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  • Almaz August 21, 2019

    Is this another stratagem of divide and conquer of Eritrean catholic believers / church? Like what was done with the Orthodox Christian follower? The issue implementing directive on public health issue has nothing to do with practicing of Catholicism in Eritrea. People get over it.

    • Fisahaye August 22, 2019

      People get over what. Almaz? Please also make it clear what you mean by another stratagem?

  • FM August 23, 2019

    Dear Almaz, I pity people with your way of thinking. In this day and age, how can one blindly support a Godless and demonic regime that has devoured the body, mind and soul of Eritreans. Either you have lost your mind or soul to be blind to the atrocities perpetrated by the PFDJ regime: 1. When the regime mowed the defenseless disable veterans, people like you justified the such act of barbarism; 2. When Jehovah’s Witness and Pentecostal/Evangelicals were persecuted because of their religion you said “Grim geberom” 3. When university students were sent to Wi’aa they supported the brutal act; 4.. When a war broke with Ethiopia in pretense of border war, the whole nation went crazy and for some of us it took a while to wake up from our hypnosis; 5. When ministers and journalists were disappeared free press closed shut you sang Yohanah; 6. Elders and religious were put under house arrest including Patriarch Antonios;, you said they must have done something; 7. When leaders challenged the injustice, and wrote pastoral letter “Where is your brother?” You said, “they should not interfere in politics”; 8. When our youth abandoned the endless military service and opted migration at the peril of their own life – you said “Tsegibom” they are spoiled. 9. When the regime denied that 366 Eritreans drowned were Eritreans you said “Haqu- he is right” not to mention some were most likely your family members;10. When the regime signed a peace accord with Ethiopia without any transparency, you said our government knows better though no benefit has been gained and our land is still under occupation; 11. When the regime closed schools and confiscated Catholic Church run hospitals and clinics you said get over it. Those of you who preach see no evil, hear no evil are comfortably settled in Western Democracies, most likely your whole family is safe with you. I pity you for you lack of human decency and sense of right and wrong. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Justice delayed is justice denied.” True. But what will you say when sweet justice is served. It is a matter of time.

  • Almaz August 24, 2019

    I prefer when a message is delivered in just a few words. Dear, I am not a PFDJ or a blind supporter of the current legitimate government (with all its misgivings; too much to detail). I don’t condone the use of religion and/or race as a means of struggle for justice and economical liberation anywhere. It is morally wrong and is a slippery slope which is very detrimental to the nation and nationality.
    I am sure PFDJ will eventually reform itself. Thanks to the fertile condition created, our young are in self-exiled this means no effective force to start revolution/reform like in Sudan and Ethiopia.
    Just to make a point of self-exiled — obviously it more caused by outside forces and, feeling of darker future —- Ooo it is exaggerated believes of greener on the other side,

    • k.tewolde August 24, 2019

      “..the current legitimate government..” Almaz, when did you cast a ballot to legitimize ‘the government’?, because the regime in Asmara can fulfill some of your petty needs for a fee doesn’t mean it qualifies to be called ‘a government’.You need to pick up some civic books and read upon governance and government or sign up with local chapter of voter drive this election season to learn how a legitimate government evolves if you live here in US of A. You have lost your sparkle Almaz.

      • Almaz August 24, 2019

        Sir – It is your right to act, speak and work HARD to change the political dynamic of Eritrea if you wish to do that. I am not sure, sitting in the comfort of our homes and writing each other will accomplish this.
        As for me, until such time that you and perhaps your group are politically victories, I have to meet Eritreans diasporas needs (the 2%) and will continue to deal with PFDJ, unfortunately. Honestly, my wish is for Eritrea to live in peace and to thrive. My only litmus tests at this moment are for My GOVERNMENT to be free of corruption and working towards development/health care/sustainability (on the last one as list trying hard.)

        • k.tewolde August 25, 2019

          Madam, it is as clear as daylight you are not the only one who holds this position,however if your ‘GOVERNMENT’ is your litmus test,it is continuously going in the acidic direction which is not compatible with life and you are making it worse by adding 2% to it. >>> “Honestly, my wish is for Eritrea to live in peace and to thrive.”,don’t we all!!! A living organism cannot thrive under this pH scale and it has manifested clearly in the corpus of the nation–emaciated,pale and dusky.Have a little empathy on your downtrodden people.

  • Alamz August 25, 2019

    Sir — To stay with your line of explanation — depending on their nature and the environment they are in, to survive, an organism requires either an acid or basic media. Unfortunately thanks to the unwise thinking of some segments of our society (with a lot of help by outsiders who harbor ill towards the leadership and the country) — it is now a while since the Eritrean culture went acidic. So to keep the country to stay afloat, the leadership must maintain the buffer more to the acidic side. By the way I am for right of any oppressed people anywhere. So, who are “your downtrodden people” I hope you are not one of those tribal persons?

  • FM August 25, 2019

    Almaz, (which I doubt you are who say to be you are) you cannot defend the records of the PFDJ Junta. It is a regime of bandits, who kept Eritrea hostage in indefinite captivity with lies, deceits, terrors, disappearances, etc.etc. You cannot save a system built on lies that cannot save itself. All this trickery is for self preservation. Even you Almaz, are use and through tool in the hands of the PFDJ and their boss. K. Tewolde has given you good exposition and explanation but you are too hazed by the PFDJ doses to recognize truth from lies. One simple fact is that Eritrea is worse off now than when “Dergue” was in power. At least during Dergue there was hope for independent Eritrea for now we are not even sure for the viability and existence of Eritrea anymore. Isaias extinguishes every flickering light of hope; including confiscating church run healthcare services.

    • k.tewolde August 25, 2019

      FM,Almaz gave away who she is assuming it is a female in her statement,’the leadership must maintain the buffer more to the acidic side.’ >>> a rare spore forming organism which can thrive in that environment-PFDJ and their cohorts.She called me ‘tribal person’, yes I am and my tribe is Eritrean.I think we gave this conversation enough for what it is worth.Thanks FM for dissecting ‘THE GOVERNMENT’ for what it is.