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ህግደፍ ኣብ መደበር ስደተኛታት ነርወይ ዝርከቡ ኤርትራውያን ብምድንጋር ናብ ፈንጠዝያ ቦለኛ ክሳተፉ የጎሳጕሱ ኣለዉ። ( ትርጉም ናብ ቤትጽሕፈት ጕዳያት ወጻኢ ኖርወይን ዝተላእከ ደብዳቤ)

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Review overview
  • Genet-orginal June 25, 2014

    Those shameless and subhuman people need to be exposed at all levels. Don’t give them a breathing room. How dare them, they are planing to dance on our brother and sisters’ grave. Their time is up. This is not a time to stand by the ding dictator and PFDJ network. Let us hold them accountable. Power to all Justice seeker Eritreans!
    God bless our people country!!!

  • Eritrawi June 26, 2014

    Isn’t SAD !!
    You are narrow minded, shallow, blind heart Eritreans.
    Shame to you all.
    Sad Eritrawi

  • aus 17 June 27, 2014

    After so long and life threatening journey and finally reached upto Norway and yet don’t understand the implications of their participation in Bolonga, I find myself hard to call them human beings.
    How would you ever forget your brother…. that you hardly burry…. yesterday!
    If Isayas cheat these guys, I have no option but congratulate him! You succeeded even in your worst time- as human being.

  • berie haqi July 2, 2014

    ኣየ ኣማኒኤል ሬሳ : ኮይኑካ ነገራት ከተላኽዕ : መሲሉካ እምበር ሓንቲ መዓልቲ ከምዘላትካ ኣዳዕዶዕካ ተፈሊጥ ኢኻ : መኽንያቱ ሓለንጊ ከድዓት ከምታ ነቦኻ ዝRአኸበት እያ :