. With untransparent policies (if there is at all)no target is reachable! The people deserve to know what happens at all, but this is not the case.

  • m May 1, 2014

    what a joke, how meny yeares we will do meeting evryweek and we do concert-dancing evry week talking in paltak lelelelele evryday, what a shame we have to do somthing now our Eritrean pepole is suffering a lot but we only talk kkkkkkkkkkkkk now we have to be unity and go fight to the dictator, the only solution not to talk 20 yearess lelelelelelelelel

  • Truly Truly i say to you May 1, 2014

    A simple question to the Shabia zombie, Awget. I Think Tesfamichael Gerhatu brainwashed you . If you certain 75% of Eritreans support Shabia, why then you not legitimize your wicked dictator leader presidency and party through public election? Isayas let alone by 75% of people, if by 1% more public vote choice lead and win, there is no reason that we would accept his leadershipment. I do not know about others, but me even he be not my choice, since by public choice elect, there is no reason that i accept and submit to his leadershipment and order, until he defeated by other election, i not ashame to say he is also my president. Shabia, actually the party Shabia self is Isyas, if be confident majority people is behind them , atleast the possible threat and blame that coming from oppositions and international community to avoid and protect , would have no problem in every 4, or 5 years once through legal election like every country the world to legitimize their power. But because Shabians very well know by overwhelming majority people rejected this is why since liberation time until now for 23, they wouldn´t like to risk do election and through election to come to power atleast for once.

  • selamawit2 May 1, 2014

    Dear community,

    i would like to share a experience with you:

    As i been telling before, i am convinced
    I tried it with my mother and she uses the internet now.
    First she saw the interviews with the dictator and she was SO, SO MUCH ashamed that this morally down-and-out guy with bad manners should represent the Eritrean society!
    And well, well, well: she is watching Dr. Tesfamariam (Wedi Vaccaro) and you can see the hope in her eyes She really is very much moved by his speeches and she is morally lifted up by these.

    Dear Dr. Tesfamariam, it would be wonderful if you and your direct helpers could manage it to reach our elderly. Maybe you could “snake mail” newsletters and send it to the people additionally to your wonderful tours.
    I think most of them don’t know yet that you are touring also their places.

  • God be with you! May 3, 2014

    Dear Dr.Tesfamariam & delaity Selam tesateftn,

    God be with you… you have strong to be honest & open minded…who kneel in front of our almighty God/Rebby

    in spirit I am with you! I am following you with my prayerssssssssssssssssssssssss…

    God bless you all.

  • God be with you! May 3, 2014

    Dear Dr.Tesfamariam & delaity Selam tesateftn,

    God be with you… you should be strong enough, to be honest & open minded…who kneel in front of our almighty God/Rebby

    in spirit I am with you! I am following you with my prayerssssssssssssssssssssssss…

    God bless you all.