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Voice of Assenna: Voices of Torture from Sinai -Wed, May 1st, 2013

Review overview
  • Hazhaz May 2, 2013

    Time is on the Ethiopians side. Meles Zenawi has played the game of politics very well: no peace, no war.
    The Ethiopian’s concern is mainly to avoid a Somali like catastrophe in Eritrea which happens to be close to the home base of the current ruling class of Ethiopia, the Tigrayans.
    The main preoccupation of the Tigayans is how to fill the power vacuum in Eritrea because there is no force that can stop the gargantuan Ethiopian army and is well oiled diplomatic power.
    The thirty years of Ghedli none sense will end with no shots fired.
    Will anybody laugh now at Mengistu Hailemariam for calling Ghedli or the sewra as the work of werebela Shifta gangs serving the Arab interest? Mengistu’s favorite words were “yewembedie menga, ye Arab buchloch, ye arab loliewoch” Translated as [chifra shefatu: korakur Areb: barayu nay Areb]
    Think of the Eritreans sold to Arab slavery in Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Egypt. Think of the Assab sovereignty handed to the Arab Qatar. Think of these idiots burning Eritrea’s own languages to talk, walk and smell like the Arabs

    This is called shiftnet or banditry.

  • dekibat May 3, 2013

    Think of the Millions dollars spend to release few people from the kidnappers it could have been spend on bribing Egyptian police or military or hiring mercenaries to release all Eritreans and Ethiopians. The beauty of it is the buduin would have never dared again to try to kidnap our people. The problem is we keep pouring the money in their pocket so we are keeping their business alive. The fact is no body believe us that these people are kidnapped because instead going to the government we are in a hurry to pay the traffickers and the people who do not have any money suffers a lot. The kidnapped Eritreans are talking on the phone everyday, they can pinpoint their location besides they know whose phone it is but they want them to suffer. If you give $2 million to the police and military Sinai security force, I am sure they have moved to rescue the hostages.

    • ahmed saleh May 3, 2013

      WHO IS RESPONSIBLE SOURCE OF THIS TRADEGY ? Think , Think , Think ………………….. .
      Arabs they didn’t snatch you from your homeland and if they did where is your government created from
      false assumption who represent the interest of those victims regions and religion . At the end only story .

  • dekibat May 3, 2013

    I meant the Egyptian government. We do not have a government in Eritrea we only have NAZI system and its head is the devil incarnated on earth. It is absolutely in my belief that so many people who have a stake on this horrible kidnapping. Some people although they oppose the dictator they made a strategic alliance with him to destroy the entire Eritrean population. Time will tell who are those people? But some of disturbing things are these abductors are targeting school aged girls from asmara, keren , akurdet, Massawa and other cities to entice them. These young girls are trusting these strangers more than their parents believing that they will be rich. These abductors tells the school young girls that the grass is greener outside Eritrean border but they will never tell them that if the grass is greener somewhere else why did not go themselves long time ago. Some others pushing our people to come out of Eritrea so they can experience the same fate as they have experience themselves. As for the Egyptians they want to play politics they want to blame the Camp david treaty. The camp david treaty is Cristal clear that Egypt has to maintain law and order in Sinai at any cost. They do not need F16 or Tanks it is simply a police and small military operation. Egyptians left it lawless for a reason to rewrite the treaty. Why do not try to kidnap Israelis on the other side then they will see a devastating t response.