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  • Mehret October 10, 2014

    Oh My God!!!!
    Another ‘GUAYLLA!’ What is wrong with you guys? How can you have the ‘weni’ to dance at this moment in time. This is dicouraging WA WA!!

    • love rules October 10, 2014


      This Gwayla is different ,not like the one in bologna ,because in this one when people are dancing guayla they also cry remmembering Lampedusa. Mehret ,why are you surprised about the hypocrate opposition .They do not love Eritrean people ,they just ghate Isaias for being Hamasenai or temben…everybody is out there to be recognized by shedding crocodile tears.

    • Yoditta T. October 10, 2014

      Well said dearest Mehret and God bless you kibrti sister. Indeed, we have a saying in tigrigna, “zerikebe esur adgi yihiluw”. Eziatom kaa bihaki arkibom for “GUAYLLA” nay humumat or tsemamat fitret. There are some Eritreans with so much damaged self-esteem that they only feel better after dancing in so called of deleyti fithi or nay hadnetna “GUAYLLA”! Why don’t we simply wait until we get our full freedom and then have a BIG GUAYLLA & festivals in EXPO-ASMARA. In the meantime, if you have to that is get your regular injection/medication of guaylla then enjoy it while it lasts as it won’t last for long.

  • keren October 10, 2014

    Is this guayla for sake of guayla ! remember there are families that are still mourning. Let’s be a little sensitive.

    • love rules October 10, 2014

      I “called” the organizers of the party & they told me they are going to cry before guayla & after guayla..remmembering Lampedusa ,crocodile tears. And since hamasen & akeleguzai do not attend anything together in seattle..wedi tikwabo will be playing one song for hamasens &seraye, one for akeleguzai ,but ,do not worry the Eritrean people are united like gas & fire.

      • Dandur October 11, 2014

        Correction: Wedi tikabo will perform for hammasien and akeleguzai separately but seraye will attend the jebha guyla. Both the two province doen’t attend the gebha party.

  • Mehari October 11, 2014

    Anbesa wedi afewerki ms hademti wakara ktserao yehifr eu

  • weygud October 12, 2014

    Eritreans lost social ethics long time and now they are in complete failures. How does it come to their mind dancing while the whole nation is mourning this month. Modern Babylonians!.Wedi Tukabo’s hadnetna is a mere talk. I doubt his true color.

  • Danny October 13, 2014

    Love it. I will be there , love the band name as well.
    Viva wedi Tikabo.