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ንዝኽሪ ጅግና ብጻይናን ሓውናን ተጋዲላይ ኣሕመድ መሓመድ ናስር

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  • Meretse Asmelash April 6, 2014

    መን’ሞ ፈልጡ እንታይ ፈልጥና
    መጽኢ ትበልዕ ግዜ ኣትይትና
    ዝኮነ ኮይኒ ግን ኣጆኪ እጆና
    ኣብዚ ይኩን ኣብኡ ሰብ ሓቦ ኣሎና

  • Denden April 6, 2014

    You can post as his picture and his name as much as you want in assenna website but it will never going to change that he was one of biggest criminals whose ideology was greater Islamic Eritrea. Please explain a person who lived comfortably throughout his life and he died naturally and buried among his own trying to compare with people whose bones scattered everywhere from Eritrea through Sinai, arab countries and oceans and their family cannot even touch their bones. This is purely religious cult extremism. You might post in different nicknames using Christian names and Islamic names and bark as much as you want. This has been a wake up call for eritreans in general and for habesha people in particular who support EYSC,EMC, EMDHR, Serawit Dihnet and other oppositins whose are affiliated deeply with the crime figure Ahmed Nasir. Thanks God the death of Ahmed Nasir has exposed many people and organisations and extremists who they really are and what their ideology is. These so called Christian supporters of Ahmed Nasir, some of them changed their relgion to islam and maintained their Christian name to trick other Christians and everyone know that. Let me ask when is the last time they went to church or when is the last time they fasted Romadan and prayed like muslims. Believe it there are a lot of Christians who converted to islam but kept their Christian names such as ruth, haile … and so on and no body believe they are Christians. But most importantly the ELF supporters are equivalent to the HEGDEF supporters when it comes to their sentiments, extremism the only difference is that ELF is tribe and islam based which most people trying to avoid. Just recently the ehiopian spokesman said the Eritrean armed opposition are under the Ethiopian armpit, they cannot even kill a dear not alone to fight so there are no security threat to Ethiopia. One wonder why are there in the first place if they cannot fight. It is purely to implement their extreme Islamic ideology when they find opportunity in the future should Eritrea disintegrated and they are working hard towards it. There has been a lot of cover-ups but the opposition were funding themselves in the business of people smagling and colluding with arabs and rashaida. Thus justifies their silence during the horrific period. As for DIA (Isias) he was just snatching the dirty money from the snatchers and robbers and banked to himself in asmara. So the Government and Opposing are all in one boat. We just have to believe that a crime is a crime no matter who did it and no excuse, no justification.

  • ahmed saleh April 7, 2014

    Whatever pen name you posted the game is over .