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War on Africans: Presentation by David Sheen at McMaster University on March 4, 2015.

Review overview
  • Yonas April 10, 2015

    Hearing your presentation war on Africans was not only amazing fact but real sad one.
    I can not understand how the Israel population who went so much pain and discrimination under nazi can impose such heat rate and safariing on other human being.

    For 40 years the Israelis have been crying load and blame the world for failing to rescue them during the Nazi war, but they forgot what they have been through and now they end becoming and acting like a Nazi themselves. It is real, real sad.

    I real admire you for your openness and fearless to inform the world. We need people like you who can stand up to Israel. Even american leaders and government agencies always afraid to stand up to Israel wrong doing. It is for the first time that President Obam trying to stand up to Israel leaders and that is the way they hate him so much.

    You should make every effort to have the world access to your presentation. it is well don, well documented and i like the photos and ships comparison you have made.
    It real made me cry hearing your presentation

  • mike April 11, 2015

    I can only say amazing presentation. It is very sad none of the members of United nation s say a word, United state is quite, Europe is quite, none of the African countries say nothing and the worst thing none of the opptiostion say or send a statement they condemned Israel.
    This how shameful is and now we know how the Israel they see as, now we know our value is. Let’s assume we remove hgdef from power, are the new government will request from israil an apology or simply allows them to open an embassy?