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Voice of Assenna:Melbourne Seminar on the 1st Anniversary of Forto Operation, by Amanuel Eyasu – Part 1

Review overview
  • halengi February 1, 2014

    ezen zewathkumen nai wedi ali endabelkum megeshi naustralia gerkayen emma

  • rahel February 1, 2014

    Amanuel thanks very much for what you are doing to make the Eritean people to understand this pscopath and specially to those who believe change will come peaCEfully ,this mad man and hiS dogma followers have been killing eritreans since 1970 ,the only way for a change is force, be it a limited ONE to eliminate the leaders or a full fleaged military force ,ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE

    • kidane February 3, 2014

      force ab computer.hhhhh.anjal .sire sire yelem

  • Tezareb February 1, 2014

    The Eritrean Ghedli has so far been a lose to Eritreans, be it in the lives lost, property destroyed, opportunities missed, generations squandered and cultures, historical-bridges destroyed …
    The only bright spot of the Eritrean Ghedli is its contribution in Tigray. I am glad our Tigrayan brothers and sisters are shining brightly and proudly in Africa and the world.
    Ethiopia’s revival as a bright spot of Africa in peace keeping and peace making across the world with several UN and AU operations is a good indicator of Ethiopia’s progress in the hand of Tigrayans. Ethiopia’s involvement in mediating the Darfur conflict, Southern Sudanese and Somalia is showing results. Ambassador Syum Mesfin is the chief envoy and General Gebrezgiher is now appointed the commander of the AU peace mission in South Sudan.
    Sad to see, poor Eritrea under Issias forgotten anywhere in the Horn only known as the North Korea of Africa or the shame of Africa, remember Lampedusa tragedy and Eritreans in Arab slavery.

    • Tezareb February 1, 2014

      The Ethiopians have moved so far in economy, diplomacy, education and institutional capacity that one thinks Eritrea is a lost cause.

      See the news below:

    • ahmed omer February 2, 2014

      In Ethiopia Amhara time the Amhara people was happy like you are now on the other side in Eritrea some of Eritrean people like Asyas and they are blind for what what done by Eritrean regime like the same to you yes I recognise that Eritrea regime more agresiv and cruel so please let Eritrean regime alone from your bothering .

  • Zen February 2, 2014

    Amanuel Eyasus’ seminar is great but hard to believe Eritrea has become irrelevant and worthless after all the sacrifice paid.
    Seen from Ethiopia’s progress under Weyanes, Eritrea is becoming irrelevant day by day like Somalia and many Arab nations.

  • selamawit2 February 2, 2014

    hi tezareb,
    i don’t really get your point. would you please help me?
    you are explaining, what you think were the achievements of your country. it would be similar if a kenian brother or a brother from any other african country, would do the same about his country.
    but where is the connection to the issues we are discussing here? what have inner ethiopian politics to do with inner eritrean politics – beside the fact that we are very thankful, eritrean refugees find shelter in ethiopia.

  • Araya February 2, 2014

    Amanuel this speech is worth to five million likes!!!

  • Selamawi February 2, 2014

    A superb analysis Amanuel, as usual. I unite with you in calling for UNITY as the only factor for our revival. If we are to remain alive as a nation we need to reclaim our culture, our religion (which I think you tend to leave out in your contributions)our dignity, our institutions

    I would respectfully suggest you avoid English words in your speech because the message you want to convey not be understood fully by the ordinary Tigrigna speaker which I think is your audience.

    Keep it it up, may God bless the Unity Movement together and the Eritrean people.


  • Suleiman Salim February 2, 2014

    Emma, aslam ” Jihad ilomKum ” …” nsdra Wedi Ali seldi akibnalom ” ‘nte ilkayom teTeberti ‘yom ilu ‘kwa ‘yu neza kula INTERNET Wedi Ali ‘nda bele bwaCH-waCH meli’wa!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  • Suleiman Salim February 3, 2014

    anta ‘za ab ASSENNA zela sebeyti ‘ntay koyna ‘ya ” HZBTAT ERITREA ” ‘nda belet tzareb zela? Woyane zesneQwa azerarba dyu?

  • Mike February 3, 2014


    Well done and you are about the only one that is now persistently working in bringing change. Keep your steam rolling. I think many of us are watching from a distance and pretty sad.

    To point that I want to bring up to your attention:
    1: You indicated that you disagree that Issayas is not a product of Eritrean people. I completely disagree. IT is simply in the fabrics of us all. Do not cover it up. There is some misguided feeling and empty pride in all of us. So Issayas is one of us and definitely a product of Eritrea. See it grind it and chew it butter code it – Issayas is a reflection of the future Eritrea. Well, could it be the “gedli” time completely changing the fabric of Eritrea? Or is it naturally we are simply that – filled with elusive pride. Pride for bringing freedom (maybe yes) but….

    2: Forto uprising was weak – I agree 100% on that. The first 2 hours I heard from sources there was a Forto incident and heard it was unfolding like the way it went – I pointed to few that it was poorly executed.

    Ammanuel – please keep working on it – I see you as a single source for change. At least to this point.

    God bless Eritrea People.