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Washington DC Demonstrators on the Dancing floor – May 24th, 2013

Review overview
  • hanetay May 27, 2013

    your chirho time for change rescuing Eritrea’s future….should be changed into “time to save yourselves and your future” fed up listening to one song the whole night…

  • tsorona May 27, 2013

    I’m not sure what you referring to I certainly enjoyed the selection of songs that were playing, it was memorable as well joyful for myself and my friends we had a good time. Thumbs up to the organizers.

  • Asmara2 May 28, 2013

    Let me get this straight:

    So, all of a sudden now dancing is ok? What happened “They (HGDF) are dancing while our people are dying in Sinai” stuff you fools where crying few months back?

    But, like we always had been saying, our independence day should be celebrated by EVERY ONE, EVEN BY YOU! Because is a blessed day.

  • Truly, truly i say to you May 29, 2013

    Finlay the oppositions learn the heart beat of the Eritrean society to understand! You guys up to now you were be fooled self for a long, but now you become back to your sense. Please don´t understand me wrongly when i say that i don´t mean you were not with your sense before. Indeed you were! you were worthy before even now with your joke and dancing you look more attractive? I tell you a righteous one what ever do, be dancing, singing joking or whatever have full right all to do. Really a righteous one has more sort of sympathy and acceptance even be able dancing than the unrighteous one since the motive is right, though we know this time our people and nation is bleeding and our citizens are under strong oppression and sufferation elsewhere. You people! Did you know the reason despite after all these crime committing by PFDGs, most of our people go behind? It is because PFDJ knew our people heart beat as love Guwaila, specially women. This is why they able to attract the majority. But finally like i said the oppositions seem now understood the PFDJ´s tactic. So if you want to gain our gowailla loving socity, you have not to come up with pack of sort of serious politic, but with simple guwailla like PFDJ do must be. Trust me if you do that, you will see it in a very short time when tens of thousand women and thousand men follow you by left PFDJ . Even i am sure if you open such access most famous artists and musicians like Wedi Tekabo, Fihra, Elsa Kidane or what ever you call them others also as will follow you as well. In this system only you can beat PFDJ and make bankruptcy their public.This is the smartest way our society simply understands, not the same useless unattractive method you using before.

  • RAHEL June 1, 2013

    I am PLEASED THAT MORE PEOPLE ARE UNDERSTANDING THE NOTORITY OF THE FACIST REGIME IN ERITREA .i would like to put a comment regarding the comment made by Tesfay Temenewo ,ON YOUR SPEACH in DC you sayed Ethiopia was interfering with the development of the youth assoccition ,as far as i am concerned that was an irresponsable comment,as long as Ethiopa does not interfere on the integrity and existing as an independent country ,and tries to help eritrea in the struggle against this facist dictator, we shuold be carefull, but we need to accept any help we can get from any the way did you know the only country that is accepting any eritrean refuge is only Ethiopia before they reach a western country ,are you forgetting how Sudan,Egypt ,Israel and forget what is going on and still going in the sanai desert ,what about if Ethiopia closes the border due to your comment,can YOU immagine what will happen to the thousands of Eritrean refuges in Ethiopia and those coming ,please let as think twice before we say such outrageous comment .another thing any country that has been ruled by a dictator such as in Eritrea ,do you remember Uganda,was freed from the hands of Idi amin by the help of Tanzania,Congo was freed by the help of Ruwanda.Libya was freed from the hands of Gaddaffi by Europian help,Can you understand how dificult it is to over throw a dictator ,Or are YOU like those people who think that Eritrea is different. Finaly for those Eritreans who have an influence on the opposition that is going on to over throw this dictator please be responsable on what you say, thanks