Review overview
  • shawley February 14, 2013

    ንሕና ኤርትራዊያን እንታይ’ዩ ዓንዚዙኩም! ባዕለይ ዶ ክመርሓኩም! ከም ሕዝቢ ዝዓንዘዘና ዋኒን ኣብ ብዙሐት ንፁሓት ዜጋታትናን ካልኦት ዜጋታት ሕዝብታት ዝፈጠርናዮ ግፍዕታትን ማእሰርቲን ደምን ካሕሳ ኢና ንከፍል ዘለና እዚ ንክቀለልና ንኣምላክ ንኣላህ) ፀሊና ንለምን ሓደራ ሓደራ የሕዋተይ ኣሓተይን
    In order to have changes in Eritrea what mandatory points to be considered are:
    1. We have to have an excusse to those who suffers by some evil Eritrean right after independence(specially Ethiopians who were resided in Eritrea) just for the sake of GOD, Not for the sake of yohana and banana and the fake freedom at all.
    2. We have to avoid any blame to weyane, external and Ethiopia. we have to admit the main problem is internal issue. Which creates the leaders for the last 50 years.
    3. We have appreciate and take experience of tolerance policy at all, in my assumption with the prevalnce of hidden issues in the heart of Ertreans I prefer to have FEDERAL system of governance, Because we know each other in order to resolve the case of Awraja, Jahad, etc which was created by Jebha, Alwahda and Shabia was not clear for the society at large
    4. we have to adopt our constitution by the approval of the society.
    5. we have to start normalization internal with all members of the society and also with opposition.
    5. The agreement with Ethiopian and Djibouti, Yemen international communities a is not unavoidable due the prevalence of blood relation, existing for the several years with the same system of governance and culture and economic relation. It is very difficult to live without them in island. We have to take the best and reject the worst thing thinking the tolerance specially with Ethiopian,
    6. the first and the most important thing is we have to respect the dignity of human-being from wherever.
    ውዲ ኤሬ

    • Saba February 14, 2013

      Very good points you mentioned. I will expose this phone conversation to the youth here in Germany. Many are just now aware nor understand properly due to language barriers.