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Where is democracy, equality and liberty in Eritrea?

My name is Samuel Peteros I am 14 years old and I currently live in the United Kingdom. Ever since I was a child I wondered how beautiful Eritrea is? After seeing Eritrea on a

My name is Samuel Peteros I am 14 years old and I currently live in the United Kingdom. Ever since I was a child I wondered how beautiful Eritrea is? After seeing Eritrea on a family vacation I realized how terrible dictatorship was in Eritrea, when I heard dreadful stories about families and citizens of Eritrea trying to run away in order to forge a good future. I always wondered if, If only Issaias had resigned as president would they stay. If democracy, equality and liberty were introduced would they stay? and for many people the answer would be yes. However in today’s world, Eritrea is unnoticed and forgotten, due to Issaias’ denial of the actual reality in the country. Eritrea’s record with regard to democracy, equality and liberty is appalling.  From given statistics, 2/3 of Eritrea is facing malnourishment this statistics gives a good indication that Eritrean are desperately suffering without anyone realizing the effect Issaias has brought?

When I toured the villages of Eritrea I saw civilians face torture (the darker side of the world) I regretted I couldn’t do anything as nobody would take notice of me because of my age but through this message I want people to take notice open their eyes and read what I have to say as enough is enough all you patriotic Eritreans please listen to this message “if you want a better country with a brighter future stand up for your own peoples right and together we shall destroy all evil hopes and desires Issaias has for our own people”.  Since he was elected all he had done was bring change for the worst whether it was arresting opposition members to journalists, who only wanted to do their job. What do you call this? Where’s the hero we asked for?  None of us wanted dictatorship instead everyone wanted freedom, equality, liberty and democracy on the other hand we get opposite.

Three dictators have died or resigned now its time for Issaias to face his crime and deal with the consequences, for he is the one who is killing innocent civilians for speaking the truth. Iis this what freedom is, where is the democracy and the liberty? Every single person in Eritrea shouldn’t have to carry on living this way but this can only happen with everybody’s support to overthrow the world’s cruellest dictator for the sake of millions.

Thank you for reading my article.

Samuel Peteros

14 Years Old

Review overview
  • tegadalay October 29, 2011

    for your age you look like you know evry thing abaout eritrea thats way you put your report abaout eritrea how the eritrean people live so ether some one told you to report propoganda or you have avandeta against esayas for arresting some one close to you

    • Samuel Peteros October 31, 2011

      Tegadaly i never wrote this article for the sake of those two reasons i wrote it for the sake of all those eritrean who are suffering in their own country, and i am sure they are pleased with what i have written as its the truth and eventually all Issaias loyalist will have to deal with the truth whether its now or later.

  • Samuel Peteros October 31, 2011

    tegadalay, I don’t have to have family members arrested in eri to know what’s going on. I’m educated enough to know, feel and see the agony my people are going through under the hands of our dictator leader. Our people have shared enough bloods and tears in the 30years struggled with ethio (one of the longest war in the world) and yet, our so cold government has treated us & will continue to treat us (unless he steps down or forced to ) worst then our neighbouring country Ethiopia gov has treated us for 30 odd years. Tell me, our u one of those fools who is planning to buy a house or already bought a house in Eri and the only way to keep it is to SUCK and LICK esayas ass?!!? U are one lost cause TEGADALAY, I PRAY U FIND GOD ONE DAY RATHER THEN esayas..

  • diana GUAL GEJERET October 31, 2011

    I dont beleave you are a boy of 14 years old. I think you are a family member of Amanyel iyasu.

  • tegadalay November 1, 2011

    hi samuel iknow you are upset because your father is in ERAERO FOR WHAT HE DID TO HIS country so stop craying he try to sell out his country so iknow your anger it shulde be with your father PETROS SELEMONE not with eritrean people or gov & esayas is going to protect the country from tireitors sell outs any time so jast sit your ass & keep craying

  • Samuel Peteros November 2, 2011

    I am a 14 year old boy, and tegaldaly i dont want to waste my time to write to you because you arent mature enough nor intellgient enough to understand the issues back home.

  • tegadalay November 3, 2011

    thank you you try to fool people now when evry one find out who you are you say you stop wireting you see all this anti EASYAS have their owen ajenda SOME FAMILLY ARREST SOME FORMER E L F fighters so all the talk shit by you was that you are upset for what happen to your father PETROS SELEMON not only you all the family do that with out what their FATHER OR BROTHER OR SISTER do to their country you see selling out your country is not good in eritrea so if some one trying to do that they will end up at ERAERO NEXT time dont write some thing you dont know

  • Sincere November 4, 2011

    You all cannot be serious. Read the comments you write out to yourselves, you should be ashamed. This child has more knowledge than most of you will attain in your life just because you cannot match him does not give you the right to disrespect him. It’s sad to see what a man is capable of doing. Do you all answer to Isaias or God? It’s a shame that some of you supporters are former fighters, did you fight for a FREE Eritrea or for Isaias to profit from Eritrea? Samuel, if you are Petros Solomon’s son, you and your family are in my prayers. For the rest of you ignorant degenerates, your evil ways will catch up to you.