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Yemen’s Houthi forces attack Eritrea’s Airport, Navy base – Sudan Tribune

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle September 21, 2016 (ADDIS ABABA) – An Eritrean opposition group, Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) on Wednesday said that Yemen’s Houthi group have attacked the international Airport of Assab, a port city

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

September 21, 2016 (ADDIS ABABA) – An Eritrean opposition group, Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) on Wednesday said that Yemen’s Houthi group have attacked the international Airport of Assab, a port city in the Southern Red Sea Region of Eritrea.

A Houthi Shiite rebel carries his weapon as he joins others to protest against Saudi-led airstrikes at a rally in Sanaa, Yemen on 1 April 2015 (Photo: AP/Hani Mohamed)

Ibrahim Haron, leader of the armed opposition group told Sudan Tribune that Houthi forces stationed in the island of Hanish and Zagar have also attacked the headquarters of the Eritrean naval forces in Assab by firing mortar rockets thereby causing a serious damage.

The attack comes days after reports disclosed that Saudi Arabia has transferred some 5,000 Yemeni militants to Eritrea for military exercise in the Red Sea country.

According to the reports, Riyadh is transferring the militants from Aden to Eritrea’s Assab port to go under military trainings and then be sent to the Saudi provinces bordering Yemen to back the Saudi led war in Yemen.

The Eritrean government has dismissed the reports saying “a preposterous lie peddled for some ulterior motives”

The opposition leader said Eritrean authorities have imposed a tight security cordon in the areas following Monday’s attack.

Ibrahim said Eritrea government motive to cooperate with the Saudi-led coalition is because Asmara has a long standing border dispute with Yemen.

The countries had previously engaged in a bitter war with Yemen over the disputed Islands of Hanish and Zagar.

In 1998, the international Tribunal of the international Committee ruled the islands in favour of Yemen; Eritrea however refused to accept the ruling.

He added that Eritrea had been serving as a base for military training for anti-Yemen groups in order to create destabilization and instability in Yemen and in the region at large.

“When the situation in Yemen changed and appeared new events and the emergence of coalition forces, Eritrea favoured the Arab coalition to ensure financial, political and military gains” Ibrahim told Sudan Tribune by telephone from the Eritrean-Ethiopian common border.


Meanwhile the Eritrean opposition group today alleged that an Eritrean Air force pilot has defected to Saudi Arabia by flying a military Aircraft.

According to opposition officials, the Eritrean pilot defected on Tuesday along with his two aides becoming the latest members of the Eritrean Air force to defect from the reclusive east African Sea nation.

The Captain pilot and two of his aides flew to Jizan region in south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The defectors have asked for political asylum but it is not yet clear if the kingdom has grant them an asylum.

Ibrahim said the latest defection is a big blow to President Isaias Afeworki led regime.

He says it is an apparent sign of growing discontent of the air force personnel and the military against the oppressive region.

In previous years, there have been defections in thousands from the Eritrean army, navy and air forces as the regime retains grip on power for over two-decades.

President Isaias has been in power since the country gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993.


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  • Berhe Tensea September 25, 2016

    The Hauthis have the right to defend themselves, and their interest. It is acceptable that they attack the dictator’s hopeless forces.
    The dictator who is very hungry for dollars has given land and coast line to be used by Wahabist feudal regime in Saudi and other backward states in that region.
    The dictator greed is beyond anyone’s imagination.
    He is selling gold to fill his pockets , asking the ignorant EU leaders to pay him millions in trying to do the impossible that is to control the flow of Eritrean refugees. The dictator’s greediness has no limits.
    If he can , he will even sell the whole country to the highest bidder.
    Eritrea has no reason to interfere in other country’s internal matter, if not it must face adverse reactions.
    The dictator who is unfit to be a leader must be eliminated by any means necessary.
    Death to the Tembenay and his coward yes men

    • Haqi September 26, 2016

      BT, you are right by saying, “The Hauthis have the right to defend themselves, and their interest.”
      But you are wrong to call Issaias “Tembenay” because he is against the Tembiens and slaving for his Arab masters. He is serving the Wahabi Salafist savages of Saudi Barbaria and the Gulf Arab Shiekdoms, so call him his right name — Arab slave Abid or an Arab condom, just like Omar al Bashir of Sudan.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! September 26, 2016

    Arrogant people make their problem by aggravating it with self-pity , anger , hatred and lack of positive
    reaction . Eritreans have problem at this moment but we don’t want big mouth naysayer contribution to
    add salt into injury .
    The focus lies on solving the problem not to fix the blame . A defeated person always look for excuses
    to put blame on others . In reality life is full of hurdles and it requires courage to confront accordingly .
    Quit complaining because life isn’t as beautiful as we want it to be . You need fact checking and accept
    reality . Nobody dreamed to resettle in western countries far away from our birth places and nobody can
    predict what future holds for us . Just pray for better ending . .

  • reaction September 26, 2016

    Ginda and (his,her) like you are far from reasonable discussion just you are haters .you talking about MUSLIM AND ARABS like they are the only evils in world in this world a lot of evil doers from different race and religion the MUSLIM and ARABS are not the only who involved in civil war let us go to Europe all the two world wars battle ground was Europe and between them no Muslim and ARABS there and do not forget that European invade the continent and killed a lot their last victim was Iraq for no reasonable excuse .
    Go to Africa in Rwanda and Brandi in less than sia month have been killed there in civil war more than two milions did Arab Muslim kill thim and pass to to Somalia all of the Somalian are Muslim but killing each for more than twenty years .
    To all haters sickness individuals do you hear about fighting between Tegaro and Amara in Finder region and what do you think about two years so called boarding war between the two Tegaro’s regime’s under ASIYAS and MELLE ZENAWI LEADERSHIP and a lot else ,but I would like to remind that who is giving Eritrean hard time never ever seen like thus regime in the world under Weddi Afom leadership not Weddi Halima .
    Please haters go hear FORO leaks and to other Asiyas’s HALLAWI SAWRA one of the Asiyas’s close group said ( AB SHANIA THEY TESEMEA EMBER THEY TEGEBERE YELLEN) ALL THESE Evil acting are done by MUSLIMS .

    • Haqi September 26, 2016

      Please stop blaming this esteemed website for your narrow and slavish interest. This article was posted by Sudan Tribune, it was not invented by any Eritrean. It is up to you to agree to disagree about it
      It is sad to read some comments made by retards who see themselves as slaves of others. These servants like Issaias keep on running and bending for the Saudis, the selfish Emirates and Qataris. The proud and gallant Eritreans that we all know are respectful to their identity, languages and history. They don’t burn their own ethnic and historical identity nor do they walk around with a fake and rented values and ethno-linguistic identity by burning their own.
      As Eritreans, we do not have an enemy among the poor Shia ad jebeli Hoothi Yemenis because they did not come to Eritrea to burn the Afar or the Tigre languages or the Eritrean national flag, nor did they come to Eritrea to spread a Wahabi Selafist savage value.
      The poor Jebeli is my brother and sister; they are not my enemies.

  • Adulis September 28, 2016

    Isaias has bought problem for Eritreans. Arabs proverb goes ” if your house is made up of glass don’t throw a stone to people.” Isaias might thought that Hoths were not capable of avenging themselves just because they are yemenis Or arabs.
    Hothis are capable of giving as good as they get or more. Stay tuned,if what is being said is true, this will be the beginning of the worst stuff to come. Hothis are well equipped with long range missiles that can hit aseb and the rest of eritrean towns that they captured from the former yemenis president. Alas, if things go wrong, Eritreans will be forced to deal with an uncalled for war just because of a sick man who leads the backward Eritrean people who call others backwards. Haile Tinsae called Them backwards. He himself used to live in saudi when he was in dire need of their help. Now he is living in US and look at them down. The war in the middle east is no more, no less than a war of regional interest. It doesn’t have anything to do with religion Or ethnicity. But isaias has done something that he didn’t calculated its dangerous future bottom lines.